Teacher Training

Meet Our New Meditation Teacher EuGene Gant

For over 16 years, EuGene Gant has been motivating people with practical teachings to encourage a mindful lifestyle ~ healthy body, clear mind and an open heart. He combines Naam yoga therapies, breathing techniques and meditation, fused with empowering mantras, soulful music of his own creation, and plenty of laughter. He is known for his distinctive and inspiring

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This Weekend at Trio

LETTING GO OF THE PHYSICAL …..   A few days ago, I was searching through my music, looking for some fun tunes to play for class this week. I came across and old voice memo I recorded 4 years ago, I logged these thoughts, they felt important, they seemed to be something significant, something I should both contemplate and remember.

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Yoga teacher training – to teach or not to teach

Many students ask about our yoga teacher training program and join the course because they want to “deepen their practice.” What I have found is that those students soon realize that there is a guru inside each and every one of us. Yoga sparks our highest potential and creativity. The courses we offer are in depth in theory, philosophy,  various

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