Evolving Your Practice

In my embrace of the new season, I have been cleaning out my kitchen cabinets, while simultaneously removing and re-organizing my closets, and improving my diet including more fruits and juices. Spring time is the time for expansion and dynamism, the season of manifestation, a shifting of energy from the inside to the outside, from the spirit into matter. It is the perfect time to start reconsidering our practice and switch grounding asanas for more energetic and uplifting ones. I have 3 wonderful tips to keep you going with joy!

Three Tips to Evolve your Practice:

1. Practice:
I cannot highlight enough the importance of establishing a daily practice. It keeps your spine flexible and active. It builds your stamina and it flushes the toxins out of your body. By practicing on a daily basis you will notice yourself the difference in your daily life and how little by little you become stronger and more flexible. If you don’t have an hour for your practice be realistic and yet dedicated. A daily practice can mean a couple of rounds of sun salutations just to keep your blood going. It could mean a couple of gentle twists and stretches before bedtime. You can always add 15 minutes of yoga into your busy life. If there is a motivation, there is a way!

2. Patience:
It is very easy to get overexcited or scared when dealing with new poses. The most important thing is to take little steps and be patient with our bodies. Do not rush. Do not go beyond. But also do not give up. Just be patient and consistent with your practice. If you force it, you will get an injury. If you give up and leave it, you are missing out on an opportunity to build your strength and practice. When faced with a challenge both on and off the mat, we need to consider it and approach it in a way that is accessible to us, by viewing it as possible or that we can learn something from it. In this way any challenge loses its difficult appeal. Find the middle point. Find balance!

3. Intention:
Practice daily by giving your best and embrace all the emotions and challenges that go hand in hand with this practice. Remember it is practice NOT perfection! Just like the trees and plants outside, we will gradually open up and grow our practice to the next level in the spring time.

Connect with the earth, eat healthy, try new yoga postures, and take 5 minutes each day for meditation. That is a great way to start!
Keep practicing, and all of the sudden, bam! Growth! Amazing.

Love you all, Radha

Radha-Krishna Lila
(Cristiane Silva)


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