I have never taken yoga, what classes should I start with?

Any of the Yoga basics, gentle yoga & yoga relax. We also recommend taking a private to understand the practice and receive some personal attention before entering a group class.

What do I need to bring to class?

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat and a towel. If you don’t have a mat, we sell and rent mats at the studio.

What is the difference between hot yoga and Bikram?

Bikram is a set series of poses that mostly focuses on standing postures. Hot yoga is a breath-oriented vinyasa flow class. The heat in our hot yoga class is not as extreme as Bikram.

What is the difference between Aerial Yoga and AcroYoga?

Aerial yoga is practiced with the support of a silk hammock, this makes it easier to align the body and invert without any pressure on the head and neck. AcroYoga is partner yoga ( you don’t need a partner ) that combines Acrobatics, Thai bodywork and dynamic partner stretching.

Where can I park?

We have a Free Parking Lot in the back of the studio. Enter the white gates on 24th Street. You can also find street parking using Pay by Phone mobile app. Please don’t leave valuables in car whether in lot or street.

I have an injury, which class is appropriate for me?

Gentle yoga & yoga relax. Please inform each teacher of your specific injury so they can help you with modifications.

I have never been to the studio, is my first class free?

We have two options for first time students, pay for your first class and the second is free OR new student specials 5 classes for $55 or 10 classes for $100. This does not apply to aerial yoga.

Can I share my class card or membership with my friend?

You may bring a friend once as your guest if you have a class card. One class will be taken off your account for that friend. If you have a membership you cannot share with a friend or family member.

Do the class cards expire?

Yes, you have 1 month to use your 5 class card, 2 months for 10 class card, and 3 months for 20 class cards.

Do I need to register online before class?

We highly recommend that you register online for all classes, but you can always show up. Know that pre-registered students always have priority. Aerial classes you need to sign up before hand to reserve a spot.

Is yoga good for weight loss?

Yes, although the goal of yoga is meditation and overall wellbeing, in all of our classes we practice the yoga asanas (poses) which build long, lean muscles and has many physical health benefits including weight loss.

I'm not flexible at all, will yoga make me sore?

It depends which style and what your fitness level is. Yoga may be viewed as just “stretching” but it a balance between strength building and creating space in the body with the breathe. Your muscles being sore is normal.

Do the yoga memberships include all the classes?

Our monthly yoga memberships allow you to take unlimited classes per month. Aerial yoga is the only class we do not include being that there is limited space and it is a different price. With your membership you can pay an additional $10 instead of $25 for Aerial Yoga.

How many times a week should I practice?

We suggest to start with 2-3 times per week, this can grow over time.  The more you practice the more benefits you receive.

What is the difference between all the different styles of yoga?

Please check our “class description” page. This will give you a detailed overview of what to expect.

Do you offer massage?

Although we are not a massage facility, we do have on call licensed massage therapists that come to our space when requested.