Heather’s Yoga Journey

When I began my yoga journey and took the steps to become a certified instructor, I had no idea the blessings that would be in store for me. Just about a year ago I had the realization that there was this stagnant energy inside of me, surrounding me, that left me unchallenged and unhappy. I was not living up to my potential.  Upon this, I began to brainstorm and seriously weigh out my options for progressing my life and progressing my practice…after solid months of meditating and manifesting, an opportunity came about to establish myself with a budding studio. Perfect! The only caveat? It was in Florida. Nevertheless, I was craving a massive change and it seemed like the perfect next step for my life. I packed up my bags and moved from California to sunny Florida!

Despite my high hopes, things began to crumble within a few short months. I was shaken. I began to second-guess myself and all of the ‘progress’ I’d made in the past few months. However, life works in mysterious ways…some blessings come very cleverly disguised. I ended up meeting a great group of people, found my way to Miami and fell into a studio that’s become an irreplaceable family to me. I’m so excited to share my practice with the lovely souls that work at and come into TRIO. Yoga has taught me many things, but these are especially poignant; receive the unknown with a positive and healthy attitude — it only brings you the things you most wish for — and challenge yourself when you can, because that’s how you can channel and better your authentic self ♡