What is Hatha Yoga?

Students often ask … What is Hatha Yoga?

We have many different styles of yoga, especially now with yoga becoming more progressive in the modern world. What students may not realize is that Hatha truly encompasses all of the physical styles of yoga: Vinyasa , Ashtanga ,Yoga Basics, Power, Bikram and Iyengar. They are ALL Hatha yoga. Although the sequence, pace, and set of postures may be different …. it is Hatha Yoga.

Going a little deeper, connecting with the lineage of yoga, the asanas are the tip of the iceberg. In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the importance of the other practices to purify the body are mentioned. These include Kryas (cleansing techniques) , pranayama (breath control) mantra , bandhas (energy locks), mudras & different stages of meditation. Hatha yoga is a brilliant science that can lead us to our higher states of consciousness while living in a societal structure that keeps us in mundane thought patterns.

As a student, get out of the mindset of “I’m doing yoga ” yoga cannot be “done”. It is an experience that is cultivated not just by going to a class to “work out” or “stretch”, but by being open to the energetic qualities of the mind that are created during the practice.

At Trio, we do our best to create that space not just for you to “work out”…. but instead to …”work in”. Be open to the pranayama and mantra and see what unfolds from the experience, be patient in the asanas (let go of ego in asana chasing!), and let the process be one that grows over time, as we plant these energetic seeds that were passed down to us 5,000 years ago from our yogic ancestors.

Truly yours,

Forever a student of yoga,

Michelle Berlin