Best Hot Yoga Pants of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Ododos2. 90 Degree3. Iuga

You can label this article as a guideline for the novice. Although it circumvents solely around the pants for hot yoga, it provides you with a holistic view of the p’s and q’s about the different workout bottoms and whether they are competent for hot yoga.

Bikram yoga can sound intimidating for beginners. Attending a workout session in a heated room, temperature ranging around 105°F, with several strangers is a put off. Hot yoga is one of the finest forms of workout that strengthens one’s immunity.


However, the thought of excessive sweating and the clothes sticking to your body is quite disturbing. To keep the milieu light and interesting the yoga instructors bring some engaging flair in each class; it can be some loud music or meditative soothing ones.

While attending a bikram yoga be prepared to sweat. You will be dripping sweat from even the most unimaginable places. Naturally, you will require a towel or two along with a water bottle as prerequisites for saving yourself.

On one hand hot yoga improves your flexibility, energy and mind-body coordination, the other constitutes adjustments from your part. Clothes play a key role among these adjustments – you will require a lot of laundry days.

Therefore, it is important to select gear and clothes adequate to the bikram yoga sessions. Whilst your upper half can be covered in a light workout tank, it is the pants that cause a hustle.

In order to end up with the perfect bottoms for your bikram yoga classes you take the help of this guide that will walk you through several sections. If you desire to own a pair of the best hot yoga pants walking through each section is important.

The points laid down are paragraphed in precise and brief manner to suit your comprehensiveness and maintain a reading interest. Hopefully, by the end of this article you will fix a best yoga pants for hot yoga for yourself.

Factors Determining Pre-purchase Pointers

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the field of hot yoga, this article aims to equip you with the mandatory tips before you make a purchase.

Finding one of the best leggings for hot yoga is an imperative to perform well, look stylish simultaneously, achieve the best fruits. Your instructor or any expert would advise to select a workout attire after a careful evaluation.

The current section plays a vital role in guiding you to select your favourite pair of pants. The preliminary task of buying any product – electrical gadgets or home decor – is to keep a record of its determinants.

These constitute your budget, the quality of the product, brand value, and most importantly, the intended purpose. Similarly, bikram yoga demands you to spend some time learning about its requirements concerning apparel.

1. Style

The style of yoga pants you wish to wear depend primarily on the type of clothes you deem comfortable. Most yogis prefer wearing shorts while performing a Bikram yoga session to allow their skin to breathe.

However, sometimes that might backfire. The hot yoga sessions lead you to sweat profusely; the stickiness generated through which might hinder you from attaining a proper stance.

If you are a beginner, such a problem might cause you to even lose balance thus, causing unwanted injuries. Therefore, the longer pants are specifically prescribed.

They are hygienic as well as protect your skin from the wet and gooey feeling with their moisture wicking fabric. Moreover, the streamlined cut of these yoga pants give your lower body a beautiful support and leave you with shapely legs.

Some might find wearing skintight leggings stuffy especially when you are surrounded with intense heat. Different brands have introduced their uniqueness through different styles intended to allow you sufficient freedom.

There are flared yoga pants, side mesh yoga pants, wide bottoms and boot cut yoga pants. These not only offer you ample space to breathe, but also come in a vivid spectrum.

Ergo, you can choose from the myriad of styles offered by the popular yoga-oriented brands that will give you an air of confidence and successfully upgrade your look.

Adorned with the latest designs and prints, these pants can be worn for casual hangouts alongside your regular yoga sessions.

2. Length

Choosing the length of your pants is a primary task as it depends directly on the type of yoga you practice. Hot yoga leads you to sweat wickedly therefore, you need to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Shorter pants or capris are usually advised by experts as they give your skin a chance to breathe. Made out of polyester and spandex you hardly notice an added element, such light are these pants.

Wearing pants that impede your stances and seem unflattering to your body structure can be frustrating. Throw in a bucket load of sweating, and you will lose interest in your performance.

3. Budget

On the third point we come down to the price. The intention to purchase a product requires a primary permittance of your pocket. Veteran yogis are quite familiar with the type of pants they prefer in accordance to their budget, it is the beginners who feel the pinch.

There is a familiar concept of brand-pricing: luxurious brands charge an exorbitant price. For a beginner it is wiser to go for a pocket friendly brand that provides the latest features.

Thereupon extensive research about the factors and promising qualities consumers will tend to prefer the durable products at a reasonable price.

Generally the price range banks on the characteristics supported by the product. More the number of supplements, and the greater the maintenance cost, the steeper is the expense. That, however, does not rationalize the best performance

It is also true, choosing the best hot yoga pants out of the bestsellers seems alarming where the budget is related. Furthermore, if not carefully calculated, some brands having a business-oriented brain might trick you into buying a costly one.

4. Materials

For hot yoga natural cotton made pants do not suffice. Even though they are soft on skin and feel extremely cozy, their moisture absorbing capacity is not up-to-the-mark. Moreover, cotton clothes are prone to wear and tear; thereon, you will notice the colours fading.

Owing to this reason, it is a risk to wear pants of light shade. Synthetic materials – blends of polyester, nylon and spandex – might not be the suitable ones for sensitive skin but their moisture locking and shape retention proficiencies earn them the adequacy.

Earlier the synthetic materials suffered the clothing disease of pilling. With the advent of LUX and Lycra tech, such problems have taken a backseat. However, you cannot dispense the odor they emanate once drenched with perspiration.

Unlike the cotton pants, synthetics have the ventilation ability. Their materials are breathable, light and provide sufficient room for movement. When in a hot yoga class you require apparel that keeps you dry and at the same time does not display the sweat patches. The quick drying mechanism is one of the key considerations to stay comfortable during the class.

These fabrics retain their original shape no matter how many washes and rough uses they face. They are streamlined and slim fitting acting like a shapewear. The addition of spandex make them shrink resistant and prevents deformation.

5. Additional Features

Brands, in order to augment their values and boost sales, have inculcated some new features that render the pants more efficient and beneficial for hot yoga.

One such feature are the gussets. These are triangular shaped inserts that are sewn onto the crotch area of the pants. It is one of the most awaited developments regarding yoga pants, especially for women.

This insert allows the distribution of tension around the crotch seams thus, maintaining the pants’ longevity. Gussets come in different shapes and materials, depending on their brands. While some use the same material as that of the pants, others add an extra layer of thicker material. The latter usually permits you to go without your underwear.

Pockets take up the second additional feature. Although it is a rarity that anyone would stash their keys or card or phone while performing yoga, pockets provide the users with a peace of mind. They can store their important things in it without worrying about losing any.

Next is the seaming area; details along the legs and rear are seamed to accentuate your body, it gives a compressive and form fitting feel while you stretch. The seaming ensures the pants are tight enough on you and prohibits it from slipping off.

However, make sure the ones you intend to own furnishes a limited quantity of seams as too much can leave marks on your skin.

Lastly, the different waistbands are the latest innovation that garnished these yoga pants. There are either intricate waistbands or roll downs alongside the high and low waistbands.

The latter two are commonly used as a tummy controller to achieve a flattened belly fat, thereby, a smarter outlook. Whereas the former two are thrown in mainly to add a style element.

If the search for the latest yoga pants is driving you to the wall, this article allots a perfect opportunity for research. It is quite true that you have an assortment of designs to choose from, however, below are some of the best hot yoga pants along with their comprehensive narratives on characteristics for you to review.

Top 13 Best Hot Yoga Pants of 2022

1. Ododos Out Pocket High Waist Yoga Pants For Women

Ododos Out Pocket Best Hot Yoga PantsOdodos showcases a range of high waist yoga pants that represent style in motion. More than 21 shades are available for you to browse through, either in solid colors, Heather or their “SpaceDye” collection. Out of these, the fuschia tint will liven up your day as well as your locality the moment you step out.

Providing optimal flexibility, the combination of polyester and spandex sits at the perfect thickness. Your apprehension about stuffy leggings is washed away when you don the high waist half leggings stitched out of the best quality fabric.

Combine fashion and functionality with this best hot yoga pants whereby it acts as a tummy controller as well as boasts of longevity. The elastic quality conforms to your body allowing superior stretchability for intensive yoga. There are two side pockets for you to keep your phone or mp3 player safely.

Ododos assures you of the best service, however, in the case of any dissatisfaction you enjoy a 30-days full refund guarantee.

Available Sizes – XS to XXXL


2. 90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants for Women

90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants for WomenAmassing positive feedback for years, 90 Degree By Reflex has upgraded its collection of yoga pants in 2019. The all-new bevy of beauties includes side pockets and a higher waistline. The brand occupies one of the most popular stations on Amazon because of its compressive and comfortable collection of workout gear.

One of the biggest weapons is the affordability – imagine finding a moisture-wicking, extraordinarily flexible pants at a meager price of $25. In 2019 the products sport a shorter inseam to accommodate better movement. The system of interlocking seams and gusseted crotch lend you peace of mind. There are fewer chances of chafing or irritation and more stretching.

The manner in which these pants contour your body, it will not ride up with each movement. A blend of nylon and spandex render this product as breathable, thus, preventing sogginess or discomfort. If you are on a hunt for the best yoga pants for hot yoga, there can be no better option than 90 Degree By Reflex.

Choose your favorite color out of the dozen options it provides unperturbed as you receive 30 days full refund guarantee from the brand itself.

Available Sizes – XS to XXXL


3. Iuga High Waist Yoga Pants For Women

Iuga High Waist Yoga Pants For WomenIUGA proudly presents you with pants that are designed exclusively for yoga, weight lifting, lunges, etc. The materials used are sufficiently thick to become non-see through however, they are breathable.

IUGA’s uniqueness lies in its high waistband which also acts as a tummy controller. Your aspiration for a flat tummy is not far-fetched anymore, as the streamlined design adorns your body with confidence and a lasting promise. There is a hidden pocket in the waistband followed by two deep side pockets to stash phones and keys safely.

This lifestyle product is made of a material that is super-stretchable in all four ways. The softness of the fabric gives a slick feel on the outside. Besides, its compressiveness, interlocked seams gusseted crotch makes it an appropriate choice for an active lifestyle.

IUGA offers its customers a full refund guarantee within 30 days, in case the squat-proof pants turn out dissatisfactory.

Available Sizes – XS to XXXL


4. CompressionZ High Waisted Leggings For Women

CompressionZ High Waisted Leggings For WomenCompressionZ aims to serve three basic ideals – firstly, more endurance with longer workout sessions without feeling overly stuffy; secondly, increase blood circulation by wearing the most breathable and light fabric so that your heart remains healthy and you, active; and lastly, quick recovery of heart rate with more oxygen retention and reduction in lactic acid levels by using their products.

Living up to their name, the leggings offer excellent support and flexibility while maintaining a snug fit. From kids to seniors, every person can opt for a compression legging to improve their health with every step. Being one of the best leggings for hot yoga, it restricts excessive muscle movement and prevents fatigue.

The pants have a 4-way stretchable ability maximizing your productivity simultaneously enabling a moisture-wicking capacity whereby your lower half remains dry even after long workout hours. With a skin-friendly fabric, you do not suffer rashes or chafing, or any unwanted inflammations.

Not only does the contoured shaped make you look and feel good, but it also thwarts the formation of shin splints, hamstring and skin injuries, and muscle strain.

Available Sizes – XS to XXL


5. Baleaf High Waisted Yoga Leggings For Women

Baleaf High Waisted Yoga Leggings For WomenAlthough the product in question is of a solid black shade, you can view a vivid spectrum on their Amazon page. From ankle-length leggings to capris, Baleaf offers a variety of options, all sporting the characteristic high waistline for tummy control.

Its entirety is a blend of spandex, nylon, charcoal, polyester and cotton, giving the pants a buttery soft feel and an unmatched smooth sensation when you slip it on. Whether the material is thick enough to be a non-see through is debatable, though the flatlock technology hinders chafing. Manufactured particularly for hot yoga purposes, the elasticity of the pants pass through a squat test easily.

The high waistline behaves like shapewear giving the wearer an ultra-slim look simultaneously keeping their keys and cards safe by sporting a hidden pocket within itself.

Available Sizes – XS to XXL


6. Oalka Yoga Capris For Women

Oalka Yoga Capris For WomenFor an intense yoga session, one needs a powerful gear that boosts their confidence, makes them feel good and pushes them to endure tougher stretches. With that goal in mind, Oalka dishes out some of the best hot yoga pants for the ardent yogis.

The soft and smooth fabric is equipped with strong crotch gussets and flatlock prevents chafing to a similar extent that it provides flexibility.

Let go of the fear about soggy and restrictive pants as these pairs are sufficiently breathable, allowing a four-way stretchability.

The elastic waistband has a small hidden pocket for you to stash your keys and phone safely.

Available Sizes -XS to XXL


7. HDE Color Block Waist Yoga Pants For Women

HDE Color Block Waist Yoga Pants For WomenWhile there is a majority who prefer their workout apparel to be tight-fitting and streamlined, some find the idea of conformity restricting.

Especially when you belong in a humid area, the skin-tight leggings can cause you to sweat profusely consequently, thwarting your performances.

HDE throws caution to the wind by introducing several sets of flare workout leggings in vibrant colours, including the hot pink pants.

Their pants are made of cotton and spandex, making it functional and comfortable. The stretch knit fabric heightens your mobility simultaneously preventing it from being sticky.

Its high waistline is foldable allowing you to wear as you prefer.

Available Sizes -XS to XXL


8. Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants For Women

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants For WomenOne glance at these pair from Fengbay will make you swoon. The lilac shade would blend into your form because of the ultra-slim cut, they boast.

These power flex pants are some of the best yoga pants for hot yoga you will find if you are pursuing fashion alongside comfort. Polyester and polyurethane blend to form a perfect elasticity whereby you can assume any type of posture.

Bend anyway you like or acquire intense stretches without the fear of transparency, the non-see through knitting ensures such a safety.

Three pockets – two on each side and one hidden in the waistline – subsist for your convenience. Fengbay advises you to wash their products upside down without bleaching and drying in shade, in order to maintain them longer.

Available Sizes -XS to XXL


9. Ododos Power Flex Boot-Cut Yoga Pants For Women

Ododos Power Flex Boot-Cut Yoga Pants For WomenWhat if you come across a pair of pants that could potentially work as gym wear as well as a casual one?

Unbelievable, is it not?

Get ready to be surprised with the boot cut range Ododos has brought into the world, because it will blow your mind.

Available in 21 colours including the Heather and Spacedye speciality of Ododos, these pants accommodate three different materials – polyester, nylon, spandex.

The boot cut gives you a chic look with a sleek thigh cut and flaring calf. Besides the flexibility and opaqueness of the fabric, you receive two types of waistlines – one is the mid-waist that gives a secure fit and the other is a high rise wide waistband.

Both the waistlines are furnished with a small hidden pocket to keep your card.

Available Sizes -XS to XXXL


10. Yogalicious High Waist Lightweight Leggings For Women

Yogalicious High Waist Lightweight Leggings For WomenYour love for pastels will draw you to their page like a moth. With pleasant shades such as lilac, pale blue, mauve, and plum you also receive various tints of pink and black.

Before you book your favourite, make sure to check out the size appropriate to you. Furnished with Nude Tech and Lux fabric, these are the comfiest pants you will ever come across in such a reasonable price.

The feedback from Yogalicious’ products have proved that they tick each box, be it ultra-soft, squat proof, tummy control, and slimming waistband.

The pants are buttery soft with moisture wicking ability and a four-way stretch. Equipped with an extra wide high waistband and hidden pockets, it is the best yoga pants in terms of fashion and ergonomics.

Available Sizes -XS to XXXL


11. TrainingGirl Hot Neoprene Sauna Sweat Pants For Women

TrainingGirl Hot Neoprene Sauna Sweat Pants For WomenSauna pants are not suitable for those who have sensitive skin. However, we cannot deny the uber cool effect it gives our body. The compressive fabric not only makes your lower body a slender appeal but also boosts your confidence with every move.

Going by its name saunas are compressive pants that maximize your yoga performance while burning three times more fat. It restricts extra muscle movements and enables your body to release excess sweat.

These non-seee through capris are made of thermo neoprene that assists with the perspiration. They also act as shapewear, by flattening your belly fat and contouring your buttocks.

However, no matter how hot the pants are they possess a quick dry mechanism whereby there are no sweat patches left on the outside rendering you uncomfortable.

Available Sizes -XS to XXXL


12. Comfy Yoga Workout Capris For Women

Comfy Yoga Workout Capris For WomenA fresh startup from New York, Comfy Yoga livens up your wardrobe with their bright colours and breathtaking intricate designs. Although there is a variety of sizes available, the small and medium ones fit the best.

These are some of the cosiest non-compression leggings that feature a quick-dry ability along with breathable and anti-pilling fabric.

Choose between the highrise leggings and mid-waist ones. While the former gives extra coverage, the latter grants you a streamlined look. In order to preserve these pants for long term use, following the brand’s specific care guidelines is advised.

Available Sizes -XS to XXXL


13. Iuga High Waist Yoga Pants For Women

Iuga High Waist Yoga Pants For WomenAn uncommon colour like olive green could work as a hot yoga capri as well as a casual one. With their supple fabric, IUGA encourages you to be a part of the worldwide yogi family and share your journey.

Just as yoga is essential for a healthy life, so is a yoga pant. Hot yogas demand breathable fabric that prevents irritation, chafing and claustrophobia.

These squat proof pants have two large side pockets and one hidden in their waistbands. Known for being moisture-wicking and superb stretchability, they also sport a gusset crotch and interlocked inseams.

The high waistline provides a flat look to your tummy due to the compression system. Ideal for all age groups otp for these pants if you want to acquire a trim look.

The brand is proud of their amicable customer service and 30-day full refund policy, although they assure you about the superior quality products they serve.

Available Sizes -XS to XXXL


Best Hot Yoga Pants – The Final Advice

One of the most effective natural workouts, yoga allows your body to breathe and you to live a healthy and carefree lifestyle. It helps in developing immunity steadily and effectively leads to you to survive an active life.

It is important to maintain a regular fitness regime, and that requires certain objectives to be fulfilled. Working with the proper workout gear is one of those criteria, and appropriate apparel being amongst them.

Hot yoga chiefly, Bikram yoga, constitutes an intense workout whereby the hot and humid milieu asks you to suit up in a sauna friendly gear. While the upper body can be covered in tanks, it is the pants that concern women the most.

Hence, breathable fabric and quality build in the yoga pants is an important significant supplement to sustain hygiene and ensure your comfort.

One of the common characteristics found in the thirteen products lined above is the gusseted crotch and flatlock stitches. These ensure you are supplied with a service that providesensures superior performance.

The reviews discussed above mark some of the best yoga pants for hot yoga on Amazon. The article aims to equip you with a pair of slim-fitting that uplifts your mood and encourage you to work out harder.

After rummaging through the different best hot yoga pants, it is advisable to follow the buyer guidelines laid down before you book your choice. The brand value and the designs take a backseat when it comes to the sensitivity of your skin. Hence, remember to discern the factors carefully.

As long as you purchase a product that is best suited to your routine and personality, the work of this article is done. After all, brand value and popularity can only satisfy one’s pride.

So, hoping to see you decorate your wardrobe with the best leggings for hot yoga and enjoy an active life!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a difference between yoga pants and leggings?

With the rise in pop culture and the new-age fashion concept, the terms yoga pants and leggings have become quite synonymous. Although the lines have blurred, there are significant differences one can spot between the two if they look closely.

While you sift through the choices a brand offers, you can get confused between the aforesaid two. Let me clear the existing doubts.

Yoga pants resemble a trendy upside of a sweatpant. They are thicker and a little looser enabling you to wear them for a workout as well as casual purposes.

They come along with a few stunning features such as compression fabric, moisture-locking technology, anti-pilling, and flexibility. They can also be styled as yoga track pants, yoga joggers, etc.

Whereas, yoga leggings are tighter and slimmer fitting pants that have the comparatively thinner quality of the fabric. Make sure you certify about the opaqueness of the leggings, whether they are not see-through.

Besides supporting the quick-dry ability, they come in different styles and bold designs such as ⅞ leggings, grommet leggings, high rise leggings, and cut out tights.

2. How tight should your yoga pants be?

There are a few simple guidelines that cue you to choose the best fitting pair of pants. When you wear any yoga pants, it should be perfectly conformed to your lower half, shaping your buttocks, curving around your calves and thighs in an appropriate tightness.

In case of a muffin top formation or wrinkled skin around your belly, you should change the pants. Another viable sign of excessive tight pants is apparent when you look at your crotch. If the ones worne constitute excessive fabric around the area, you have to move one size up.

One of the best methods of deciphering the density of the material is to take a squat test. In case your skin or underwear is noticeable, then the fabric is too thin – almost sheer.

3. How do you know if your yoga pants are see-through?

This problem is threefold. It depends chiefly on the quality of fabric, size, and colorur. Pants that are a size too small usually turn sheer with excessive bending and stretching. Such an occurrence could potentially cause embarrassment on the part of the performer and her fellow yogis.

Fabric plays a crucial role in determining your safety and comfort. Going for a 100% cotton pants does sound pleasing; however, the material wears out quickly. Pants infused with a blend of nylon or polyester are apt because their density leads them to live longer.

Although we love to add color to our wardrobe for that pop, blacks or dark blues are the ideal shades experts recommend. Grays turn sheer the most; hence, inadvisable, while, pastels are adequate for soft yogas.

4. What should I wear for my first hot yoga class?

Bikram yoga can be tricky for beginners. It is your adaptability to the heated area that is tested the moment you step in. Hence, to stick around for a prolonged period, it is wise to follow a certain set of precautionary measures.

These precautionary measures center mostly around your yoga apparel. Ensure that the clothes you have selected for this session are made out of moisture-wicking material and light.

Avoid wearing cotton or baggy clothes as it will augment your discomfort. Working out in soggy clothes feel icky after a while, therefore, choose clothes woven with polyester or polyurethane.

Deciding on the suitable bottoms is perilous. You will probably opt for a pair of shorts; however, the sweat will make you slip. Wear tight-fitting, comfortable pants, that offer ample space for your skin to breathe and are superbly flexible.