Best Mens Yoga Shorts 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. YogaAddict 2. Gerlobal 3. Isnowood
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The awareness about yoga has infiltrated every town in every country, and why not? It does have tremendous benefits to both your physical as well as mental health. Just like how doing yoga poses properly is very important, having the right kind of clothes is too. Have you been wondering what kind of shorts to wear to your yoga class? Are you worried about sweating or not having too much coverage? Well, we are here to help. This extensive guide has all the information that you need while looking for gear such as the best mens yoga shorts.

In addition to that, we have also reviewed a bunch of top-rated yoga shorts for you. In our list of products, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.


Factors To Look For Before Buying Best Mens Yoga Shorts

1. Performance

If you are a fitness lover, you know the importance and hustle of improving your body every single day. And when you are looking for yoga shorts, you want the kind of shorts that don’t give up during your hustle.

Hence, the shorts that you choose need to be appropriate for the kind of activity you do. If you are going to be sweating less, you should go for fabric blends of cotton and spandex. Synthetic-based fabrics are great for people doing high-intensity exercises.

2. Durability

You know you are going to be washing and drying your yoga shorts after each use. And so much washing and heating can have a bad impact on the fabric. So, you want something that doesn’t rip apart or pill too easily.

For durability, it is advisable to go for polyester or nylon shorts. Stay away from blends that contain cotton, because cotton is not very impressive when it comes to longevity.

3. Comfort

Want to feel your best in any attire? Go for the most comfortable option available out there. That’s the only rule to clothing that really matters. And it is even truer when you are looking for the best mens yoga shorts.

Comfort can mean differently for different types of exercise regimens. Are you a hot yoga fan? If yes, then your shorts would need to be highly elastic and quick-drying. The fabric of your shorts should be able to stretch with you and keep up with your yoga poses.

4. Fabric

At the end of the day, your yoga shorts are simply a piece of fabric. And the fabric you choose will determine a lot of the properties of your yoga shorts.

The one thing you want to look for in your fabric is how well it can breathe. Whether you do hot yoga or more relaxed yoga, you are going to sweat for sure.

And if your shorts are choking, you will not enjoy your workout. So go for polyester and similar fabrics, because they are quick-drying. You can also buy shorts that have mesh pockets or liners for added breathability.

5. Style

Who said that men’s workout clothing can’t be stylish and chic? The workout attire game has changed, and you can easily find various colors and designs on the market.

The first thing that comes to mind is the pockets. Do you carry a lot of stuff to your yoga class? If yes, then you are going to need a pair that has got reliable pockets on it. Zippered pockets can be safe, but also uncomfortable during certain yoga poses.

Another thing is the type of waistband closure in your yoga shorts. Thicker waistbands look tempting, since they are stylish. But they can turn out to be disappointing when doing yoga, as they might fold over. It is recommended that you go for the simplest design to avoid a mess. You don’t want your shorts’ accessories to hinder your yoga posture and rhythm.

6. Hues

Workouts should be fun, so that you don’t get bored with them and stop going to your yoga class. And colors can play a big role in determining your mood. Don’t we feel good when we wear vibrant colored clothes? So why not try the same thing for our yoga shorts?

Ditch the blacks and greys and go for some colorful pairs to shake up the routine. Avoid picking extremely light-colored shorts, because those can enhance your sweat areas. Try going for fabrics that are less likely to change color when dampened. Also, see-through workout clothes are frowned upon.

7. Fit

Workout clothes that don’t fit you well are a big no-no – even if they look pretty or they are inexpensive. Textile companies offer men’s yoga shorts that are highly inclusive. So you don’t have an excuse for not getting the right fit for yourself.

There are two categories for fitting, the relaxed-fit, and the tight-fit. Are you a more active person who likes blood-pumping yoga sessions? If yes, then tight-fitting shorts will become your favorite in no time. However, people who love slow and restorative yoga should go for more relaxed-fitting yoga shorts.

Having a tough time choosing the right pair of shorts? We are here to help you. Let’s check out some of the best yoga shorts of men.

Top 15 Best Mens Yoga Shorts 2022

1. YogaAddict

YogaAddict Best Men Yoga ShortLooking for a good pair of yoga shorts that’s dominantly cotton in its fabric? YogaAddict has a great pair for you that is made of 94% cotton with a blend of 6% spandex. This particular blend makes these shorts highly elastic, so you can use them while doing various yoga styles to include Ashtanga, Hatha, etc.

If you like storage space in your clothes, you are going to love this pair. It has got two spacious pockets for your stuff. The drawstring type of waistband makes sure that the shorts stay on your waist securely. This is important if you like to do inversions and handstands.

It has been observed that this pair of shorts does not offer many color options. Also, it falls on the higher end of the cost spectrum, so you might want to check your budget. All-in-all, this pair is a great deal when it comes to quality.


2. Gerlobal Bodybuilding Shorts

Gerlobal Bodybuilding ShortsSweating too much during workouts? Gerlobal is here to take care of your profuse perspiration with these amazing gym shorts. The 100% polyester fabric makes the shorts quick-drying.

This pair is also feather-light as well as highly breathable – two things that are a must in gym shorts. As for the pockets, there are 3 spacious zipper pockets for your belongings. Two of them are on either side of the shorts, and one is hidden at the back. Worried about chafing? Worry no more, because these shorts have a smart seam construction that prevents chafing.

This is one of the best mens yoga shorts, both in terms of price as well as quality. The waistband is elastic and has a drawstring too. So, no adjustability problems will be there. It has been stated by the customers that the fitting of these shorts is tight around the quads. So, you should look out for that if you are not a fan of snug-fitting gym shorts.


3. Isnowood Compression Shorts

Isnowood Compression ShortsCompression shorts are great for getting that blood flowing in the lower body, but they can be pretty expensive. Therefore, Isnowood brings you inexpensive, high-quality compression shorts that are right for the job.

The fabric of this piece is moisture-wicking, which works in all seasons. It is also abrasion-free, which guarantees a workout without getting chaffed. The seam design is ergonomic and tends to keep your skin from getting irritated.

Are you someone who has difficulty finding the right size when it comes to workout clothing? You won’t face that problem here, because Isnowood has go sizes ranging from S to 3XL.

Various customers have shown their appreciation for the size inclusivity that this brand promotes. So, this is one of the best mens yoga shorts for those looking for a compression effect.


4. Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts

Yoga Crow Swerve ShortsIf you are looking for a premium-quality pair of yoga shorts, you have come to the right place. Yoga Crow is one brand that makes high-quality yoga shorts for a cost that won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

This polyester and nylon blend fabric ensure 4-way flexibility, with amazing moisture-wicking properties. The build quality is very impressive and makes this piece highly durable. Yoga can be vulnerable. And this pair offers great coverage to get through yoga poses.

The shorts have an inner lining boxer briefs that are non-abrasive for supreme comfort. This inner liner is also odor-resistant. No more worrying about smelling bad in your yoga class. These shorts are also very stylish in their look, as they come in many solid colors. So, get all the different colors and shake up your routine every time you hit the yoga session.


5. 4-rth Crosstrain Gym Short

4-rth Crosstrain Gym ShortHere is a reasonably priced pair of gym shorts that are all about style and comfort. If you are bored of the same blues and blacks, this pair is sure to change that mood. That’s because these come in a variety of colors, including bamboo green, sun orange, etc.

If you dislike shorts with drawstrings, this is the best bet for you. The waistband in these shorts is fully elastic. These also offer amazing flexibility and elasticity for the weirdest of your yoga poses.

The only problem faced by the buyers of this product, is that the fabric is not forgiving when it comes to chafing. If you are someone who is prone to get chaffed, then this might not be the right product for you.

Other than that, various customers are very happy with the freedom it allows them when doing spinning and inversions.


6. YogaAddict Yoga Shorts

YogaAddict Yoga ShortsYogaAddict never disappoints when it comes to yoga shorts. Here is another YogaAddict pair that is designed for people who like their shorts extremely flexible.

The amazing elasticity of the product comes from its spandex and nylon blend. Both of these fabrics are highly durable and stretchable. You might not like this pair if you want pockets, because this doesn’t have any. They are neither too tight, nor too loose.

Reviews from customers mention that these shorts hold up great during activities like wall climbing, Tai Chi, martial arts, etc. Also, the price of the product sits easily on the wallet, which makes it one of the best mens yoga shorts in this range.


7. Gary Majdell

Gary MajdellGary Majdell has rolled out this pair of men’s shorts that you can buy for less than 30 dollars. The base fabric of the shorts is a blend of 12% spandex and 88% nylon. And this clearly equips this piece of clothing with great elasticity.

Do you sweat a lot and worry about the odor? Gary Majdell has taken care of that too in this piece. The waistband is elastic, and also has an inner drawcord that you can use to adjust it on your waist. The coverage is provided by the partial front lining.

You are going to love this pair, if you like to stay stylish while working out. That’s because this pair is form-fitting, and looks very chic when worn properly. Various customers have been happy with these shorts mentioning that they don’t give up during high-intensity yoga sessions.


8. Core Vibe Yoga Cross Training Short

Core Vibe Yoga Cross Training ShortThese training shorts by Core Vibe Yoga are the shorts of the new era. They are stylish and slim-fit and don’t cost you a lot.

You get an inside front liner in these shorts, so you can work out worry-free. The fabric is highly breathable due to its microfiber structure. The inclusivity of size is also there, as you can choose from sizes ranging from XS to XXXL.

One problem is that the inner jock pocket might not be very good at its job. However, these shorts are great for kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and much more.


9. 4-rth Transition Yoga Shorts

4-rth Transition Yoga ShortsHave you been looking for some good quality transition yoga shorts, but didn’t have much luck? Your search endshere, because 4-rth has just the product that you’ve been looking for.

The fiber used in the making of these shorts comes from the birch tree. And that means that you are not going to feel the weight of these shorts at all while wearing them. His mid-thigh pair is great for people who don’t like their shorts too high or too low on the legs. The rib paneling below the waistband helps you move without any obstructions.

Tired of the pockets bunching up inside your shorts? It is a common problem and 4-rth has found a way out. The pockets on these shorts are sewn on the top. You also get a size chart that you can use, before choosing the product for yourself. And it has been mentioned by the customers that these shorts fit true to size.


10. YogaAddict Stretchable Short Pant

YogaAddict Stretchable Short PantHere is a very high-quality pair of shorts by YogaAddict that is both expensive, as well as great at its job. This weightless pair is a concoction of 13% spandex and 87% nylon.

The waistband is flat, so it is less likely to get rolled up or bunched up when you are working out. The fit of these shorts emanates style from all angles, even if they are not available in many colors.

The bunching situation is taken care of by the flat seam. And who doesn’t like seams that don’t bother you?

As for the stitching, it is simply fabulous. You don’t have to worry about it ripping apart during your strenuous yoga sessions. According to reviews, the shorts run a little on the larger end, so take care of that when choosing these.


11. Diomor Athletic

Diomor AthleticWaiting for the cheapest pair on this list? Here we are! Who says that gym shorts have to be expensive for you to enjoy some quality? Diomor is here to prove them all wrong.

In less than 20 dollars, you get stylish, cotton and polyester blended shorts. You can choose from a plethora of designs and hues to improve your glamour game.

There is a zippered pocket present at the back of the shorts. And there’s one more on the inside, so your belongings will be safe. Their great looks make them a wearable option, even if you are just going grocery shopping.

Other than that, the inseam is a whopping 7-inch long, which is pretty comfy. They have a quick-drying mechanism, so say bye-bye to sweating.


12. Core Energy

Core EnergyThis is a slim-fit pair of men’s shorts, that can become your favorite in no time. This has been specifically designed for people who are fond of doing strenuous workouts. The mesh liners provide great coverage, and keep away the accidents that might happen during yoga sessions.

Core Energy has worked really hard to make sure that the fabric is breathable, and you are never drowning in sweat. The inner jock pocket is great for holding your keys and other tiny, but important belongings. The waistband is elastic and the overall look and feel are very stylish.

If you are going to use these shorts often, they might become loose at the hemline. Therefore, it turns out that the customers didn’t find these very durable. Also, the pair is available only in 2 colors.


13. Gary Majdell Active Yoga Short

Gary Majdell Active Yoga ShortAre you someone who doesn’t like very short shorts? This pair by Gary Majdell sits right above the knees, giving you the coverage that you feel comfortable in.

This highly affordable pair is a blend of 88% nylon and 12% spandex at its base. Both these fabrics are fabulous at keeping you dry and odor-free. As for the size, the highest you can go is an XL, which is a bummer. Nevertheless, you get 2 front pockets and a self-tie drawstring on an elastic waistband.


14. Blue Chill Running Shorts

Blue Chill Running ShortsHave you recently become a fan of 2-in-1 shorts, but couldn’t find any that fit your budget? Here is a pair that is cheap and does the job pretty well.

The base fabric consists of 14% elastane, and 86% polyester which is recycled. This makes it sustainable and environmentally friendly. The elastane gives these shorts elasticity like no other materials.

So you don’t have to shy away from stretchy yoga poses. The waistband is also good at expanding. Being in the 2 in 1 category, they, of course, have the perk of being worn outside of workout sessions as well. The non-restrictive design of this product has made many customers happy.


15. Mandulka Dyad Short

Mandulka Dyad ShortMandulka is a brand that believes in breathable and weightless workout clothing. This piece by them is a perfect example of their vision. The fabrics used in making these shorts provide you a 4-way stretch.

The interior mesh boxer liner is knitted, and provides a sweat-free experience along with coverage. The pockets have ventilating pocket sacks, so the sweat doesn’t get a chance to hold on to you. The waistband is elastic, and also has an interior stretchy drawcord. Some might find this product a little too expensive, so you should see your budget before buying this one.

Customers have stated that these shorts do not lose their shape when they are subjected to extreme yoga poses. And that tells you that the shorts are doing their job pretty well. The downside is that the inner mesh liner might not be great at giving you support.


Types Of Fabrics

Your yoga shorts are nothing but a fabric that was cut and sewed so it could be wearable. Therefore, understanding the various types of fabrics is a must. This gives you the knowledge that you need to be able to pick the right one for yourself. So here are the most common fabrics that are used in making yoga shorts for men.

1. Polyester

Polyester is one of the most popular choices of fabrics for active-wear because of its low cost. It is made by blending chemicals and has a synthetic nature. The best part is that it does not hold moisture, and that’s exactly what you want during your workouts. This fabric can also be recycled, which further decreases its cost.

The durability of this material is amazing, since it does not shrink even after multiple cycles of washing and drying. However, where it loses, is its inability to keep germs from growing. Therefore, it is a must that you wash your polyester shorts after every single use.

2. Cotton

You don’t see pure cotton workout clothes. The reason being that cotton has a highly absorbent nature, and that doesn’t play well when you know you are going to be sweating. Therefore, cotton is generally mixed with other fabrics to make workout pieces.

Cotton, being a natural fabric, helps fight stink-causing microorganisms. And hence, it is more likely to keep you stench-free for long. But cotton will betray your body when it tries to perspire and cool down. So, make sure you wear cotton workout shorts only when you are not going for high-impact exercises.

3. Nylon

Here is a better version of polyester that is comparatively stronger, and feels soft on the skin. Its quick-drying properties are hidden from no one. It also has a great stretch to it and has a texture that is abrasion-resistant.

Other than that, the material is very durable, since it is less prone to getting jagged or ripped. Like cotton, nylon is also rarely used alone and comes in a blend.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo fabric is one of the most absorbent fabric materials that you can find in the world. However, you don’t want a highly absorbent fabric to be used in your workout clothing. But it is still used and preferred, because it is relatively breathable.

Just like cotton, bamboo is also a natural material and can fight germs pretty well. So it keeps you dry and also keeps your skin healthy, by keeping away the bacteria. Additionally, it is pretty durable, since it is less likely to pill or suffer similar damage.

5. Spandex

Spandex is the most elastic material on the list of workout clothing fabrics. For this reason, it is used to make workout clothing pieces for cycling enthusiasts and yoga lovers. Its texture is such, that the shorts made from this are body-hugging.

6. Cotton-Synthetic Blends

Cotton-synthetic blends are quite famous in the workout clothing industry. Cotton has great qualities that are enhanced when it is blended with a synthetic fiber. Pure synthetic clothing can be harsh on the skin.

Cotton works to make your activewear silky and more absorbent. The bad thing is that these fabrics are likely to get pilled after multiple rounds of cleaning. So these are not preferred by fitness lovers who need to wash their shorts every day.

7. Wool

Snowsports are popular in many countries, and you cannot wear regular workout clothes at those low temperatures. Wool is a great natural fabric that promotes thermoregulation during the snow sport season. Wool is resistant to sweat and body odor, and keeps you healthy and warm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Gussets In Yoga Shorts?

Gussets are essentially cloth inserts that are triangular in shape. These are sewn at the crotch area of the yoga shorts, in order to decrease the pressure buildup on the seams. A gusset keeps your yoga shorts from busting open, while doing extreme yoga positions.

2. Should I Buy A Pair Of Shorts With A Liner?

The decision of choosing yoga shorts with inner liner is very subjective. The liners help keep everything in place with great safety. However, the presence of the liner can also lead to chafing and wedgies. So, you should probably try it and find out if this is something that you like.

3. How Long Should Be Men’s Yoga Shorts?

Some men like their shorts too short and some don’t. Ideally, your shorts shouldn’t be longer or shorter than your knee length. The hem of the shorts should end close to the knees.

4. Is It A Good Idea To Buy Shorts With Pockets?

Pockets are both helpful and uncomfortable at the same time. Most shorts have a small pocket that you can use to store your keys and cards. But having too many pockets could steal your range of motion. So, choose carefully.

Best Men Yoga Shorts – What’s your choice?

If you are fond of staying fit, you know how important yoga shorts can be. A yoga session done in an uncomfortable pair of shorts can be safely said to be a waste of time. Imagine not being able to do the whole spectrum of yoga poses, because your yoga shorts don’t allow it.

Or imagine having accidents where your shorts get ripped in the middle of the session. That can be a horrible experience.

Therefore, it is imperative that you shop for your yoga shorts carefully. Shopping for workout clothing is pretty different from shopping for regular clothing. You need to take care of a lot of factors other than color and style. Our guide is all about helping you make an informed choice. So, read up on our guide to find the best mens yoga shorts.