Best Plus Size Yoga Pants of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Core 102. Calvin Klein3. Nirlon

Are you looking for the best plus size gear such as plus size yoga wear from brands that understand that fitness comes in several sizes? For plus-size people, there can be a lot of hurdles to approaching fitness; but getting dressed for it shouldn’t be one of them.

Until recently, yoga wear wasn’t available in sizes larger than 14. People had to adjust to cotton loungewear instead of proper activewear. A lot of plus-size people felt that their athleticism wasn’t taken seriously. Everybody sweats out the same way, so the lack of high-performance activewear became a point of frustration for such people.

Eventually, retailers realized that everyone deserves the same quality and style when it comes to performance-focused apparel. Then they started manufacturing quality fitness gear for women over a size 14, and size-diverse apparel developed.


In this guide we will be highlighting some of the most popular brands that manufacture best yoga pants for plus size individuals and a few important factors to consider before selecting yoga pants for yourself. In the last section, we will be reviewing some of the best plus size yoga pants available on the market, covering different price ranges and styles.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right Yoga Pants

If you are a beginner, it is important to learn that to make the best out of your yoga pants, it is necessary to choose a pair that suits your preferred style of practice. Even if you are not a beginner, you may have made purchases that you later regretted.

This section deals with some important factors and considerations for making your next yoga pants purchase successful. We will guide you through different styles, materials, prints, and features, so you can buy some of the best plus size yoga pants for yourself.

1. Length and Style

The first factor you need to consider when selecting a pair of yoga pants is the length that you prefer. Nobody wants to wear something that is uncomfortable and impedes their yoga poses. The kind of yoga you practice will determine what length and style will suit you the best.

In matters of length, you can either buy a full-length pant or capri. Capris end below the knee, and full-length leggings nearly touch the ankle. It is not just a matter of personal practice, but the climate of the place you live in also has an impact.

Almost all the capri models manufactured by a brand are available in full-length models. So, if you find a particular model that you like, you don’t need to worry about the length.

Some people believe that their legs look short in tights and they prefer straight cut pants or flared. Some of the best yoga pants for plus size are available in different styles to cater to everyone’s choice. Generally, people prefer tights while practicing yoga, as during strenuous sessions, there is less material flailing around.

2. The Type Of Yoga You Practice

If you are on ‘level 1’ type classes and have just begun learning a variety of poses, but nothing too tough or challenging, then any pant design will work for you. If you like to practice hot yoga and sweat a lot, then you’ll need something more breathable than usual. You can look for capris that are made of lightweight material.

3. Material

Yoga pants are usually made of cotton, synthetics, or a blend of the two. So, you don’t have many options, and there are pros and cons to each one. Cotton yoga pants are soft, resistant to pilling, and fine at absorbing moisture. But are not as breathable as synthetic pants.

There are various kinds of synthetic fibers used in some of the best plus size yoga pants. Some of the common ones are; polyester, spandex, and nylon. Synthetic fibers possess great moisture-wicking properties and offers shape retention. But synthetic yoga pants do not feel as soft as cotton against the skin, plus they smell stronger after sweating in them.

4. Features

Manufacturers add sundry features to yoga pants like gussets, key pockets, and waistbands. A gusset is a triangular insert sewn into the crotch of the garment. It is important because it alleviates the problem of having a single pressure point where multiple seams run together.

It makes the pants more durable because it eliminates the stress around the crotch seams. Key pockets are sewn into yoga pants to let you keep an important card, your apartment key, or some emergency money.

It comes in handy when you are staying in a hotel and want to keep your room’s key card with you when working out. Or maybe someday you want to dash off to the grocery store after your workout session to buy something important, so you can keep some money in it.

If you prefer a small key pocket, we suggest you check carefully and read the reviews, as some models come with a bulky and uncomfortable key pocket. If you practice intensive yoga, a pocket is not a necessary requirement. But if you regularly need to use it, then purchase a pant with a pocket.

Some manufacturers add seaming details to certain areas like the legs and rear. It may give a nice shape to the rear, but may feel uncomfortable, leaving marks on your skin. Keep that in mind when selecting a pant with lots of seams.

To add more to the style elements, intricate waistbands or roll down tops are included by manufacturers. Make sure you buy a pant with a wide waistband that reaches your midsection. Otherwise, you’ll feel uncomfortable while practicing downward facing dog.

We rounded up some of the best yoga pants for plus size individuals that have high waistbands, promise zero chafing, and offer UPF protection, so you stay comfortable during your yoga sessions.

Top 10 Best Plus Size Yoga Pants of 2022

1. Core 10 Women’s Icon Series – The Supernova Star Reflective Legging

Core 10 Best Plus Size Yoga PantsThe first one on our list of best plus size yoga pants is by Core 10. This yoga tight has a stunning star pattern all over it. It is made of a mixture of nylon and spandex, which means it is super stretchable as well as breathable.

It is not only ideal for wearing for yoga, but you can also wear it for running, aerobics, and dancing. A drop pocket is located at the back of the waistband. The star print makes it look quirky, but it is only available in one color; black.


2. Calvin Klein Performance Women’s Plus Size Control Waistband Legging

Calvin Klein Performance Women’s Plus Size Control Waistband LeggingAlmost everyone is familiar with Calvin Klein, a brand known for its high-quality but expensive products. These leggings may be a bit costly for some, but it is one of the most comfortable models available on the market.

It’s made of a smooth and lightweight fabric that has high moisture-wicking properties. It is also very stretchable and fits comfortably around the curves, making it ideal for any sort of workout activity.


3. Nirlon Leggings For Women High Waist Workout Plus Size Yoga Pants Ankle Length

Nirlon Leggings For Women High Waist Workout Plus Size Yoga Pants Ankle LengthNIRLON’s high waist plus size leggings are a comfortable pair made of cotton and spandex. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes up to 3XL. These are highly stretchable, opaque, and moisture absorbing.

Not only ideal for curvy women, but also for pregnant women as the high waist gives extra support and firm control to the stomach area. These are made of thick and soft fabric.


4. Danskin Now Women’s Knit Yoga Pant, Plus Size, Regular and Petite

Danskin Now Women’s Knit Yoga Pant, Plus Size, Regular and PetiteIf you want to try something different than yoga tight, you can opt for Danskin’s straight cut yoga pants made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. As it is made of cotton and synthetic blend, the comfort and stretch are incredible, plus it feels soft on the skin.

It comes in vibrant green color, available in sizes up to 4XL. It features a wide waistband and two key pockets to hold essential items.


5. Nirlon Straight Leg Yoga Pants High Waist Leggings For Women Regular & Plus Size

Nirlon Straight Leg Yoga Pants High Waist Leggings For Women Regular & Plus SizeThis is another model by NIRLON that is a high-quality, non-see-through, and durable. It is made of cotton lycra, a material known for its comfort and stretch. It has a broad waistband, which helps you practice an extensive workout with confidence. It is available in 20 plus patterns, colors, and inseams.


6. Bomb Sheller Badass Plus-Size Leggings

Bomb Sheller Badass Plus-Size LeggingsAre you bored with the plain blacks and greys and want something chic, funky, and stylish? Bomb Sheller Badass leggings may be just the right option for you. This legging features a splash of different colors to give an edgy look.

It is made of polyester and spandex. It has a high-rise waistband that is made to settle in a comfortable spot (the midsection of your tummy). It may not be very comfortable, but the fabric is sweat-wicking. You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns.


7. Losrly Women Plus Size Striped Wide-leg Drawstring High Waist Palazzo Yoga Pants

Losrly Women Plus Size Striped Wide-leg Drawstring High Waist Palazzo Yoga PantsThis is another pair of quirky yoga pants if you want to try something unique. It is made of polyester and spandex that provide maximum comfort and elasticity. It is available in two color combinations; black and white, and grey and white.


8. Core 10 Women’s (XS-3X) ‘Icon Series’ the Warrior Mesh High Waist Yoga Legging

Core 10 Women’s (XS-3X) ‘Icon Series’ the Warrior Mesh High Waist Yoga LeggingIf you don’t want something very funky and colorful, but something just a little different, then look no further. These mesh cutout plus size yoga pants may suit you the best.

These are made of soft, sweat-wicking fabric, boasting asymmetrical mesh cutouts. A tiny key pocket on the waistband is there to store personal essentials. They are available in four colors; black, navy, taupe, and marine.


9. Yohoyoha Plus Size Leggings High Waist Athletic Workout Yoga Pants

Yohoyoha Plus Size Leggings High Waist Athletic Workout Yoga PantsThese yoga pants are made of a thick synthetic fabric which is non-see-through and features a hip lifting design that sits comfortably around your curves. These best plus size yoga pants feature a front pocket to fit in small things like a card or a key. They are great for practicing activities like yoga, aerobics, Pilates and dancing.


10. Stretch is Comfort Women’s Fold over Cotton Plus Size Yoga Pants

Stretch is Comfort Women’s Fold over Cotton Plus Size Yoga PantsThis is the last model on our list of best yoga pants for plus size women. These pants feature a fold-over waistband that can be adjusted according to your preference.

The best part about these pants is that they can be worn for workouts and also as everyday loungewear. They are extremely comfortable, breathable, and soft on skin as they are made of cotton and spandex.


20 Best Plus Size Fitness Brands You Need To Know

If you are an absolute beginner and haven’t bought fitness gear before, this section will help you learn what all brands are doing well in the market. It is always better to have some idea before investing in anything. Here is a list of brands that manufacture activewear that could be worn for yoga, Pilates, running, weight lifting, walking, or any other physical activity that gets you sweating.

1. Nola by Addition Elle

The first one on our list is a subsidiary of a Canadian brand, Addition Elle. It manufactures a variety of athletic wear, from performance-focused clothing to athleisure apparel. It is one of the largest plus-size retailers in the country. It is a well-known brand that has been in business for many years. Fitness gear is available in sizes up to 4X.

2. Fabletics

Kate Hudson launched the brand in 2013 as a fashion fitness brand that offers chic prints and styles. After four years, it extended its sizes to 3X. It manufactures a variety of clothing items, from leggings to sports bras.

3. Nike Plus-Size

A lot of people are familiar with Nike as it is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations that produce fitness apparel, equipment, accessories, and footwear. Nike launched its plus-size line quite recently (2017). Fitness apparel is available in sizes up to 3X.

4. Game By Universal Standard

GAME is a branch by US that manufactures a modern collection of high-performance activewear. Its clothes are known for their comfort and fitting. Its clothing is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 28.

5. K-Deer

This brand is best known for its high-quality fabric that ensures perfect fitting and durability. Available in sizes XS to 4XL, this brand’s most beloved product is leggings that come in bright colored striped and bold prints.

6. Hyba by Reitmans

Reitmans is a Canadian brand, specializing in women’s clothing. It was founded in 1926, and since then, it has maintained its quality. Hyba is the branch that makes apparel specifically for yoga, running, stretching, and lifting.

7. Skirt Sports

Founded by Nicole DeBoom, who herself was a pro-athlete, this brand has been doing well since its launch in 2004. One random day, DeBoom decided to create something different with regards to sportswear because she felt uninspired by what she used to wear. She created a running skirt, and since then, the brand has expanded. Now offering a variety of clothing items, from bras to jackets.

8. Zella by Nordstrom

It is a signature sportswear brand by Nordstrom. It offers several sizes and designs catering to plus size women. The line creates clothes combining comfort with performance technology, in order to help women, improve their workout, and feel good in their sports gear.

9. Old Navy

Old Navy is a well-known American clothing and accessories retailing company that also offers chic plus-size activewear at an affordable price. It is the go-to brand for a lot of women.

10. Lola Getts

This brand offers some of the best plus size yoga pants and simple workout basics. Its pants are known for comfort and the distinct seaming down the back. It is available in sizes 14 to 24.

11. Active Zone by Penningtons

It is designed by one of the largest plus size distributors in Canada. It began inspiring women of all shapes, ages, and sizes to become active, much before any other brand started dealing in this field. Its products are available in sizes up to 5X.

12. Katie K

Katie Kozloff started this company after listening to a lot of women’s stories and opinions on what was lacking in sportswear for women. As a fitness trainer, she used her knowledge and later combined fashion, comfort, and performance to cater to women of all sizes.

13. JunoActive

The founder of this brand is Anne Kelly, who launched it in 1995 to provide plus size women better fitness gear, specially tailored to fit their bodies. This brand has a variety of sizes ranging from XS to 6X.

14. Rainbeau Curves

As the name suggests, this brand offers fitness apparel in a wide range of colors and styles. It has recently developed its athleisure line, City Collection.

15. RBX

RBX offers a fitness gear in a variety of prints; bold, bright, and subtle. The designers at RBX felt that when brands start manufacturing plus size clothes, the style gets lost. Thus, the brand does an incredible job of staying true to its stylish look across different sizes.

16. Superfit Hero

This brand is a little unique because it does not only focus on size, but also on performance. A lot of people complain that their pants don’t keep up when they are practicing the downward facing dog or going hard at the gym. Its yoga leggings come with a no-roll promise, so you can work out with confidence.

17. Manifesta

Rachel Blumfield started this brand after feeling uncomfortable with the present activewear available for plus size women. She started this brand to help women feel good about themselves. Its sizes range from S to 5X.

18. Just Curves

Its founder is Yolanda William, whose story is quite similar to Rachel Blumfield. Her brand is known for its creative, supportive bodysuit, and ONEder suit among other items. Its fitness wear is available in sizes 14 to 28.

19. R-Sport

CJ Riggins is the founder of this brand, who realized that there was a problem with the US activewear brands because none of them catered plus size women. R-Sport manufactures all kinds of fitness and triathlon gear, available in sizes up to 6X. Some of its beloved clothing items are; tank tops, yoga pants, and leggings.

20. Active Truth

This brand has a unique history as it was founded by two mothers who started promoting self-care and fitness. This Australian activewear brand became popular for its signature high-waist leggings, available in sizes up to 3X.

We hope this guide has given you a great idea about some of the best plus size yoga pants available on the market. Keep all the important factors in mind, and it is not necessary to choose from the pants listed here. There are so many other great options to choose from, just make sure you read the reviews of a product before purchasing it. Happy Shopping!