Best Yoga Accessories of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. BalanceFrom2. Stretch Out Strap3. Clever Yoga

The best and foremost way of meditating and exercising is Yoga. It is a balancing act of body, mind, and spirit during which the “saadhak” or “yogi” tends to move towards the ultimate goal of being one with the ONE that pervades all universe through systematic and successive steps as outlined under various philosophies of the yogic science.

Yoga doesn’t have any limits. There are many different types of yoga. However, Yoga, which we understand in the simplest sense of the term, is generally associated with various body postures, which act as a preparatory step towards gearing your body to absorb the infinite ultimately.


Even though our souls don’t need any instruments or vehicles to reach their final goal, still, most of us who are deeply engrossed in the materialistic world do need some external aid in one form or the other. From a higher perspective, our body itself is like an instrument for our soul.

No wonder that we generally use external aids or accessories for yoga to help in different asanas. Yoga gear and accessories are classified into different categories. It is not possible to give details about each and every accessory, but in this article we’ll be discussing a few amongst them in brief.

Different Types Of Yoga Accessories

1. Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats are the first and most basic yoga accessory that every yoga practitioner should have. It forms a base for the floor and helps you to attain the perfect balance and comfort while you are practicing yoga. Yoga mats give you an additional cushioning.

Thus ensuring comfort during asanas that might require exerting too much pressure on some specific body parts such as elbows, heels, back and neck during poses that require laying down, etc., which otherwise would be difficult on hard wooden or marble floors.

Most yoga mats are made of PVC. However, this practice of using PVC for making Yoga mats is being condemned, and now people have started using natural rubber mats, which provide better cushioning and grips. There are always good as well as bad quality products. The same goes for yoga mats. As per your budget and requirement, you can choose your yoga mat.

2. Yoga Weights:

This accessory is undoubtedly a new addition to the yogic world, something like combining the old with the new to mix and match the advantages of both. For the people who indulge in yoga for body toning and weight reduction along with meditation, adding weights to their yoga practice benefits them better.

However, the weights used in yoga practices should be light as compared to those typical weights used in gyms and health clubs.

3. Yoga Belts:

Yoga belts are mainly used during asanas that require extra stretching or in which one is not able to perform on their own. It is entirely understood that these belts should be of good quality and durable and support a minimum weight of 350 lbs.

4. Yoga Headbands:

Would you be able to concentrate if your hair is continually coming to your face? No, right? Yoga headbands are made to keep your hair off your face and also to keep your ears covered if you want to. These headbands are stretchy and soft, which allows you to focus on more important matters during your practice time on the mat.

5. Yoga Mat Strap Sling:

Slings are essential yoga accessories to transport any yoga mat. These are usually made from thick and durable cotton that won’t slip. You have to loosen the loops, slot them over both ends of your yoga mat, tighten the loops, and you are ready to go. No need for a bag!

6. Yoga Mat Towels:

Yoga Mat Towels’ purpose is to add traction to your footing and provide extra grip on the mat when you transition between asanas. It should be able to cling perfectly to the surface of your mat. This way, the mat won’t slip against the surface when you are doing various asanas.

7. Yoga Bolsters

Yoga Bolsters are like a body pillow. They are firmer and either circular or rectangular. Their purpose is to create relaxation. They help soften a posture or aid in opening the body. These are commonly used by restorative, prenatal, and Iyengar based yoga.

8. Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks are one of the most popular yoga accessories. Usually made of foam, bamboo cork or wood, these blocks are often used as an extension of the arms. They can also support the back, hips, and head to help the body settle into a pose or posture.

Yoga blocks support a wide range of motions, thereby shortening the distance between your body and the floor. They also assist in establishing the correct body alignment. They are also handy for beginners and to those who are experiencing injury or other physical limitations.

9. Yoga Wheels

These are circular shaped yoga props, as the name suggests. Yoga Wheels are considered to be the BEST back opener or stretcher you could ever have. They assist in advanced body postures and rolls out the spine.

Yoga Wheels also massage the entire length of your body in a safe but profound way. They help the practitioners during heart-opening postures like backbends and forearm balances.

10. Yoga Socks

Yoga socks provide some extra grip and also wick away sweat. They keep your feet warm during floor poses and also have a hygienic aspect.

Yoga socks come with slip-resistant ribbed sole to ensure perfect grip even during intense, sweaty workouts. Practicing yoga can be difficult if you are always worried about slipping while doing specific postures or thinking about how cold your feet are — the easiest solution for these problems is yoga socks.

Most yoga socks are ankle length, but some also extend up onto the calf. Various designs and sizes are available in the market. Most yoga socks are entirely made of cotton or bamboo. However, some synthetic and blended options are also available in the market.

11. Yoga Blankets

Yoga Blankets are highly versatile yoga accessories. They are not only used for warmth but also used for refinement in poses and support and proper alignment.

Most yoga blankets are made entirely of cotton so that it can retain its shape and density. They are being made of cotton. They are malleable enough to be used in many different ways. There are three main shapes of yoga blankets- flat folded, rolled, and pleated. You can use these blankets in many different ways as per your requisites.

Top 12 Best Yoga Accessories of 2022

1. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom Best Yoga AccessoriesThis 71 inches long and 24 inches wide all-purpose yoga mat is available in seven different vibrant colors.

This mat features high-density ½ inch extra thick foam that ensures ultimate cushioning and comfort to your spine, hips, elbows, and heels. With double-sided non-slip surfaces, this premium exercise yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent unwanted slipping and injuries.

Its exceptional resilience allows you to keep your balance during any asana, and its water-resistant technology makes it easy-to-wash and maintain. Even though this mat is extra thick, it is lightweight. The additional straps make them easily portable.


2. The Original Stretch Out Strap By OPTP

The Original Stretch Out Strap By OPTPThis 6’4” woven nylon stretch-out strap comes with ten individual loops that are proven to be durable and long-lasting. This strap is highly effective for warmups, exercise and post-exercise. It is also an excellent accessory for dancers and athletes.

These stretch-out straps by OPTP allow you to perform unassisted stretches with much better control. Buying these straps is the best choice for safe, effective, contract-relax stretches, according to many physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Professionals have come to trust the unique design of the nylon strap for its ability to provide improved stability, extended range of motion, and enhanced muscle recovery. The strap allows for convenient, targeted stretching of muscles in the back, legs, core, arms, and shoulders. Its durable woven construction ensures your safety and its durability.

This strap by OPTP is one of the best yoga accessories sold on Amazon.


3. Clever Yoga Yoga Mat Strap Sling

Clever Yoga Yoga Mat Strap SlingThese cotton yoga mat strap slings come in nine different colors and are very useful. You can use these slings during your practice as a stretching strap. These straps can be used to increase flexibility.

Beginners can use these straps to connect in basic poses. These slings are 100% eco-friendly and machine washable. To ensure that your yoga mat lasts long, these yoga mat strap slings are made of thick cotton that softens over time with washing and regular usage.

Being 66” in length, these straps are perfect for men and women. For carrying an extra thick yoga mat or for taller yogis, the longer 85” straps would be best. Most people prefer to carry their mats on the shoulder. However, if you prefer to carry your mat crossbody, the longer straps are best suited.


4. Blom Multistyle Headbands

Blom Multistyle HeadbandsAvailable in thirty-seven different color options, these multi style headbands are so versatile that you can wear it even when you are not working out as a style statement.

Keeping your hair off your face shouldn’t mean dealing with a headache. BLOM’s Happy Headache Promise gives you 30 days to make sure your noggin is comfortable. This headband wicks away sweat while taming the hair monster we all know exists.

Made of silky soft, breathable viscose fabric in muted purple and charcoal is cool enough for breezy days in the sunshine. It retains just enough heat to keep your ears warm in winters. Thus, perfect for all seasons.

From morning yoga practices to running errands, from a cup of coffee with friends to tucking in kids at night, these headbands by BLOM are very versatile. Not only versatile, but these headbands are also easily washable and long-lasting.

It is one of the best-rated yoga accessories on Amazon.


5. The Perfect Yoga Towel by Yoga Mate

The Perfect Yoga Towel by Yoga MateThis high-quality yoga towel comes in seven different color combinations. With the dimensions of 72” * 26”, this yoga mat towel by Yoga Mate features a non-slip microfibre design.

It is super lightweight and easy to pack. It absorbs all of the sweat and fits perfectly fits your mat. It adds traction to your footing and provides extra grip on the mat when you transition between asanas. However, you have to put in some extra effort while washing it. You first have to wash and dry it separately, and then you can throw it in with the rest of your laundry.

This towel is made of high-quality non-slip microfibre and is perfectly sized to place on top of any regular and extra-large sized yoga mat. It is also multipurpose, as you can bring it anywhere. It is easy to pack and dry, lightweight, perfect for pilates, exercise classes, the gym, showering, camping, travel, beaches, and more.

Yoga towels are one of the most essential and best yoga accessories without a doubt.


6. Qing Yoga Socks For Women

Qing Yoga Socks For WomenThese non-skid socks with grips are available in ten different colors and are available in packs of three and packs of four. These socks range from sizes US 6- US 10 and are quite affordable.

Qing Yoga Socks For Women has textured spots on the bottom, which are extended far enough side-to-side and also across the entire bottom – from above the ball of the foot to cover the whole heel area. This ensures a non-slip grip on tiles, slippery wooden floors, etc. They keep your feet firmly planted and rooted to the floor and, most importantly- to your yoga mat.

Each of these pairs of socks are infused with silver ion technology. This technology keeps your socks anti-odor, fresh, and healthy. Each sock is carefully woven, thus ensuring their durability and to create the softest and most absorbent fabric available with gentle elastic strength.

Even after multiple washes, these socks remain sturdy and will not have holes or loose their elastic strength. The socks’ grip material is entirely undetectable, and you won’t feel odd stepping on it. The grip is also perfect for keeping you steady while practicing intense yoga posture and hot yoga.

These socks by Qing are a great hit on Amazon and have earned more than a thousand 4.5 star ratings. They are rated as one of the best yoga accessories on Amazon shopping site.


7. Reehut Yoga Blocks

Reehut Yoga BlocksMade of high-density EVA foam, yoga blocks by REEHUT come in six different colors and a set of two. Measuring 9” * 6” * 4”, these blocks are large enough to sit on with sufficient surface comfortably.

These blocks come in a set of two. So you can use them separately or stacked together as per your requirement and create a range of possibilities for extra height and support. They come with beveled edges and feature a non-slip surface for a comfortable, secure, and steady grip that you can trust.

The durable high-density EVA foam offers exceptional strength to your position even under considerable weight and is lightweight themselves. These blocks also feature a double sided textured surface for you to hold on and are moisture-proof. What else can you ask for in Yoga Blocks?!!

If you need yoga blocks for a specific type of yoga class, check-in with your instructor about the blocks’ size and then choose. They are perfect for yoga, Pilates, daily exercises, great for overall balance and flexibility. However, as per many experienced users, these blocks are not that much recommended for people over 115 lbs.

These yoga blocks by REEHUT are an excellent yoga accessory to buy as they are also quite affordable.


8. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blankets

El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga BlanketsThis blanket by El Paso Designs is a classic yoga studio blanket. It is an authentic Mexican blanket. Its colorful woven serape is imported from Mexico and is ideal for bulk blanket purchases. These yoga blankets are woven from a blend of soft environment-friendly recycled fibers.

It approximately measures 51” * 74” and weighs only two pounds. They are ideal for yoga, beach camping, picnics, a twin bedspread, southwestern throw, home decor, car seats, and much more. Woven in a traditional pattern and loose stitch design, these blankets are all-purpose blankets.

This brand provides an extensive range of colors, including their popular teal and cool mint options. They are quite affordable and are very much worth your money.


9. YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga BolsterAvailable in thirteen different colors, these rectangular bolsters are 24” long, 6” high and 12” wide. They are made of 100% cotton.

These bolsters by YogaAccessories feature a rectangular, elongated shape. These bolsters are a top-selling product of YogaAccessories because of their perfect size and shape.

These dense bolsters weighs 6 lbs, and hence, feature handles on both ends to ease their portability. These bolsters provide optimal support and are perfect for restorative yoga and prenatal yoga. You can place this yoga bolster lengthwise along your back in Shavasana to deepen relaxation.

These bolsters can also be used as a sleeping aid for spinal and leg support, and are also perfect for simply lounging around the house with. You can easily fine-tune this bolster to your desired firmness by removing or adding cotton batting. All you have to do is unzip the removable cover to access the internal zipper.

Based on more than 900 ratings and many user reviews, these rectangular bolsters by YogaAccessories are worth your valuable money.


10. Fit Spirit Exercise Yoga Mat Gym Bag

Fit Spirit Exercise Yoga Mat Gym BagMeasuring 25.5” long and having a 6” diameter, this gym bag is available in nine vibrant colors.

It is made of 100% canvas material and is durable. However, according to many user reviews and ratings, this bag works for the smallest, cheapest end type of yoga mats. If you have a high-quality, thick yoga mat, then it won’t fit in this bag. They are not durable enough for thick and heavy yoga mats.

They can be used to carry beach towels and other small accessories because the design isn’t just about colors and prints; it is about functionality.


11. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

UpCircleSeven Yoga WheelThese yoga wheel by UpCircleSeven are a perfect accessory for stretching and improving backbends. They measure 12*5 inches.

Lower quality yoga wheels are usually made of PVC. However, these yoga wheels by UpCircleSeven are built to last. They do not flex, unlike cheaper Yoga Wheels. These wheels feature the thickest padding available, which cushions your back, feet, and palms while in motion, providing a remarkable sense of comfort.

Owing to its superior padding, these wheels are free of moisture accumulation. This allows you to use these wheels even during the most intense and demanding workouts. Due to its sweat-resistant design, it doesn’t retain those musky perspiration odors.

UpCircleSeven offers a wide range of color selection. These wheels are more expensive than any other yoga accessory on our list, but its durable design and long-lasting texture are worth your valuable money. These are one of the most demanded yoga wheels on Amazon.


12. SukhaMat Yoga Knee-Pad Cushion

SukhaMat Yoga Knee-Pad CushionAvailable in four different colors, these knee-pad cushions by SukhaMat are 15 mm thick, thus providing extra support and cushioning to your painful knees.

Designed and developed in the USA, these knee-pad cushions provide additional comfort and cushioning to your knees, ankles, sit-bone, or any other sensitive pressure points for a pain-free yoga practice. It is long enough to complement your full-sized yoga mat.

Featuring high-density NBR foam, these knee-pad cushions not only ensure the most comfortable workout but also provides peace of mind that your yoga knee pad is more durable than any other knee pad. It is very long-lasting.

Being 24” wide and 10” long, this knee-pad cushion ensures comfort for both your knees. This knee-pad cushion is quite lightweight and flexible. It makes it easy to roll or fold with your full-sized yoga mat.

These SukhaMat knee-pad cushions are quite affordable and are a great hit. No doubt, they are one of the best yoga accessories.


Best Yoga Accessories – Your Pick?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Yoga is one of the prime considerations. Before beginning yoga practice or any workout for that matter, a person needs to be aware of the right gear, equipment, and accessories and their uses.

Yoga Accessories are very useful for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Different yoga accessories help you in various aspects of yoga, like providing additional cushioning to your knees, ankles, and pressure-points, helping you with correct body alignment, maintaining a proper distance from the floor, and much more.

Some yoga accessories are all-purpose accessories as well as yoga blankets, yoga socks, etc. You can enhance the benefits of your yoga practice by using the best yoga accessories listed in our wholesome buyers’ guide.