Best Yoga Bags 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Fit Spirit2. Elenture 3. Gaiam 
Fit Spirit Exercise Yoga Mat Gym BagElenture Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry BagGaiam Full-Zip Yoga Mat Bags

Since our existence, we have known to innovate ways to make our lives easier. Bags, being one of the crucial innovations, have managed to create their own niche in our daily lives.

Name one day or incidence where you have operated without a bag. From a tiny purse to a large handbag, the need arises for every kind of container.

They constitute a single role – of carrying various required items safely – but has saved people a lot of hassle.

One of the most simple inventions has changed in its significance and use over time. Today, you come across these containers in various shapes, sizes, and for a variety of objects.

You can choose the kind you need according to your needs. For example, a simple cloth bag can work as a mere extension of your arm, carrying a tiny fraction of requirements like bottles or tiffin, sometimes even used to store stuff you buy from your local shops.

Whereas large handbags store iPads, laptops, and other important documents; vanity bags are opted for for fashionable occasions.


Similarly, yoga bags, too, have a critical function of carrying the yoga mat along with a bottle, towel and spare clothes.

Being a lifestyle product for the regular yogis, brands have facilitated the growth of these bags in myriad designs and styles.

Therefore, investing in the best yoga bag is a wise decision.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional yoga practitioner, a yoga mat is a mandatory gear. Splurging on a good quality mat with excellent gripping features is a great idea.

Marching down to the studio with a mat tucked under your arm and a small bag containing other necessities sounds burdensome.

Then again, the kind of accessories you have to purchase for yoga depends on your age and expertise.

There might be a need for yoga blocks, physio balls, spare clothes, etc. and strapping two different bags – one for the mat and another for all the aforementioned products – is inadvisable.

Here is when the best yoga bags come into play.
This article will take you on a ride through the significance of yoga bags, in their many forms and incarnations.

We hope by the end your dilemma of selecting the best yoga bag will have been solved. These containers make your life and sessions easy, particularly when you are juggling too many things.

In this article, you will find the determining factors which point out essential tips before purchasing the best yoga mat carrier.

They might come as tote bags or backpacks or even duffel bags – either having space for your mat or possessing pockets to accommodate other accessories.

Mentioned below are the twenty best selling yoga bags on Amazon and their brief descriptions, emphasizing the quintessential characteristics of each.

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Features To Look For In A Yoga Mat Bag

When you are planning to buy the best yoga mat bag for yourself, there are certain points that should be determined. Three of the crucial determinants are:

1. Material

Firstly, you need to check the material used to craft the mat bag you desire to purchase. No one wants to spend their money on a product that would wear out after a few uses.

Design and fashion take a backseat as the important bits such as durability and quality of the fabric come into the forefront.

It is the quality that determines whether the bag is weather-resistant, waterproof or odor proof. Carrying objects that are usually employed in an intense workout could end up being damp with sweat.

You would not want to lug a bag that emits a funny smell after one use or anything that has to be washed daily. That is extremely laborious.

In order to maintain hygiene, the mat bag needs to be washed thoroughly. Owning one which is machine washable and has low maintenance is always preferred.

If you are willing to spend money on a sustainable lifestyle, you can opt for those bags that are made from recycled and organic substances like hemp.

2. Size

The second crucial factor is its size. This determinant is directly proportional to the size of the yoga mat you possess.

Varying in size and shape, some bags are made to carry more than your mat such as keys, cellphones, etc and have separate zippered pockets for them.

A standard yoga mat measures around 68 x 24 inches. You can avail of those yoga bags which accommodate the aforesaid size or can purchase ones that are larger or smaller based on your bents.

3. Structure

Lastly, the structure of your bag should be sufficiently comfortable for you to carry your belongings.

If you are not worried about your mat sticking out of your bag, a regular yoga sling bags or straps can work brilliantly.

However, whether your needs match with a backpack or a sling bag, must not be overlooked.

The basic purpose of a yoga bag is to overcome the nuisance of having to carry the accessories. Hence, straps are a useful addition.

They can be padded straps that relieve your shoulders from excess strain and add a superior look as well as durability. Note the manner in which your mat is placed in and taken out of the bag. In case of a sack shaped container or a wrap-around one – your comfort matters.

Yoga bags with spare pockets provide unparalleled ease especially if they consist of a wet liner.

Here you can stuff your sweaty clothes and towel after a session. This architecture helps in keeping the odor and dampness away.

Furthermore, different bags come with different closure systems – while some have zippers or strings, others sport velcro lock – sometimes there are no such systems as well.

Top 20 Best Yoga Bags 2022

1. Fit Spirit Exercise Yoga Mat Gym Bag

Fit Spirit Exercise Yoga Mat Gym Bag

Fit Spirit brings you a collection of beautiful and solid-colored bags for carrying your yoga mat. Choose your favorite color amongst the various shades of blue, pink, black and green. Each shade provides a soothing effect to your eyesight.
The product in question is 25.5” long with a 6” diameter. It can accommodate a yoga mat of up to 6mm thickness and 24 inches width.

The green bag comes without a yoga mat and is made of canvas material that is fairly easy to maintain.
It sports two separate cargo pockets, one larger than the other – 9 x 5 inches and 5 x 4 inches, respectively. These are secured with a zipper similar to the cargo bag.

The roll of your mat can be stuffed into the bag vertically thus, making it easily accessible.
It has a single strap jutting out from one side that can be adjusted according to your preference. Such a design is both time-saving and user-friendly.


2. Elenture Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag

Elenture Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag

When we are discussing the best yoga bags, it would not be fair to leave Elenture out.

Since 2004 the brand’s founder has been developing various means to provide the customers with simple yet efficient yoga bags.

Although the aforesaid product is of the diamond stripe design, with intricate designs seemingly embroidered onto the bag, the brand also provides you with 20 other designs that boast their own unique characteristics.

Crafted with high-quality canvas materials, this product sports a full zipper in which your yoga mat can be easily stored.

Carry it around using an adjustable strap, affixed on one side, whose buckle can be adjusted, in accordance with your height and structure.

Measuring roughly 26 x 6.5 inches, the bag can contain a variety of Manduka, Gaiam and Standard yoga mats. However, ensuring the compatibility of your yoga mat with this bag is an advisable precautionary step.

It has a large expandable front pocket (6 x 7 inches) to store yoga belts, socks, books, etc and a zippered side pocket (7.5 x 9 inches) to keep money or keys.

Elenture assures you of longevity once you follow their care instructions. Their products are not suitable for machine wash or bleaching and ironing.

After a thorough hand washing, leave the bag to air dry.


3. Gaiam Full-Zip Yoga Mat Bags

Gaiam Full-Zip Yoga Mat Bags

Gaiam is a go-to brand for every passionate yogi. Their impeccable service for over 25 years in supplying only the best of each variety has earned them worldwide popularity. Correspondingly, it is safely presumed that any variety of bags you purchase from them will be labeled as the best yoga mat bag.

Taking the market by storm, their citron storm yoga bag serves a chic look to your personality when you step outside.

Featuring a full-length zipper, this product is made of 100% cotton which adds an extraordinary softness and durability.

Opposite to the zipper, you have an adjustable strap that can be fixed according to your length.

On the adjacent sides, you have two pockets – while the front hold works to contain your keys, wallet, and other essentials; the rear one can be home to your mobile phone or mp3 player.

Measuring 25 x 6 inches you can fit a standard-sized yoga mat as well as Pilates and fitness mats.


4.  Meru Yoga Mat Bag

Meru Yoga Mat Bag

A product that fits most of the large yoga mats owing to its 7 inches diameter, Meru proudly presents you with a unisex mat bag that has some astoundingly attractive qualities.

Firstly, it is crafted with a tough grade natural cotton enhanced with reinforced stitching and double lining – thus, assuring a brilliant resilience.

The zipper, unlike the previous brands, is designed as a wrap around. Packing your mat in and taking it out takes less time due to the easy-going zipping facility.

Secondly, there are two pockets located inside – one larger than the other. Both the pockets secure your belongings from prying fingers and can be accessed when the bag is halfway open.

The extra-large pocket is 18 inches long and can store your bottle or books in it. Phones and keys can be kept in the smaller one.

Lastly, the entire bag is characterized by an efficient ventilation system. A Dual Airflow System is assured when the bottom is covered with two layers of mesh.

Along the body, you can view fou side grommets that allow smooth air flow. So, if you are hunting for the best yoga mat carrier with odor-resistance, you know which one to choose.


5. Peace Yoga Large Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Peace Yoga Large Yoga Mat Tote Bag

As we are progressing into a better world every day, our tastes too develop with time. Similarly, brands feel the need to offer us innovative designs frequently.

Following this policy, Peace Yoga has come up with a new style of yoga bag which also functions as a multi-purpose carrier.

The tote bag is made in six different colors and designs representing an earthy tone. Offered at a reasonable price, Peace Yoga understands the importance of quality without compromising on any features.

Like all totes, this consists of two shoulder straps whereby you have access to the items inside while mobile. It wears a single pocket on the side in which small objects can be stored.

You can fit any standard mat up to 24 inches in width in the spacious cylindrical interior. The inner part of the tote is made of cotton, for longevity.

Customer satisfaction is of primary importance for Peace Yoga and by offering a 30-day refund guarantee they put a stamp on their said statement.


 6. Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag

Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag

As previously stated, Gaiam designs products, in this case, yoga bags with careful precision. They ensure that their customers’ requirements are fulfilled and their sessions end with satisfaction.

Introducing a unique range of bags, whose revolutionary designs are attracting customers from all over the world.

The product in question adorns a stunning pattern of colorful chakras printed on the durable cotton material.

It has a functional zipped pocket affixed on one side and an adjustable strap on the other.

The yoga mat is vertically inserted from the top which is secured by a drawstring closure. Most of the standard sized mats with 6” diameter can fit into this bag.

The cotton finishing allows the bag to be washed in the machine and flat dried.


7. Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags

When the third product of Gaiam is added, consecutively, you can safely presume that the brand promises to offer you the best yoga mat bag they manufacture.

This product of Gaiam, however, is quite different in shape and outlook from the previous ones.

Designed to resemble a tote bag, it is structured to form a cylindrical shape. Its frame conforms to the standard size of yoga or pilates mats.

These tote bags are 100% natural cotton lined with nylon finishing, lending a sophisticated and solid built.

The Gaiam Tree of Life is embroidered on the side pocket where any small essentials can be kept. A single line zipper system keeps your keys and wallet safe.

For more convenience, the brand introduced a line of bags featuring magnetic snaps. In case of a hurry, you can quickly access the items stored inside the bag.

There is a presence of another small zipped compartment inside the bag where your money can be safely protected.


8. YogaAddict Large Yoga Mat Bag

YogaAddict Large Yoga Mat Bag

This extra large duffle bag from YogaAddict is not only the best yoga mat carrier, but you can also pack in all the other necessary items you require for the session.

Its inside is so spacious that you can fit two yoga blocks, a mat towel, a hand towel and an extra tee along with your standard sized yoga mat.

One side of the inner is lined with a net pocket where you can zip in your keys and wallet, while the outer one is expandable, permitting belts, sunglasses, hand towels etc.

Apart from the usual adjustable shoulder strap made of premium quality material, the bag also features ventilation eyelets to get rid of odor.


9. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

If you are out on a hunt for a bag that accepts an extra wide yoga mat, this one from Kindfolk is a perfect choice.

A duffel bag whose body is patterned with South Eastern traditional embroidery prints occupies a functional aspect of your daily life.

The upkeep of this product is even easier; simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and leave it to air dry.

Such a large bag offers ample space for storing all your yoga essentials including keys and wallet – which go into the smaller side pockets.

It also works as an excellent gift product for your fellow yogis. Besides being layered with the vibrant prints, the package includes a badge holder with a lanyard, one cosmetic pouch and two flat bags.


10. Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag

Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag

Another tote yoga bag is added to the list. However, Yogiii adds a fun little twist to its product by designing it in the shape of a regular tote.

This tote is neither cylindrical nor does it have two shoulder straps. When vertically placed, your yoga mat will peep outside.

The single wide strap is made of 8oz canvas which assures outstanding reliability, more so when you find the seams are connected with double stitching.

Infusing an ergonomic vibe when you carry the bag, it is convenient to maintain and stylish to look at. Hand drying and gentle washing are recommended because the fabric has a potential to shrink.

It is a unisex bag with no adjustable straps and less likely to suit mats of 0.5 inch thickness.


11. Bean Products Black Cotton Mat Bag

Bean Products Black Cotton Mat Bag

Perhaps Bean Products has the largest number of colour variety among the yoga bags. Black, however, is the most convenient and ergonomic shade to own.

It can withstand tough environments and dirt without you being bothered excessively.

This cylindrical shaped bag is made in the USA and is 27 x 7 inches in measurement, thereby, capable of accommodating a standard sized Pro mat.

A 5mm zipper runs on the sides of the bag and can be operated smoothly throughout the side of the bag. You can take out or pack your mat in, hassle free.

To balance out the weight evenly on all sides of the bag, it sports extra wide cotton straps. These non-adjustable straps are a prime example of sturdiness and can be worn crossbody.

Another advantage of owning this mat bag is in the case of Jade yoga mats. These yoga mats are characteristically made for hot yoga purposes, hence, are extremely sticky.

The top loading bags cannot suffice; ergo, packing into one which contains a full zipper is more convenient and less time-consuming.

Made of hemp, it has two pockets – one for heavier yoga props such as towels and clothes and another smaller one for keeping your phone and keys.

The smaller pockets does not have any fastening object, which is a surprising drawback.


12. BalanceFrom GoYoga Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bag

BalanceFrom GoYoga Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bag

Reviewing the yoga bag from BalanceFrom GoYoga at a glance is quite difficult as the brand holds a special position in the hearts of every yogi.

The positive feedback from their customers has raised the bar high, making it a top contender for the best yoga bag.

Whether you have a thin mat or a thick one, this bag contains ample space for the rest of your yoga items to be packed in it.

With two zippers attached, opening and closing the bag becomes condition – something that you will expect from a sophisticated construction.

The inside of the bag does not consist of raw edges, proving the care of the manufacturers.

There is a layer of seams covering the inner material. Those seams exist to bolster quality and in turn longevity of the bag.

The two velcro pockets keep your phone and wallet comfortably, however, fastener or zipper models are the ones users are inclined towards, for safety.

The larger pocket is chiefly designed to fit a water bottle due to the elasticity on its neck.

Moreover, the different colours ranging from soothing white to burning fuschia are a major attractive factor along with the Tree of Life printed on one side.


13. Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Exercise Mat Bag

Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Exercise Mat Bag

Peace Yoga highlights affordability and comfort with their latest model of mat bags. Offering us the latest developments in the yoga bags, we are presented with the aforesaid product.

This multipurpose yoga bag delivers lasting promise with its sturdy framework and is dependable even after rough handling.

Being a cotton mat bag you are able to wash it thoroughly in the machine and leave it to air dry.

Besides the common features of adjustable straps, side zippered pocket and eye-catching colours, Peace Yoga comes with a new aspect that potentially strengthens its quality.

Introduced, on the bag’s body, are a series of ventilation grommets. There are four 0.5 inch-diameter circular eyelets that allow a free flow of air to and fro.

Such a key feature is an august addition especially when you are a regular hot yoga practitioner.

Storing sweaty clothes, towels and yoga mats regularly can emit a pungent odor from your bag even after regular washing.

These air holes provide ample ventilation and keeps your mat dry. In turn, you maintain a proper hygienic lifestyle as well as get rid of any odor-causing bacteria.

Prioritizing their customers, Peace Yoga manufactures the best bags for hot yoga with top quality materials, and also offers a 90-day money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction.


14. YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote Bag

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote Bag

YogaAddict juxtaposes cool and functional together to form an attractive range of yoga bags.

Amongst the usual open totes, cylindrical shaped totes, and yoga bags, this product from YogaAddict is an odd one out.

Costing a tad bit more than the rest of the yoga bags mentioned here, this is for those yogis who like to liven up their sessions with an uncommon entity.

Now, you can go to your yoga class carrying a bag that fits your most essential needs conveniently.

It is a cylindrical shaped duffel bag that has three sufficiently large pockets in the front. The compartments on the extreme ends hold two yoga blocks and there is a bottle holder affixed in the middle.

Living up to its label as “Supreme,” the bag keeps your props organized and your mat clean.

With adjustable broad straps, superior portability is achieved and they can be customized according to your body structure.

Furthermore, the durable premium polyester, sturdy construction and wide zippers make the bag suitable for rough handling and tough environments.


15. Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag

Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag

Yogiii is a trusted brand for almost every ardent yoga practitioner. Their dedication towards customers and paying extra attention to the needs of each yogi has earned them immense trust worldwide.

The brand’s effort to provide an outstanding solution can be seen in this bag they manufactured.

If you are looking for a large bag to pack your extra long and wide yoga mat along with other props easily, this is the best yoga mat carrier for you.

Most of the yogis complain about their bag’s inability to hold more than a mat. But, that issue is solved now.

It holds your yoga mat, along with towels, two blocks, spare clothes, bottles, and also a yoga blanket.

Although the quality of its built and supporting features are unparalleled, there are some shortcomings that might enable you to take important precautions.

The opening is too large for the contents to stay put; you may often find a belonging or two spilling out.

The side pockets that store your phone and wallet are not zippered and nor do they have velcro fastening.

Besides these flaws, this bag not only ensures a firm hold on your Manduka pro mats but also makes your life easier with its convenience of taking out and packing in your mat.


16. Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag

Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag

When you want sophistication and simplicity packed into one, you go for Zenifit. With eye-catching colourful patterns embroidered on the bags, they oomph up the look of a regular tote.

Some open tote bags are not adequate enough to hold a cylindrical roll of yoga mat steadily, however, this product from Zenifit is 33.5 inches long and is perfect for accommodating a standard size mat.

Rolling up the mat often brings up another problem: how to keep the roll intact? Often we use bands or elastics that have to be bought separately.

Zenifit saves our pocket by offering two mat elastics along with their bags.

It supports a spacious 14 inches width where you can stash extra clothes and necessary belongings alongside your mat.

An expandable pocket is stitched into the bag for storing bottles, towels and socks; while a small, zippered one is furnished for your phone and wallet.

One of the most incredible features of this tote is its reinforced stitched seams. These help in carrying hefty items without fear of the bag giving away.


17. Boence Yoga Mat Bag

Boence Yoga Mat Bag

This product from Boence is not of an extremely uncommon variety. With the typical cylindrical shape, full zip, side pockets and adjustable straps, Boence pertains to the strategic architecture.

However, the overwhelming customer feedback received by the brand classifies it as one of the best yoga bags. Coming in 30 colour shades, it has both solid colours as well as designs.

With the aim to make the yogis life comfortable, they need a container that makes travel to a session and back more organized.

The 26 x 7 inches of wide berth gives ample room to stuff your ⅖ x 25 inches of yoga mat effortlessly.

Boence keeps their customers at the top of their priority list; their team is constantly on a pursuit to provide the best service to the yogis around the world.

To enhance your experience and ensure your happiness, their bags are made with the highest quality of materials.

Confident of manufacturing products that exceed your expectations, they offer you a 2 year warranty period along with an amicable 24×7 customer service.


18. Fremous Yoga Mat Bag

Fremous Yoga Mat Bag

Made of 100% natural canvas, this bag from Fremous can pack a yoga mat of about 10mm thickness with ease.

However, you also receive a subtle request from the brand to confirm the size of your mat before purchasing their product.

The full zip feature simplifies packing and unpacking the yoga mat in it and keeping it clean, dry and portable. Fortunately, you can roll in wide mats apart from the standard sized ones.

The sturdiness of its zippers extends onto the two pockets the bag sports. There is a large expandable pocket on one side to contain your belts, yoga books, hand towels and bottle.

On the other side you have a cargo pocket, a size smaller than the above mentioned one, to hold your keys, wallet and phone.

Available in more than 20 design patterns, Fremous bags come in several eye-catching colours.

Besides, you also receive an adjustable strap for easy carrying, that can be fixed according to your preference. Fremous also guarantees to refund your money if dissatisfied.


19. Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag

Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag

Walking away from the bright pinks and usual blacks we come to the pleasant gray and brown combined yoga bag with neon stripes to add more effect.

It is effortlessly soothing to one’s eyes, and complements any form and colour of apparel as well. Available within a reasonable range on Amazon, you will not even feel the pinch.

This cylindrical shaped bag packs everything you need. There are two large front pockets completed with zippers to store your belongings – especially cellphone, wallet and keys separately – so as to not lose them.

It comes in different colours as well as prints and prevails as a top loading yoga mat carrier with double zipping facility.

Measuring 28 x 7 inches, it can store your yoga towel, spare clothes and water bottle aside from the mat.

A third generation model, Heathyoga took into account all the grievances and suggested improvements of yogis to make this practical and ergonomic range of mat bags, which are both durable and portable.


20. Elenture Large Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Elenture Large Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Have you seen the latest Elenture mat bag models? Aren’t they a delight to look at?

With intricate details and delicate floral patterns embossed on the bags they have certainly set a benchmark for yoga tote bags.

Similarly, the product in question is a crisp cotton tote bag from Elenture intended for carrying your yoga accessories.

The cylindrical shaped bag is large enough to hold your yoga mat, clothes, and other accessories.

Fully zippered, your belongings are kept unharmed and unbothered. Taking out the yoga mat is also convenient because of its structure.

There is a large front pocket to keep your yoga belt or books.

This multicoloured bag is a perfect gift for a bubbly young yogi who can store their phone, wallet, keys and other important items safely in any of their zippered pockets.

Moreover, this is one of the most pocket-friendly and best yoga bags you will find.


Best Yoga Bags  – Your pick?

The foremost lesson learnt from yoga is to be composed. You are required to keep a clear head in order to focus in each stance.

This is quite impossible if you carry your belongings separately and have a constant pressure nagging at your mind to ensure the safety of every item.

However, once you get a hold of your best yoga mat carrier, such a pressure evaporates. Even if the other worries contest against your stability, your mat bag will lend you a firm and unrelenting hand.

The best yoga bag will simplify your day’s work, as you can depend on the unit to keep spare clothes, towels and other necessary items near your reach. It also enhances your ability to function spontaneously.

The primary need for any best yoga mat bag is the durability of the mat as well as ensuring that your session is carried out in a neat and organized manner.
Carrying the different yoga props in their individual bags feels congested and sometimes confusing. With the support of a yoga bag, you will be able to keep your mind clear and focused on the game.

Above mentioned are twenty best yoga bags that meet the norms for healthy and safe yoga practice as you travel between studio and home.
The article narrows down the possibilities based on durability, quality, and other benefits so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

FAQs on Yoga Bags

1. How many types of yoga bags do we get?

There are innumerable types of yoga bags. Selecting only a few to fit in this category will be foolish as the brands are gradually upgrading and innovating with their products every year.

Some of the commonly found yoga bags are vertical cylinder shaped bags, tote bags, open tote bags, duffel bags, air vent bags, canvas bags, cotton bags etc.

2. Do the bags come with yoga mats?

Not every brand delivers a yoga mat along with their yoga bags. If you are looking for a combo kit, it is essential that you read through the brief description provided by each brand.