Best Yoga Blankets 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Yoga is one of the prime considerations when it comes to keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Sequel to good yoga practice comes with patience and keeping up with the rules of the exercise.

To get in touch with positive results, individuals must have the best yoga gears with them. Starting with bolsters, yoga pants, etc., the need to have the best yoga blanket might also crack to an improved session of yoga.

Also known as ‘Mexican Blankets,’ these are the most common yoga props, used by all professional yoga enthusiasts. Using yoga blankets can practically support your body by maintaining its complete alignment. It differs in various colors, sizes, shapes, which can be rolled up for your use.

You can feel the effectiveness of the yoga blanket in every form of yoga you carry out, starting with a savasana, Surya-namaskar, etc. Thus, blankets can provide the necessary comfort in endless manners possible, to guarantee you excellent support!


If you have certain yoga accessories with you and looking to buy the best yoga blankets, it is time that you get your ideal product. Apart from using bolsters and your yoga pillow, the blanket is extremely handy!

Since the use of this prop is endless, your journey with the blanket will be quite overwhelming. Therefore, some of the finest tips that can guarantee your purchase of the ideal yoga blanket are listed below.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Yoga Blanket

1) The Material Of The Blankets

One of the basic elements that determine your role in buying the blanket is its material.

The market is flooded with too many yoga blankets, and therefore, the material must be cozy and comfortable. Thus, the most popular materials to look into when buying the best yoga blanket are as follows:

  • Cotton

One of the most comfortable and well-received sheets you can purchase today are cotton ones. The luxury of smooth cotton blankets can provide you peace when practicing your yoga.

The material is entirely breathable and doesn’t allow sweat to settle in. There are different colored cotton blankets available that can be used for all types of yoga.

To keep the fabric long-lasting, it is advised to wash it off with cold water. Avoid washing cotton blankets in the washing machine!

  • Woolen Blankets

The best part about woolen blankets is its suitable luxury softness, which doesn’t cause any scratching on your body.

You can get in touch with proper yoga postures with the use of woolen blankets. The blanket is environmentally-friendly as well as skin-friendly.

You can recycle woolen blankets anytime you want. There are various designs and colors available to add some distinctive brightness to your yoga wardrobe!

2) Blended Materials

The most common type of Mexican blanket you typically find in the market today is a blended blanket. These are most commonly a mix of cotton, polyester as well as acrylic.

The best part of such blankets is that they tend to stay strong and can be recycled. It is effortless to reuse the material in any form.

The blended blankets vary in thickness. You might want to check the washing instructions before buying your ideal blanket!

3) Style Of The Blankets

The best yoga blanket varies in style. This prop comes in various woven designs along with ordinary plain or felted ones. Depending on your requirements, you can always shuffle between the styles you want to buy.Some of the significant differences in style noticed between yoga blankets are as follows:

  • Mexican blankets are always made of blended fabric.Thus, the style is more bright and reminiscent of various colors and patterns. These are more or less light to carry around and great for practicing challenging yoga postures!
  • Felted blankets are mostly a little thicker and have a density in it. These yoga blankets are made of wool and are really long.If you want a blanket that can be recycled and is superior in style, then these are the best ones. Felted blankets also have tassels at the end, making it look incredibly stylish!
  • Weaving blankets are typically similar to Mexican Blankets. These are characterized by regular solid and block colors, varying on its structure. It is comparatively longer and has the traditionalMexican styles incorporated into it. If you need a blanket that speaks of value and style, then these blankets are the best for your use!

4) Cleaning Instructions

You are going to use the yoga blanket daily to master the art of balancing. Therefore, your blanket is going to get dirty, and you need to follow the instructions for that.

Depending on the material you buy, the caring instruction varies. For instance, woolen blankets are easy to wash by hand only.

On the other hand, blended blankets can be washed in washing machines. When making the final purchase, carefully address the washing instructions to ensure the longevity of the blankets.

5) Nature Of The Blanket

Blankets are used to provide the necessary balance and posture to your body. It keeps your body fit, enabling you to stay safe in terms of practicing any posture that you love. Thus, the blanket you buy must be soft, cozy, and suitable enough to bring you in shape. When purchasing, you must acknowledge the nature of the product to use it daily for your yoga class!

6) Length Of The Blankets

One of the most necessary factors to consider in terms of the best yoga blanket is its length. Always go for a blanket that can accommodate the full length of your body. In some instances, you must be dealing with relaxing yoga, and for that, stretching is mandatory. The larger the blanket, the better support, and comfort you derive from it.

Also, the length of the blanket differs in terms of the materials you opt for. You can also use a pillow along with the blanket to practice your yoga. Therefore, you can significantly try out some standard lengths to help you gather the necessary comfort for your yoga!

7) Comfort Scale

Comfort is primary when it comes to buying the best yoga blanket from the market. When practicing tough yoga, your body must receive complete alignment. Apart from using bolsters to keep your body straight, blankets can assure you of support in every manner possible. Therefore, depending on the quality of the blanket you opt for, the significance of this prop can never diminish!

8) The Appropriate Budget Of The Blankets

One of the most crucial factors that you must ponder over is the budget of the blanket. Every blanket out there comes with a suitable price tag, both high and low. Every buyer constricts the purchase of the blanket based on the price and the features. Therefore, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still find your ideal blanket with all the necessary features.

If you are willing to invest in the purchase of the best yoga blanket, you can certainly get better ones with superior style and finish. Since the factors to purchase your best yoga blanket are now clear to you, let us have a look at different products you must add up to your buying list.

Top 15 Best Yoga Blankets 2022

1. Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

One of the basic reasons to buy the best yoga blanket successfully gets in touch with proper balance and stability. If you love the feel of traditional fabrics and the originality of the fabrics, then the yoga blanket by Yoga Accessories is just the right product for you.

This blanket is ideal in terms of restoring proper yoga posture, along with using it for major outdoor activities. This blanket can be used for your picnic, as well as camping sessions. The blanket is available in so many color options that you can think of using this prop for decorating your house too!

The bright range of beautiful Mexican blankets available for you can add a pinch of color to your walls. If carefully used, you can even use the blanket form a whole new artistic solution as well. To clean the blanket and keep its hygienic levels on point, this prop must be washed with cold water.

Avoid scrubbing off the blanket too much so that the color doesn’t fade. You can trust the overall use of the blanket in terms of its suitability and versatility. This blanket is ideal in terms of getting in touch with relative yoga practices. You can practice any asana you like, based on complete professional experience or just at the beginner’s stage.

The delicate fabric combination of wool and cotton gives this blanket the much needed comfort and softness. This blanket is skin-friendly and doesn’t create any rashes. The length of the blanket is 78*54 inches, which is quite the ideal size. The weight of the blanket is around 2 pounds, making it largely effective for carrying anywhere!


2. Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket For Yoga, Hand-Woven

Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket For Yoga, Hand-Woven

Versatile blankets are the talk of the town. It creates a subtle sense of belonging that cannot go wrong in any condition. One of the best blankets you should buy today is by Benevolence LA. Since this blanket is handmade, the quality is one of the best.

Made of 50% acrylic, 10% cotton and 40% polyester, this blanket can keep you warm. You can protect yourself in this blanket and safely carry out any posture you like. The blanket is recyclable and doesn’t even shed!

You can trust this best yoga blanket in terms of its usage. Its versatile nature corresponds to various activities, starting with using it for camping, picnics, table cloth, indoor activities, etc. The hand-woven nature of this blanket allows you to stay rest assured of comfort and body support.

Designed to give you the necessary comfort, this blanket comes with its recyclable nature that prevents excessive pressure on the ecosystem. Being environment-friendly, the blanket is quite impressive in relation to its softness. Benevolence LA has crafted its blankets with all the love.

The money collected from the blankets after sold to customers is used for opening up charitable homes or solely for donation. Thus, it is great to consider the style options that are available with the blankets. The durability of this blanket, along with its portable nature makes it an ideal yoga prop. This blanket is a perfect gift for holidays and anniversaries too!


3. Yoga Direct Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

Yoga Direct Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

One of the best affordable yoga blankets that you should be trying out today is by Yoga direct. The excellent quality of the blanket is available in solid colors, which can add to the warmth and comfort of yoga. Individuals can use the blanket for practicing regular breathing exercises as well as meditation. With this set of blanket easily washable, you need to dip it in warm water to get rid of the dirt.

Avoid washing the blanket in the washing machine to prolong the longevity of the product. The striped purple pattern of this blanket makes it attractive for the buyers. Since the blanket comes in various styles and designs, customers are open to a lot of options in their final purchase.

The length of the blanket measures about 76*75 inches. Made of a combination of cotton, acrylic as well as 40% polyester, the blanket is a huge success in terms of durability. When addressing the affordability part of this blanket, it is definitely within a considerable price range!

There are a lot of options available in terms of choosing the perfect color. You can filter from pastel colors like green, peach, etc. and also get in touch with block prints like blue or red! The thickness supported with comfort allows the blanket to be used for all occasions. You can trust the blanket for major outdoor activity too!


4. Threads West Premium Beach Heavy-Weight Mexican Falsa Blanket No Tassels

Threads West Premium Beach Heavy-Weight Mexican Falsa Blanket No Tassels

The thread west premium blanket is excellent in terms of smoothness and coziness. The length of the fabric is suitable for all. This blanket is free from all skin allergies and doesn’t cause any irritation. It is always advised to wash this blanket by hand to retain its smoothness.

This Mexican blanket entails to help you in positioning your body and also corrects your posture. This is yet again a good gift, in case you want to shower love and increase warmth with your loved ones. The most subtle as well as impressive feature of this blanket is its tussles, which is attached to its end. This further increases the fancy show of the blanket.

The blanket is light-weighted and is warm enough for your yoga classes. The extra inch of the thickness of this blanket provides additional support! You can trust the blanket in terms of its washing instructions too!


5. Yoga Direct Solid Color Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

Yoga Direct Solid Color Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

There is some quality noticed when it comes to hand-made blankets. The solidarity, along with the perfect combination of the fabric allows the blanket to retain its structure and flexibility for years. Therefore, one of the best yoga blankets that are handcrafted for all your yoga needs is produced by Yoga Direct.

This solid color blanket comes in specific designs that make it all the more customer-friendly at every step of the purchase. If you are looking for a budgeted blanket that can keep up to your expectations, then this is quite an alternative to the standard blankets you get at the studios.

The material is soft and is made of a combination of 10% cotton, 40% polyester as well as 50% acrylic. This blanket can suit all yoga postures and collaborate with other yoga props to keep you fit and healthy. The tassels attached to the blanket make it all the more fashionable. The solid color options that you get from this blanket are suitable for all conditions of use. You can raise your standards of yoga in no time with the use of this blanket!


6. Mexican Blanket Authentic Yoga Blanket

Mexican Blanket Authentic Yoga Blanket

If you love colors and want a blanket that can be used for multi-purpose activities, then the all-new Mexican blanket is there to serve your purpose. This blanket is crafted with a fine story that protects its mission. The premium standard of this blanket is one of its kind.

You can use this blanket in various ways, starting with a beach blanket, picnic blanket, standard camping blanket, etc. The soft and natural feeling of this blanket makes it authentic and beautiful. Small tassels are attached to the ends of the blanket, which make it all the more impressive.

The overall structure of the blanket makes it quite suitable to be used for various outdoor activities. The boho color options available with this blanket are an excellent way to improve sales. The light-weighted texture combined with the recyclable material increases and improves the overall shelf-life of the blanket.

In case you are concerned about the washing instructions of the blanket, then you can wash it in cold water. It is advised not to insert the blanket in the washing machine. You can also use a softener after washing it to keep its color intact!


7. Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

The uniqueness of blankets always lies in its features, which render the appropriate distinctive feature. Therefore, one of the best yoga blankets you should buy today is by Open Roads. The incredible specialized feature adds to the corresponding effect of warmth on the blanket. The ideal size, as well as the length of this blanket, is superior in terms of accommodating every one out there for yoga.

The quiet decorative fashion, accompanied by smooth fines, makes this blanket an ideal prop for your use. Made out of a blend of acrylic, cotton as well as polyester, this blanket is durable as well as flexible for your use. The variations you see in the color and design draws the attention of buyers. The handmade nature of this blanket certainly increases positivity about this blanket.

You can always choose between the colors and patterns you like, based on your preference. The overall weight of the blanket is 3 pounds, which increases portability. You can use this blanket for numerous other activities, too, simply as a beach blanket, a traditional picnic blanket, or just for decorating your room. Follow the washing instructions of this blanket to promote longevity!


8. El Molcajete Brand Traditional Mexican Blanket Serape For Yoga

El Molcajete Brand Traditional Mexican Blanket Serape For Yoga

Affordability is the biggest concern when you are buying various yoga props. Thus, the best yoga blanket by El Molcajete is the perfect prop for your daily use. The superior quality and handmade texture of the blanket certainly raises the standards. This blanket is great for all outdoor sessions, and you can use it for specific DIY projects too. This multi-purpose usage increases the durability and reliability of the blanket!

The blanket is made uniquely with a blend of polyester and acrylic. The overall measurement of the blanket is 48*72inches. The blanket might slightly shrink in size when you wash it. The softness blended with the coziness makes this blanket suitable for all occasions. The blanket is so light that you do not have to worry about carrying it around.

This blanket can be counted as a perfect gift if you are planning to impress someone. The average weight of the blanket is 3 pounds, which is quite light. You can easily fold the blanket and carry it in your bag, assuring you of portability.

You can use the blanket for various significant occasions, starting with a nice picnic afternoon, creating a cozy corner in your room, etc. You can buy this blanket, as it is not all expensive!


9. Open Road Goods Charcoal ThunderBird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Charcoal ThunderBird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

One of the significant concerns about buying the best yoga blanket is quality. Therefore, with the rise of competition even in the yoga prop industry, open Road Goods has come up with its collection of classic premium blankets. This blanket, with its thunderbird heaviness makes it quite the ideal product. This high-quality and handmade blanket can be used for any activity you want.

Every individual can attain the suitability of posture with this blanket! This blanket is quite larger, with its overall length noted to be 79*50 inches. Made with a blend of cotton, polyester as well as acrylic, the blanket is perfectly durable. The longevity of this prop further increases once you carefully follow the washing instructions.

You should always wash the blanket in lukewarm water, to retain its quality and color. The softness of the blanket is comfortable enough to keep you warm while practicing all yoga postures. You can use this blanket while meditating. The blanket can be a good gift and can also give your house an instant makeover!


10. Open Road Goods Mint Green ThunderBird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Mint Green ThunderBird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

If you are interested and quite fascinated by the use of color block blankets, then definitely, Open Road Goods has brought you its entire range of colored blankets. This mint-green blanket is one of the significant essentials to spice things up in your yoga wardrobe. The suitability, along with the thickness of the blanket, is a huge priority that you cannot afford to miss.

The unique feature about this best yoga blanket lies in its handmade texture. You can secure your yoga posture by supporting yourself in this blanket. The color might slightly fade with its first wash, but the overall usage is safe. The complete length of this blanket is 78*54 inches!

For keeping the blanket in proper shape and size, you must carefully follow the washing instructions that come along with the packaging. To keep up with the color, avoid using harsh detergents! You must hand-wash the blanket to retain its softness and texture!


11. Open Road Goods Turquoise ThunderBird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Turquoise ThunderBird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

When planning to buy an ideal yoga blanket, it is always a good idea to shuffle for some bright colors. Thus, the all-new Open Road Goods Blanket of Turquoise color can be preferred for doing yoga. The specific thickness of the blanket doesn’t fade away, and you can use it for years if maintained properly! The softness of the blanket can support you in performing your yoga in all ideal conditions!

The blend of acrylic, along with cotton and polyester makes this blanket a fierce competitor to the other blankets available. The high quality is really impressive in terms of continuing suitable yoga postures and working on your body alignment. This blanket is a must-have, even for low-budgeted buyers!


12. Open Roads Goods Heavyweight Diamond Mexican Navajo Yoga Blanket

Open Roads Goods Heavyweight Diamond Mexican Navajo Yoga Blanket

Traditional blankets have a special charm that cannot be ignored. In terms of gaining suitability and standards for practicing yoga, the special open roads heavyweight diamond can be your choice today.

The extravagant diamond cuts on the blanket, clubbed with suitable thickness makes it quite the ideal blanket for your use. You can use this blanket in all possible conditions!The approximate length of the blanket is 78*54 inches.

This blanket can be washed in the machine, but only with cold water. The heavyweight and the warmth of the blanket can stand as your support in embracing the nature of yogic practice!


13. Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket Handmade

Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket Handmade

A good quality best yoga blanket is always pleasant to the eyes. Therefore, the very basic Open Road Goods Blanket is made of the finest handmade material that attracts the buyers. The texture and pattern are so soft that it is ideal to be used for both outdoor activities as well as indoor yoga. The blanket is affordable and is 100% recyclable.

In case you are looking for alternate options to using the blanket, then you can use it on the beach, for decorating your home, along with throwing it as a picnic blanket. You can wash this blanket in the machine, keeping in mind that you should be using lukewarm water and no harsh detergents! This blanket is a perfect match for your yoga bolster too!


14. Open Road Goods Mexican Blanket From Mexico

Open Road Goods Mexican Blanket From Mexico

If you are attempting to buy traditional Mexican blankets, then Open Road Goods has a huge collection to share with you. The original handmade blankets are so superior that you can use it for multi-purpose activities. This blanket can be washed in the machine and is super soft. It is ideal to use this blanket for all yoga poses, to get the necessary comfort and support.

In case you are tensed about the budget, you can buy this blanket without any second thought! This prop is good enough in terms of its length and thickness too! You can check out some cool designs and color options, in case you love to incorporate some color to your wardrobe!


15. Open Road Goods State Blue Thunder Bird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods State Blue Thunder Bird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

A good yoga blanket is characterized by durability and texture. Thus, the intense softness of this blanket, combined with its natural thickness, supports your body in yoga postures that you prefer to do. The assurance you receive with this prop is 100% positive. Made with a complete blend of fabrics like cotton and polyester, you can trust the durability of this Blue blanket.

In terms of the price range, this blanket is perfect. As a perfect home accessory, you can use this blanket without any hesitation. There is no manufacturing defect noticed, and this blanket is made with all the love to promote comfortable and safe yoga!


The Advantages Of Having Best Yoga Blanket

Complete support of your knees. One of the best uses of yoga blankets in your daily yoga routine is that it supports your knees. It also provides necessary body balance and altogether delves deep into body alignment. Thus, the sustainability and use of blankets take care of knee pains, while you are mastering your new yoga posture.The blankets provide necessary durability and even support your back!

1) Highly Sustainable Yoga Prop

One of the major reasons that draw individuals into buying the best yoga blanket is its nature. Used for every asana you tend to practice; yoga blankets are highly suitable for beginners as well as professionals in the field of yoga. The prop allows complete body balance, enhances back support, and doesn’t allow any pain to settle in!

2) Suitable For Conducting All Postures

It is great to use your yoga blanket to carry out your postures. Yoga is all about correcting your body and making it right. Therefore, the amalgamation of bolsters, pillows, as well as blankets, can give you the much-needed comfort that you are looking for. It can ultimately allow you to rest, followed by strengthening your yoga basics in every way possible!

3) Gives The Body The Much-Needed Flexibility

One of the primary reasons as to why blankets are most commonly used during yoga is undoubtedly to attain flexibility. The blanket is a much softer version of the yoga mat. It deeply values and concentrates on the position you are trying to achieve.

Therefore, if you are having difficulty in stretching and cannot smoothly carry out poses, then the blanket can come to your rescue. Consequently, you can use the mat at any time to keep track of your body flexibility. With the usage of the best yoga blanket, your body posture improves drastically!

4) The Ultimate Stage Of Comfort

If you have ever wondered what the actual use of the yoga blanket can be, well, it is most significantly used to the individual superior level of comfort. When you practice yoga, you need to have intervals of rest. Thus, you can always use your yoga blanket to bring the necessary comfort to your body. You can stretch significantly with the help of this mat without further complexities!

5) How To Use The Yoga Blanket In The Right Manner?

Yoga blanket is one of the best yoga accessories you should add to your purchase list today. However, there are some technicalities employed in terms of using the blanket properly. Depending on the way you use the blanket, you can notice the overall difference in your body. Based on the asanas you carry out along with the suitability of other props, the blanket must be used.

Thus, the most common and effective way to use the best yoga blanket is listed below:

  • When performing regular yoga exercises, the blanket must be folded into half and must be rested on the bolster or the yoga pillow.
  • You can now carry out the posture you like, most importantly, any knee or hip exercise.
  • For continuing exercises like Balasana, you must spread out the blanket and make it even on the ground.
  • The blanket must be rolled from one side so that it can cover your body and support it. This can encourage you to stay safe and secure and completely relax.
  • You can practice any stretching yoga or seated yoga by merely straightening out the blanket!
  • If you are finding it hard to carry on exercises like kapotasana or Pigeon pose with the help of bolsters, try the yoga blanket instead.
  • To perform the exercise effortlessly without any additional help, the blanket can genuinely help you master the trick.
  • Place the blanket is half-folded or rolled up position on the ground. Now keep the hips flexible enough to balance your whole body on the blanket.
  • Maintain the support for as long as you want to hold it.
  • Now bring the blanket closer to your feet so that you can relax your thighs gently.

It will bring your lower body in control and keep you in perfect shape. This posture is ideal to be performed in yoga blankets itself!

FAQs on Yoga Blankets

1) Are Yoga Blankets Thick Enough For Daily Use?

It is one of the most common questions that buyers have when attempting to buy the best yoga blanket. The structure and thickness of the yoga blanket vary in size and length. Although the material is quite similar, its usage is different. When going for yoga classes, you can use the blanket daily to master your poses. It can also give you comfort in the long run!

2) Will The Color Of the Yoga Blanket Fade?

Colour fading is always a concern when buying the best yoga blanket. Although washing instructions of yoga blankets are carefully written in the package, some of the colors might fade if washed with harsh detergents. Thus, it is always advised to wash the blanket is cold or lukewarm water to retain a solid color!

3) Are All Yoga Blankets Of The Same Size?

Not all yoga blankets you see in the market are of the same size. The length varies with all specific options. If you need longer blankets, you will get one that suits your body. If the blankets you purchase are too long for you, then you can fold it also.

4) Will The Yoga Blankets Shed With Time?

Shedding is a common condition of the yoga blankets. It can happen if the blankets are washed too much. However, shedding is most common with woolen blankets. To stop excessive shedding of the fabric, make sure that you tie small knots at the end. It will also prevent strings of the fabric from coming out regularly!

5) Can I Use Yoga Blankets On The Bed?

Well, it is a common misconception that most people tend to hail. For sure, the quality of the best yoga blanket is not at all the same as normal blankets. They are specially made to address your yoga routine. Thus, it is not wise enough to use your yoga blanket on beds.

Instead, individuals must stick to regular yoga with this prop. Also, the size of yoga blankets varies and cannot possibly be kept on your bed!

The Final Thought On Best Yoga Blankets

Attaining the perfect yoga posture is simply a matter of time. In keeping up with all the necessary yoga props, the best yoga blanket is vital and worth your use. It can not only support your knees but helps in managing tough poses from time to time. You can always fold the blanket to carry out any asanas you like successfully.

To receive some extra comfort, place the blanket near to your knees to feel the support! Typically, all your yoga goals can be fulfilled quickly once you start using the blanket. With consistent practice, the yoga blanket becomes your favorite yoga prop, which you can’t do without!