Best Yoga Bolsters of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Rectangular Cotton2. Round Cotton3. Pillow Cushion
Yoga Accessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga BolsterYoga Accessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga BolsterYoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

The advanced practice of Yoga comes with a lot of benefits. There are suitable stances of high body positivity, once you resort to the art of Savasana and other typical postures. Since ages, yoga has been an important part of people’s lives. The surreal achievement of a calmer state of mind with yoga renders peace and better-thinking ability. Therefore, continuing this art is good for developing a healthy state of mind and body.

With years of improvement, various yoga accessories have dominated the market. Typically, the best-sold items are yoga mats and bolsters. In order to suit your advanced yoga positions, bolsters are mandatory. Your yoga trainer must have laid emphasis on correcting your posture for better results. In such a situation, the bolster comes handy.

If you want flexibility clubbed with good posture, then bolsters can help you attain your goals. For improving your yoga practice, every piece of bolster can add the required support that your body needs. Therefore, these cushions can help all advanced practitioners and beginners to perfect their yoga.


Yoga Bolsters are considered to be one of the most versatile yoga gear and accessories. Therefore, the benefit of using one can be felt within a week of using it. Every bolster you come across in the market has been specifically designed to address the need for support. In order to champion your yoga position and enhance comfort, having the right bolster is really mandatory.

The bolster can be used in any position, depending on the criteria and yoga requirement. For beginners who are new to using bolsters, it is essential that you consult with your trainer first. Thus, if you desperately need to buy the best yoga bolster to perfect your elevation, let us look at some of the factors to help you buy one.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Yoga Bolster

The market is filled with yoga bolsters of different shapes and sizes. An advanced yoga master requires a bolster for the sake of correcting body posture. The bolster is able to maintain comfort, boost body productivity and enhance positivity during all yoga sessions. Although the feature and function of bolsters are more or less the same, some of the factors to consider when buying the best yoga bolster are as follows:

1. The Material Of The Bolster

Proper evaluation of the quality of the bolster is pretty much mandatory and forms the base of your buying guide. In simple terms, the best yoga bolster you look for in the market is made of the perfect material. The outer, as well as the inner layer of the bolster, can be of so many materials, ranging from polyester to normal cotton ones.

Each Bolster has been designed to keep the shape pleasant and enhance the comfort level. If the material of the bolster is thicker, then it is more durable and will last longer. On the other hand, the durability of the stuffed material inside is also necessary to analyze.

In short, if you want to clean the bolster, good quality materials never shrink and their colors do not fade either. Therefore, make sure that you carefully analyze the material before buying the bolster!

2. Type Of Bolster

Next in line is the type of bolster that you want to purchase. Every individual out there might have specific bolster requirements. Therefore, some of the best-reviewed bolsters are as follows:

3. Standard Bolsters

If you are more into calmer yoga postures and want to restore the lost energy, then standard bolsters are the perfect equipment. These bolsters are mostly flat and are super comfortable. Standard bolsters can keep you firm in your yoga position and can further help you to relax. The cushioning helps in improving body texture and allows you to check your flexibility. Therefore, if you have just started doing your yoga, then this bolster can be used for your primary sessions.

4. Round Bolsters

For advanced yoga enthusiasts and learners, round bolsters are simple alternatives to standard ones. As you practice your yoga, your body starts to stretch yourself. Therefore, you must change your bolsters too, to allow that comfort to seep in. Round bolsters can be used in several positions. It can help with more than one pose and allow the legs to rest when required. You can also use round bolsters in a suspended position. The best exercise that can be performed with round bolsters is savasana.

5. Junior Bolsters

In case you are not able to ensure body comfort with round bolsters, you can use junior bolsters. These bolsters keep up with your fitness levels and enhance firmness during your yoga session. There are various lengths of junior bolsters available in stores. The best part of using junior bolsters is to correct the lower torso and relax the upper part of the body. You can use this bolster to gather knee support as well.

6. Pranayama Bolsters

One of the best yoga bolsters that you can buy is pranayama bolster. These pillows are a little different and can help with your body firmness. In order to buy the best pranayama bolster, you must check the width and the length of the product. Using such a bolster can calm your mind and relax your senses. These pillows provided the much-needed support to help you practice and perfect your pranayama.

7. Comfort Level

Every bolster you come across in the store has several added features. The most important buying factor for the best yoga bolster is the comfort level. The comfort in your cushion is largely dictated by firmness and the filling inside. If you choose to buy embroidered bolsters, be careful about your comfort. Some of these bolsters might leave harsh imprints on your skin and you might have rashes as well. Therefore, less complex bolsters are perfect for enhancing the comfort zone. If your bolster is made of cotton, then your bolster adds more comfort during your yoga practice. Therefore, before finalizing your purchase, always check the comfort of the bolster!

8. The Shape Of The Bolster

Bolsters come in various shapes and sizes. Apart from round bolsters, there are rectangular and square ones available too. Basically, the shape determines the versatility of the product. Depending on your yoga needs, you can buy the best yoga bolster for continuing your asanas.

9. Appropriate Budget

Every bolster you come across in the market comes with a price tag. The purchase of your bolster also depends on the amount you want to spend on the product. Determining the quality and firmness of the bolster, you can suit your taste to the price. The best yoga bolster can be bought within an affordable price range. Therefore, ensure that you buy the product at the best value!

Top 10 Best Yoga Bolsters 2022

1. Yoga Accessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Yoga Accessories Best Yoga Bolster

For a great boost to your yoga regime, one of the most fruitful products that you can opt for is the yoga accessories supportive rectangular cotton yoga bolster. This product comes in various colors and uses the best quality cotton to provide you comfort. The manufacturing of this bolster incorporates hygiene. This bolster is perfectly skin-friendly and doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Because of its light-weight, the bolster can be carried to your yoga classes. Also, the dense fabric of this cushion enables you to support your body. The filling inside doesn’t contain foam but minute particles that cause no harm to your body. The bolster can be washed in the machine but make sure that you use cold water only!

The rectangular shape of the bolster enables you to support and carry the product easily. For any damage, this bolster comes with a 6 months warranty. Use this card to mend any part, if necessary!


2. Yoga Accessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

Yoga Accessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

Bolsters act as complete support accessories and render quite the benefits to your daily yoga routine. Therefore, Yoga accessories have come up with their round cotton yoga bolster that acts as the best bolster for everyday use. The suitability of this bolster lies in its smooth texture, allowing the body to gain support, with every yoga posture you do. The simplicity of this bolster lies in its washing techniques, making it spot clean.

This best yoga bolster is quite supportive and provides the necessary firmness required to set your body. If you are a beginner in the process of using the bolster, make sure that you see to its advantages. This bolster comes with added leg and knee support and can be used in the suspended position too. For completing various asanas, this bolster can support the backbone and provide mild relief to your spinal cord too.

When buying this bolster, you can filter some exciting colors and check some cool designs as well! If you are concerned about the price of the bolster, then stay assured of its affordable nature. The fabric is 100% cotton and is perfectly durable!


3. Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

If you are suffering from constant pain during your yoga sessions, it is time that you get some cool accessories today. The use of the best yoga bolster like the one from Yoga meditation can render necessary elements of peace in your body. The buckwheat bolsters cushion is completely round and is sweat-proof. This bolster is very easy to clean and comes with a limited one-year warranty.

In order to establish the core of your yoga, then this bolster is a great product to start with. It helps in relieving body aches, cures muscle pain and corrects your body posture too. If you are aiming for body stability and complete firmness too, this bolster might act as the best support. In case you are attempting at meditation, use this bolster to feel instant relief. This bolster can also help to correct your body alignment and relieves stress completely.

The eco-friendly and versatile nature of this bolster helps in quick support. The material of this bolster is cotton and reduces discomfort too. The easy to grab the handle of this bolster allows you to carry the product anywhere.


4. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

Sometimes, it is good to buy a bolster that aims at correcting your body structure, when attempting to practice yoga. Thus, the all-in-one hugger-mugger standard yoga bolster is set to help you with your yoga, exercise and also meditation. The rectangular and elongated shape of this bolster allows quick portability, without extra burden. This bolster is made of 100% cotton and the upper part of the fabric can be moved while cleaning it.
This bolster is so convenient that it can be carried anywhere. This best yoga bolster is ideal for restorative yoga practices and allows you to take care of your body ailments. If you are too stressed out during meditation and yoga, allow yourself the comfort of this bolster. You can acquire any pose you want and feel instant relief. The design of this bolster suits all conditions and allows perfect energy boost every time during your yoga sessions!


5. Yoga Accessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster

Yoga Accessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster

The real deal of pranayama asanas consistently evokes a sense of complete understanding of correcting the body posture. Therefore, Yoga Accessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster is one of the best in the market, in terms of ideal size and shape. This bolster is best suited to correct the spine posture and facilitate muscle strength. The bolster can be used for relaxing your heels and knees while attempting Pranayam.

The bolster is made of 100% cotton fabric and is very quick and simple to wash. You can easily handle the bolster, as it is highly portable and supportive. The filling is fluffy and allows you to position the body structure to allow better transparency while attempting your asanas. To get the desired body firmness, use this bolster to receive desired results.


6. Earth Lite Bolster Pillow Jumbo

Earth Lite Bolster Pillow Jumbo

The bolsters by Earth lite are made of durable cotton fabric and are designed to suit the style of every individual out there. If you want the body to relax and feel comfortable, then use this bolster to channelize the inner flexibility. You can use this bolster for massage sessions too. The density of foam within the bolster allows smooth texture and fluffiness. The durability of this bolster is intense and can be used by beginners and advanced learners.

You can also avail of this bolster in rayon fabric, choosing various colors like latte beige, burgundy, etc. This round bolster enables good posture control and you can feel the pain slowly leaving your body. The bolster must be cleaned with hand only to retain the quality of the fabric. You also get a warranty card with this bolster. Use it to repair some damage, if necessary!


7. Yoga Direct Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Yoga Direct Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Cotton Bolsters are considered to be in vogue and the Yoga Direct’s Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga bolsters is just the right one for you. This bolster is one of the best, owing to its supportive nature. If you feel the need to strengthen your core while performing yoga, then use this bolster to see instant results. The bolster is so easy to carry and is extremely light-weighted.

You can remove the upper part of the bolsters for keeping it clean. For washing, use mild hot water to remove extra dirt from the bolster. The 100% cotton fabric of this bolster enables comfort all the time. You can use this bolster for meditation too, and correct necessary body postures as well. The inner foam of the bolster is skin-friendly and allows super relaxation when practicing your Yoga.


8. Yoga Accessories Max Support Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

Yoga Accessories Max Support Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

When practicing heavyweight yoga and asanas, it is necessary that you choose the best yoga bolster accordingly. For every type of yoga session, Yoga Accessories displays its Max support deluxe round cotton yoga bolsters for instant comfort. The density of this bolster is capable of the quick change in your posture and manages every part of your body. It strengthens the core, back and enables them to take care of spine issues as well.

You can relax your shoulders and carry out bending asanas with this bolster too. To keep the body firm and remove all excess stress, this bolster can boost your inner confidence. The full support you receive with this bolster is extremely helpful for improving the performance of your body. The best part of cleaning this bolster is its zippered edge. Just open up the zipper and remove the outer cover and wash it, as per given instructions. The cotton fabric is super durable, versatile and is skin-friendly. You can opt for a variety of colors here and choose between designs too.


9. Bean Yoga Bolster Pranayama Support Cushions

Bean Yoga Bolster Pranayama Support Cushions

If you are looking to enhance the firmness of your body, then Bean Yoga Bolster for pranayama is the perfect fit that suits all body structures. For uplifting your body posture, using this bolster can conveniently help in addressing specific needs. You can take care of restoration poses, correct spinal cord issues and even balance out your leg with this bolster. The cylindrical shape and medium size of this bolster allow perfect portability anywhere you like.

The bolster further helps with your chest and leg support. You can rest your body, to carry on with breathing exercises too. In case you are interested in meditation, use this bolster to see the difference. The cotton fabric and muslin lining of this best yoga bolster promote effective cleaning. Thus, this bolster supports all kinds of asanas you want to perform!


10. Yoga Accessories Max Support Deluxe Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Yoga Accessories Max Support Deluxe Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

The main reason to use bolsters is to release all the stress from the body and enhance flexibility. Well, this is the work of Yoga Accessories Max Support Deluxe Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster. With super comfort, this bolster can help you in completing all challenging yoga postures. You can feel your body flexibility, as the pain slowly lessens. You can use this best yoga bolster to perform sitting and standing exercises, especially that require special attention towards your legs and knees.

Made of 100% durable cotton, you can remove the cover and wash it to maintain hygiene. It is quite safe to carry this bolster because of its light-weighted nature. This deluxe bolster enables every individual out there to carry out their yoga poses without any worries. Apart from supporting your body structure, this bolster can be adjusted to strengthen muscles, when practicing high-intensity yoga. In case you want to reduce the height of the bolster, remove some inner filling to suit your requirements.


What Are The Advantages Of Using Best Yoga Bolster?

FAQs Answered

A multi-functional bolster can be used for meditation too. The benefits of having the bolster can boost your body confidence and help you get better at your own yoga. A good bolster can support every part of your body and relieve tension. Therefore, some of the necessary perks of using the best yoga bolster are as follows:

1. Does It Take Care Of Your Body Posture?

Maintaining body posture during exercise is really crucial. Therefore, using the best quality bolster can enhance your body shape and provide you with additional energy. A bolster comes handy and helps in correcting your yoga poses. Therefore, if you have a bolster with you, then there are reduced effects on the body parts and relieve you from excess injury. Your hips, neck, start to relax and therefore, there are maximum benefits of having the best yoga bolster with you!

2. How Does Yoga Bolsters Relieve Stress?

One of the foremost uses of doing yoga can help in reducing stress. To enhance better body actions from yoga, a bolster can help in relaxing your nervous system. Once you start using a bolster, the nervous system relaxes and helps in healing the body gradually. If you are specifically using the bolster for pain, then you can visibly see the results instantly!

3. Does It Stimulate Blood Circulation?

Yoga is known for its benefits for restoring blood circulation. This ancient practice is known for purifying the blood and render complete body transformation. Once you start performing your exercises, your body starts to heal automatically. In order to promote blood circulation for better results, you start using the bolster. The bolster fixes the body position, improves your body energy and keeps up with your well-being. This can help with your normal body routine and allow complete change to take place. You can see the change in your breathing pattern as well, once you start using the bolster!

4. How Far Is The Body Able To Accommodate Oxygen Flow?

The best yoga bolster can help in improving your oxygen flow in the body. Yoga can improve various ailments in your body and one of them is normalizing your breathing. Therefore, once you accompany your yoga with bolsters, then a significant change is noticed in your oxygen levels. With time, you start to feel more positive, energetic and perfectly capable of carrying out tasks. Therefore, using the right bolsters surely has optimistic effects on your body!

5. Does It Reduce Internal Swelling In The Body?

Inversion is quite the necessary term that you associate with yoga. Once you engage in yogic practices, the nature of your body starts to change. Since your body stretches, you can get rid of chronic ailments. Internal swelling also reduces once you start using the bolster. The bolster support can defy gravity and help you in muscle building. It can thus, prove to be quite useful for defeating ailments with the best bolsters!

6. Any Note On Metabolism?

Once you start using the best yoga bolster, a significant improvement takes place in your body’s metabolism. Once you start performing specific yoga poses with the help of a bolster, the body reduces stress and metabolism increases. It also aids digestion and keeps the body fit as well. Therefore, exercising with a yoga bolster can keep you fit and healthy!

7. How To Care For The Best Yoga Bolster?

Now that you have the best yoga bolster with you, it is time that you take special care of it. Fortunately, every type of bolster is very easy to maintain. Since yoga sessions are quite sweaty, you must ensure that your mats and bolsters are kept clean all the time. In order to clean the bolsters, make sure that you read the instructions of the manual first. Remove the top covering of the bolster so that you can wash it thoroughly.

Cleaning of this bolster is usually recommended with hand. This is to maintain the structure of the cushion and prevent it from forming lumps. Although throwing it in the washer can give it a good clean, but always remove the inner filling before doing so. For daily cleaning, keep a wet cloth handy and just rub the upper part of the bolster. Let it dry for some time to use it for your next yoga session.

If your bolster is too dirty, then dip it in warm water and clean it with detergent. You do not need to wash the bolster frequently but instead, rub the upper part daily to keep germs at bay!

The Final Conclusion On The Best Yoga Bolsters

It is not at all hard in choosing the best yoga bolster. Although reading some reviews can help you with your choice, it is completely your requirement to opt for the best bolster for your yoga. Yoga is nothing complex and must be carried out with strength. With time, your body will start to relax and you can notice significant changes in terms of your performance level. The addition of a yoga bolster can further boost your health, keep you fit and supple. A bolster can yield maximum benefits in terms of improving your overall health.

Thus, in order to buy the best bolster for your use, make sure that you check with the standards of purchase and clarify all your doubts regarding the product. For better use, always read the instruction manual and consult your trainer so as to use the bolster effortlessly!