Best Yoga Books of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Inner Engineering2. Yoga Anatomy3. Yoga Bible
Inner Engineering A Yogi’s Guide To Joy By SadhguruYoga Anatomy By Leslie KaminoffThe Yoga Bible By Christian Brown

The message of yoga certainly trains the mind and body to perfection. To create a better version of yourself, it is imperative to stop unhealthy habits. Great changes can only take place if you make them happen. In order to stand by your own steps and vision, something powerful, exercise, and yoga can help you achieve that. To be one step nearer to your goal of body positivity, yoga and meditation are effective tools that generate high strength and vitality.

If you are new to the practice of yoga, then you probably do require a guide in the process. Apart from yoga trainers and other gear, the best yoga books also come handy. Such books reflect on the ideal nature of the art of yoga. In simple terms, yoga books contain some excellent postures that inspire you to gain strength and start achieving. Therefore, to inspire yourself and get a complete body transformation, resorting to yoga is mandatory.


If you want to practice yoga at home, the best yoga books for beginners can be opted for. Such books contain every aspect of yoga in detail, enabling you to start with the basics. After you master the basics, you can switch to some of the tougher and flexible yoga postures narrated in the book. Each one of the yoga books is written by great writers and artists who are professionals in the field. Since the ideal mantra of yoga is an inspiration, you can soak into the spiritual element that yoga gives you with time.

If you are about to buy a good yoga book, then let us look at some of the primary factors to treat yourself to the best book ever!

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Yoga Books

1. What Type Of Book Are You Looking For?

When you enter a bookstore, the strong aroma of freshly printed books is certainly overwhelming. To buy an ideal yoga book, you must know that there are two types available. The comprehensive collection starts with the best Yoga books that teach the art of physical postures. The other one helps in developing your spiritual self, enabling you to concentrate and developmental ability. If you have specific body goals in mind, like losing weight, correcting metabolism, etc., then you can opt for books that help in nourishing body vitality. For a more spiritual development, there are yoga books available that help in strengthening your mind and body and enhance positivity. You can choose any category of yoga book, depending on your needs.

2. The Nature Of The Book

Every yoga book you come across in the market is meant to target a particular audience. Even the nature of yoga is dealt with in the book, like savasana, etc. If you are a beginner, then opt to buy a quick and easy yoga guide. For professionals out there, various options are open. Depending on your level of stability and the type of yoga you want to learn, the book must be purchased. Every yoga book has precise specifications that make it eligible to transform lives!

3. Publicity And Distinguished Aspect

When looking for the best yoga books in the market, take some time to do some research beforehand. The yoga books are mostly published by trained professionals who have excellent command over the art of yoga. Therefore, you must be looking for some distinguishing aspect when buying the book. Consultations can help you get a good book if you are a beginner. Therefore, make sure to know what you want from the book so that you can start soon!

4. Book Font

Well, reading a yoga book is quite interesting for some. Although it might sound too strange, the font of the book is also an important consideration. Yoga is a physical odyssey, but reading the book can help you know about various postures and the trick to master them. Therefore, if you are not used to small letters, then go for books that have a bigger font. It can also release excess pressure on the eyes, enabling you to understand the basics to get a deeper understanding of your fitness journey!

5. Key Highlights Of The Book

The best yoga books have a classic feature of some main highlights. If you are seriously interested in transforming your own body and mind, it is time you start focusing on your yoga goals. What practitioners cannot teach you in class can be easily taught by the book. Therefore, you must pay attention to special segments of the book. If you need instant physical transformation, concentrate on books that have major physical moves. For mental stability, yoga therapy books can do the task!

6. The Budget Of The Book

The best yoga books also have a specific budget. It all boils down to the publisher and the printing company, where the overall cost is administered. However, no yoga book is exceptionally pricey, which you cannot buy. However, you should keep a budget in mind so that you can decide on your final purchase. If a book sounds useful to you and is a little above your budget, you can invest some extra bucks to get the reward of self-satisfaction!

7. Is The Book Worth Your Requirements?

A paramount concern that you must pay attention to is whether or not the best yoga books you buy suits your requirements. Every yoga book out there is quite the game-changer. It contains the best ways to deal with your body issues and heal them naturally. Therefore, depending on the way you want to take responsibility for the change, you must purchase the book for your choice. To not go for books meant for professionals, if you do not know the basics. Start with simple ones, so that you can agree with your body positivity!

Top 20 Best Yoga Books 2022

1. Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide To Joy By Sadhguru

Inner Engineering Best Yoga Books

Achieving the best for the body, is the most common goal of yoga’’. As told by Sadhguru, in his best yoga book Inner Engineering, there are various branches of yoga that people tend to follow. The main intention of practicing yoga here is to energize the inner workings of the mind so that the body can be driven to self-empowerment. He narrates a simple story of a boy in the book, whose journey to self-reflection started with yoga. Thus, yoga is, therefore, one of the most subtle paths towards enlightenment.

Sadhguru states that ‘’yoga is taught by a guru and therefore, it is under his vision that your mind surrenders to God’’. Therefore, the path to the ultimate transformation starts and ends with God. With Yoga, you can get physically fit, along with attaining a sense of self-satisfaction in mind. The wisdom that you get with yoga further uplifts your mind to do great things in life!


2. Yoga Anatomy By Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga Anatomy By Leslie Kaminoff

The ultimate yoga book by Leslie Kaminoff, titled,’’ Yoga Anatomy’’, addresses the specific needs of the body through the practice of yoga. This book states that yoga corresponds to science, and the mechanism of the body is directed to perform some exercises to stay fit. This book brings together some of the common asanas as well as vinyasas that you must perform daily. Starting with the one-legged pigeon pose, to the relaxed angular pose, every yoga posture is meant to correct some of the other body ailments.

This book is the complete anatomical explanation of the benefits of yoga on the overall health of the body. The author stresses the fact that the yoga journey is quite relaxing and fulfilling. Every individual who is practicing yoga must make it a point of correct breathing. The full-body staining the full-body posture, along with relaxing the spine, is an essential aspect that this book aims to provide to the readers. In the recent segment, ‘’Yoga Anatomy’’ also stresses the aspect of fulfilling body principles to reach your ultimate goal!


3. The Yoga Bible By Christian Brown

The Yoga Bible By Christian Brown

The correct of the practice of yoga not only keeps the body fit but also energizes the mind to something quite fulfilling. The path to yoga might be stressful in the beginning, but it is quite rewarding at the end. Therefore, one of the best yoga books for beginners that you must read today is the ‘’Yoga Bible’’ by Christian Brown. The sense of complete spirituality can only be attained if the body is willing to cooperate with a yogic beginning.
This book is one of the best you can find in the market for beginners. There are more than 170 positions described, which can help in eliminating lots of body issues. You can strengthen your core and find your perfect body balance, once you start incorporating some of the postures from the book. This book is quite affordable and can suit your personal needs! Get a perfect dose of encouragement with the ‘’Yoga Bible’’ today!


4. Light On Yoga: The Bible Of Modern Yoga

Light On Yoga The Bible Of Modern Yoga

One of the best yoga books that you can get in the market today is ‘’Light on Yoga’’ by BKS Iyengar. Within quite an affordable range, this book lists all the steps that can help you get perfect in yoga. A definitive guide to reading this book starts with following the simple postures that are given to ensure that you perfect the basics. This book stresses the fact that yoga is the greatest means to practice and provide complete relief to the body.

There are lots of breathing exercises given in the book, which you can personally note down to correct your situation. Each one of the exercises given in the book, have complete descriptions, allowing you to understand what yoga is and what its benefits are. Therefore, even beginners can find this book very useful, as there are both traditional as well as modern yoga practices mentioned. Each of the illustrations is simple and can heal your mind quickly!


5. The Yamas And Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice

The Yamas And Niyamas Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice

Classical yoga practice is considered to be one of the best ways in which you can start to heal naturally. In order to lead the path of transformation, one of the best yoga books for beginners is by Deborah Adele, named, ‘’The Yamas and Niyamas’’. The book consists of the complete eight-fold path that directs a person to the art of practicing yoga. Each segment of the book is dedicated to an entirely new exercise, which coordinates the mind to enhance relaxation. The guidelines of the postures are beautifully described so that it is easier for you to master!

The book emphasizes the need to have restraint in order to function in a better manner. Your body will start to show the results only if the guidelines are followed. The path to salvation through meditation is only possible if complete surrender is done on the part of the mind and body. Staying away from non-violence, along with attitude and evil thoughts, can promote better and sustainable well-being. The author also lists the five ‘’niyamas’’ that must be followed to see adequate results, which include, ‘’purity, self-discipline, self-study, surrender, and contentment’’. Thus, this self-study ensures to incorporate better discipline only through yoga!


6. The Yoga Sutras Of Satchidananda Sri Swami Satchidananda

The Yoga Sutras Of Satchidananda Sri Swami Satchidananda

If you are looking to take help from a complete yoga manual, then you can certainly read one of the most ancient texts by Swami Satchidananda, titled, ‘’The Yoga sutras of Patanjali’’. This book is highly inclusive and consists of the ways to deal with better concentration. The yogic art is said to be 4000 years old, and thus, the teachings are completely functional and used by individuals even today. This book consists of various postures, which can internally heal the mind and body. Therefore, even in contemporary yogic practice, this book relates to every individual out there.

In the classic version of the text, Swami Satchidananda states that the mind is the primary controlling position of the body, which can bring about subtle changes. Therefore, in order to bring about a change in the body, the mind must start to feel the difference first. Pioneering certain concepts that enable great yoga, this book certainly lives up to the reputation of holding an ideal situation to convert your body to an improved lifestyle. You can quickly master the mind and enable complete emotional balance and harmony by perfecting yoga!


7. Yoga Sequencing Designing Transformative Yoga Classes

Yoga Sequencing Designing Transformative Yoga Classes

One of the best books on yoga that is written by Mark Stephens is ‘’Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes’’. The book stands as one of the most successful productions to ensure life-long success with yoga. As a yoga practitioner, this book states that every individual can practice yoga without any age limits. The primary goal is concentrated upon pranayama, which is one form of traditional yoga, meant to address various parts of the body. The power of meditation and complete surrender to God is also expressed in this book. Together, the power of yoga is quite transformative, dissolving all the impurities of the mind and body.

The familiarity of asana draws insight into the comprehensive mechanism of the human body. The way the body functions is entirely dependent on the way an individual handles it. Therefore, every yoga posture that is dictated in the book seeks to improve the full system. Starting with simple exercises to professional yogic postures, the book relates to all yoga to be practiced by beginners! You can read in-depth about the yoga asanas with its complete description and plan out which one is more effective for the body!


8. Meditations From The Mat: The Path Of Reflections On The Path Of Yoga

Meditations From The Mat The Path Of Reflections On The Path Of Yoga

Reflections on major yogic practices can certainly start with significant teaching and learning. One of the most successful yoga teachers in the contemporary scenario is Rolf Gates. This book states major practices that one can master with time. Contemplating some major practices that help in disciplining one’s lives, the principal aim here is to bring about a change for complete support and endurance.

The best aspect of this book certainly relates to a cure for the mind and body. There are major food items described in the book that is considered to be harmful. In simple terms, Rolf Gates states that in order to master Yoga, certain practices must be given up, most importantly, alcohol. The need to purify the senses along with complete healing starts when the mind is driven towards complete spirituality. Therefore, Gates suggest to look far beyond the use of the mat and realizing that true yoga begins with the transformation of the mind as well body. This book is meant for both professionals as well as beginners!


9. Ashtanga Yoga: The Practical Manual

Ashtanga Yoga The Practice Manual

The need to practice yoga has its subtle benefits. In one way or the other, the best books on yoga start with a complete narration of the advantages that this art can bring upon individuals. Therefore, the book titled, ‘’Ashtanga Yoga: The practical Manual’’ by David Swenson is the ultimate guide to master the art of yoga within the least possible time. There are both primary as well as secondary asanas described in the book, which enables both beginners and professionals to practice. The main interest of the book suggests to lay equal stress on breathing and to keep the spine straight.

Ashtanga Yoga features the main aspects of the body in several ways. If you want to increase body flexibility and promote a better understanding of the mind, then this book can be your ideal read. Every asana out there is accompanied by pictures so that you can look at them and correct your posture. Therefore, the foremost mantra here suggests to built inner stability only with the help of yogic practices. This book is also available at a much lower rate.


10. 2100 Asanas The Complete Yoga Poses By Daniel Lacerda

2100 Asanas The Complete Yoga Poses By Daniel Lacerda

Daniel Lacerda is back with one of the Best yoga books, with the title of ‘’2100 Asanas’. The extensive research on the part of the author is undoubtedly overwhelming. This book is not just thoughtful, but also inspiring in terms of better health situation. The positivity to create the best image of yoga written in the book states around 2100 postures you can follow on a daily basis. The poses are so fulfilling that it can brighten your day and make you feel energetic.
The book is very simple to follow and is divided into eight sections, starting with the standing position, seated backbends, inversions, backbends, quadruped, etc. The postures are equally divided and help to bring about necessary changes in the body. The book is so fulfilling that every individual speaks positively about it!


11. The Heart Of Yoga Developing A Personal Practice By T.K.V Desikachar

The Heart Of Yoga Developing A Personal Practice By T.K.V Desikachar

One of the best ways to practice yoga is through the means of complete meditation and surrender. In simple terms, one of the Best books about yoga, you can read today, is ‘’The heart of yoga.’’ This book relates to so many traditional yoga postures, which can help you in developing the basics first. In terms of getting to know the fundamentals, the mind starts to release all negativity, allowing positivity to flow in the body.

The book dictates some exercise that can deal with the trio of keeping oneself, physically, mentally as well as spiritually fit. Therefore, every element of yoga, comprising of breathing, consciousness, as well as philosophy, promotes a better understanding of the body on the whole. Each of the yoga postures has been tailored to suit the lifestyle of all individuals.


12. The Key Poses Of Yoga Scientific Keys, Volume 2

The Key Poses Of Yoga Scientific Keys, Volume 2

Yoga, as one of the most scientific practices, is certain to have its own merits. Thus, in order to create better flexibility of the body, yoga trainers are meant to be the proper guide. In terms of the best yoga books for teachers, ‘’the key postures of scientific yoga by Ray Long’’ holds some of the best features that can guide beginners into this practice. The book directs some of the essential postures that can cure various body ailments and also tone the muscles. Gaining an insight into some of the best yogic postures, this book illustrates the efficiency of the art and how it can benefit the anatomy in a very subtle manner.

The postures are described in steps, and there are suitable pictures attached. This helps to master the steps perfectly, thereby promoting 100% body nourishment. The book stresses the need to meditate daily, which in turn has scientific uses over the mind in controlling several bodily actions!


13. The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga, The Philosophy And Practice Of Yin Yoga By Bernie Clarke

The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga, The Philosophy And Practice Of Yin Yoga By Bernie Clarke

Written by Bernie Clarke, ‘’the complete guide to Yin Yoga, its philosophy and practice’’ states the essential role of yoga in determining a truly healthy lifestyle. This book contains more than 30 Yin asanas that individuals of all age groups can follow. Concentrating on restoring complete body balance, mental hygiene, etc., this book is an entire journey that starts and ends with total dedication. Yin Yoga postures that are nothing too complex to handle. However, you must know the basics to master it with just a few practice sessions.

Both the mind and the body feel completely relaxed as soon as you start practicing yoga. The difference of complete psychological benefit is also assured, once you get in touch with yin yoga. The book also consists of some pictures to help you get the postures correctly!


14. Teaching Yoga Essential Foundations And Techniques

Teaching Yoga Essential Foundations And Techniques

If you are a yoga teacher and you require an ideal yoga training book, then you can certainly read the book by ‘’Mariel Hemingway’’, titled, ‘’ Teaching Yoga: its essential foundations and techniques’’. Considered to be one of the Best yoga books for teachers, specific sections are devoted to master the art with quite a positive approach. The book draws some important illustrations from well-known sources, most importantly Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and from the Gita.

Anatomy, a scientific machine, and in order to keep it well, the proper fuel must be provided. Thus, the fuel here is yoga, which you should practice and master with time. The 108 postures dictated in the book helps to improve the overall mental as well as physical health of the individual. You can surely instruct with more clarity with the help of this book!


15. Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness And Defy Your Limits

Namaslay Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness And Defy Your Limits

Candace Cabrera has spent years researching the techniques to perfect the ways of doing yoga. Therefore, one of the major books written by her is, ‘’Namaslay: Rock your yoga posture’’. The book stands as one of the greatest means to learn to do yoga by adopting a specific section first. The high-quality essence of practicing yoga has an optimistic impact on the body. BY giving up, all that is bad can further help in determining good bodily hygiene.

Written to address all individuals, starting with beginners to professionals, the book is ideal in terms of complete reference to the best yoga postures that can help in an improved lifestyle. Thus, the book is quite curious for all readers in terms of advanced yoga modifications.


16. How Yoga Works By Michael Roach

How Yoga Works By Michael Roach

To secret to master the art of yoga lies in the human body itself. Thus, one of the Best books about yoga you should read out today is ‘’How Yoga Works by Michael Roach’’. The book instantly draws attention to the various prospects of yoga and how to attain perfection. The ancient practice of yoga is equipped with lots of benefits, and therefore, every individual must learn the essence of it to see the ultimate difference.

The precious postures of yoga written in this book have been brought down from the ancient Tibetan texts. Thus, it is good to concentrate on inner bodily statements in order to get to experience outer joy. Yoga, therefore, is meant to transform the whole body to enable inner peace!


17. Yoga: The Iyengar Way: The New Definitive Illustrated Guide

Yoga The Iyengar Way The New Definitive Illustrated Guide

The best yoga guide should always be quite comprehensive. Thus, in keeping up with the traditional practice of yoga for more than 1000 years, this book by Iyengar promotes the need to resort to yoga for instant body relief. There are detailed steps illustrated in the book, making it one of the Best yoga books for beginners.

The book comes with photographs that describe the postures. Every posture has its own benefit, which is quite reflected in time. You can count on the postures and their subtle merits on the body. Iyengar suggests that the best way to do yoga is to prepare the mind for it. Therefore, along with bodily changes, your mind also receives a complete boost too.


18. Pilates Anatomy By Rael Isacowitz

Pilates Anatomy By Rael Isacowitz

Every yoga book out there is meant to concentrate on some aspect of spiritual or physical upliftment. On that note, ‘’Pilates Anatomy’’ is a book by Rael Isacowitz, which states a lot of benefits on the positivity of yoga on the human body. This book is ideal for beginners as the basic yoga guide strengthens various body postures. A unique technique to improve breathing and strategize the yoga posture helps to attain the ultimate goal of bringing the change in the body.

To delve deep into the aesthetics of the body, the book suggests practicing at least 45 minutes of yoga daily. After every workout, rest for 30 seconds is compulsory, where the heart is restoring normal breathing functions. Thus, it is good to be at a point of self-awareness with this book!


19. Yoga: The Yoga Beginners Bible: Top 63 Illustrated Poses For Weight Loss And Stress

Yoga The Yoga Beginners Bible Top 63 Illustrated Poses For Weight Loss And Stress

One of the best suitable merits of yoga lies in its ultimate benefits to staying with the progressive approach of health satisfaction. It is because of the so-called positivity that even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston have switched to yoga to feel the difference. As a beginner, ‘’ The Yoga beginners Bible’’ is a good book to start with. There are multiple positions described, which can restore a better mindset if followed regularly. Awarded to be one of the best yoga books for beginners, you can get started to improve your life for joy and inner peace.

There are more than 63 postures described in the book. The steps are all given, along with some pictures. Follow the guidelines to practice daily and set your goals to receive an overwhelming response in terms of body change!


20. Science Of Yoga: Understand The Anatomy And Physiology To Perfect Your Practice

Science Of Yoga Understand The Anatomy And Physiology To Perfect Your Practice

The time for ultimate transformation has come, and this time, one of the best yoga books, which can guide you is, ‘’Science of Yoga’’. This book illustrates the need to practice yoga to develop a better system to promote flexibility. In one way, yoga can help in reducing weight, boost metabolism, and even reflect on inflammation. It can also regulate blood flow so that the mind and body can align properly.

To control various facets of respiratory problems, it is best to resort to yoga. This book presents some of the best asanas that you should be doing daily in the morning and evening. The poses are quick to adopt, and you can master them within no time. Once you learn the benefits of yoga, you can get relief from muscle pain and other problems in the body!


The Advantages Of Reading The Best Yoga Books

1. Spiritual Upliftment

One of the primary reasons why you should buy the best yoga books today is mostly for spiritual upliftment. On a simpler note, yoga is excellent in terms of self-awareness and highlighting positivity about your own body. Therefore, when you buy books that help in cleansing the body, you start attaining the stage of spirituality. Therefore, every yoga aims to deliver better body growth. In simple terms, yoga books tend to direct you to an ideal state, where your yoga practice leads to fulfillment.

2. Fulfilled Body Duties

When you have an ideal yoga book, you start to see a subtle change in your body posture. Thus, your book helps in addressing the particular needs of your body and helps you in changing your lifestyle. Promoting better physical as well as mental health is only possible if you have the right book with you!

3. More Knowledge On Various Yoga Postures

While trainers are secondary aspects to help you perfect your postures, the basic primary solution always rests in the best yoga books. Therefore, once you buy a book, make sure you start reading it and accepting the ways to fulfill your needs. A good body positivity aims at attaining knowledge through the yoga books you read.

4. You Know What Yoga Stands For

Beginners often fail to misinterpret the meaning of yoga. Therefore, when there is an excellent yoga book to guide you, your interpretation and perception about the art changes. With time, you are aware of the body changes that happen with yoga. Thus, it is crucial to read the book first before you venture into practice. Delivering accuracy in terms of mental and physical health is the main aim that all yoga books aim to do.

5. Mental Healing

Healing is an excellent part of yoga. When you attempt to buy spiritual yoga books, you are, in one way, detoxifying your mind. As you start reading from the best yoga books, you begin to realize the right way yoga shapes your mind and body. In one way, with the right amount of practice, your mind reflects on better things that help in nurturing your inner self.

6. Inclusion Of Positivity

One of the most exciting aspects of yoga and what the best yoga books can do for you is to make you feel more positive. If at any point in time, you think that yoga is not meant for you, then start to read a book today. A yoga book is a perfect guide for you, allowing you to remember that that good thing time. It initiates the positivity in your mind so that the changes get reflected through your body. The best yoga books can be your best friend in terms of determining and shaping your inner personality!

7. More Stamina And Flexibility

With all of the above advantages, the best book promotes stamina and stability and creates the change you deserve!

Common FAQs Related To Best Yoga Books

There might be a lot of questions that you might have when buying the best yoga books. Therefore, some of the common dilemmas are answered for you below:

1) Can I Purchase Yoga Books Online?

There is a 100% chance that you can get yoga books online. Depending on the availability of the book, some online websites have an extensive collection of best-selling yoga books. You can always check with the price, hardcover, or soft-cover and then determine your purchase. If you cannot find your favorite yoga books online, feel free to visit the bookstore!

2) Do Yoga Books Give Step By Step Illustrations Of Yoga?

One of the significant concerns of yoga enthusiasts is whether the books will show a step by step guide for a particular yoga. It can depend on the writer you opt for. Best Yoga books do contain a guide where you can practice and perfect the yoga instantly.

3) Are Yoga Books Really Helpful?

Yoga is one of the best solutions to deal with mind and body issues. Therefore, if you think of a better lifestyle, then yoga books certainly help you deal with the situation. It can correspond to treat various diseases, promote positivity, and boost your health as well!

The Final Conclusion on Best Yoga Books

The best yoga books certainly have lots of giving to readers. Apart from creating positivity and enhancing your own inner self, yoga books also tend to make you believe that you can gain strength, stamina, and flexibility with time. Therefore, you can look into the benefits that yoga can bring to your body, only with the right book in your hand.