Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees In 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Yoga is one of the most ancient practices that is known for it’s crucial healing. Apart from restoring the mind and body in the most positive manner, yoga can make an individual feel totally relaxed. According to most yoga practitioners, ‘’yoga is a stress buster”.

It aims at rebuilding body tissues, gaining muscular strength and promotes healthy living. Thus, the role of yoga in our everyday lives is really important. In short, yoga can change your lifestyle and keep you young and fit all the time.


One of the most common issues for which humans tend to do yoga is to cure body pains. Constantly pressurized sensations that make you feel lethargic. In order to heal and get instant relief from knee and back pain, having the right yoga gear is mandatory.

Yoga mats are known to cure all discomforts and inconveniences that your body is feeling. Resting on the yoga mat can make you feel comfortable and you can get instant relief as well! With experience, you will feel more relaxed and get better results.

Having the best yoga mat for bad knees ensures that you stay strong while performing all your yoga postures. Yoga can transform your overall health with daily practice.

Thus, if you want an immediate end to all your body sufferings, then the right yoga mat can definitely guide you in the process. If you are a beginner, then some of the tips to guide you in the purchase process are listed below.

Factors To Look Into When Buying Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees

Yoga is great to practice and is a solid means to vanish all your body pain. Since the market is flooded with quite a range of yoga mats, the shopping experience can be really tricky. Having the right knowledge is necessary before you venture into buying the mat. You must check with some essential purchase list, to get your ideal yoga mat.
Therefore, the top factors to consider when purchasing the best yoga mat for bad knees are as follows:

1. The Material Of The Mat

One of the most important factors that must be stressed upon when buying the best yoga mat for bad knees is its material construction. The mat quality must be efficient and cozy enough to take care of your body’s needs. When your knee isn’t stable, you do not feel relaxed to structure your poses.

Thus, by using the yoga mat with the best material on a continuous basis, your knee pain starts to heal automatically. You can feel the difference in your overall body function. It is ideal to get a mat that is made of cotton, or even polyester. You need to ensure that the mat has grip so that your knee gets the appropriate support for performing yoga poses!

2. Eco-friendly Nature

Yoga mats are one of the best props to stabilize and balance your knees. Thus, when buying your yoga mat, make sure that is completely safe for the environment. A mat that can be recycled and reused is safe for the skin as well as the atmosphere around you. Therefore, keep in mind to buy a mat that is eco-friendly in nature!

3. Toughness

The toughness of the mat is a suitable feature that can guarantee the overall strength of the mat you are planning to purchase. If the mat is tough, then your knees will hurt less. You can get that extra inch of support when you start balancing your knees on the mat.

In addition to that, its longevity also increases. Therefore, when buying the best yoga mat for bad knees, always check the toughness and quality, before finalizing your purchase!

4. The Thickness Of The Mat

Just like you check in with the toughness of the mat, the thickness is also mandatory to look at. A standard thick mat can ensure that your knee is kept safe and you do not feel the discomfort at all. The minimum thickness that is required in a mat is 1/8 inches. Again, depending on the model you buy, the thickness varies in nature. Use your knowledge to verify the thickness that you require to support your body for yoga!

5. Cushioning And Extra Padding Facility

One of the essential considerations in the process of buying the best yoga mat for bad knees is the cushioning and extra padding facility. Pain in and around the knees is a situation of total discomfort. Therefore, the material you look for must have thick cushioning and stability.

The thickness of the mat corresponds to the cushioning and padding feature. Therefore, if you are buying PVC mats or vinyl mats, then you can expect an extra layer of cushioning. This will overall help you in getting better support for your knees!

6. The Texture Of The Mat

The texture of the mat refers to the softness of the mat. For a smoother and comfortable feel when you are practicing yoga, you should be familiar with the texture first. The more soft and smooth your mat is, the better it is for your knee support.

Patterns in your mat might look pretty impressive, but it can cause your pain to aggravate. Therefore, it is always advised to go for plain mats, which are soft and don’t have a rough nature. If you feel any sort of discomfort in your knees with the current mat, then try to switch to a more comfortable mat!

7. The Stickiness Of The Mat

When purchasing the best yoga mat for bad knees, stickiness is an essential point to consider. If the mat doesn’t stay on the floor, your knees might get hurt from time to time. Thus, accidental slipping while performing postures can make you regret your buying decision.

Thus, if you have a PVC mat, then the stickiness is much more. This factor ensures that the mat stays on the ground, as it has a non-slippery texture. Make sure the mat sticks firmly to the ground, in order to avoid major accidents!

8. Portability And Comfort

Comfort is the main solid factor you are looking for when purchasing the best yoga mat for bad knees. You buy a mat simply because you want to attain flexibility and gain support. In this process, your body starts to feel lighter, as the pain vanishes. Therefore, analyze the overall material of the mat, in order to keep up with its comfort levels.

In addition to that, the mat you buy must be light-weight. This will help in carrying it to your yoga classes. Therefore, assess the comfort and portability of the mat, before taking note of the purchase grounds!

9. Colour And Design Of The Mats

Yoga mats come in various exciting colors. Buyers can choose between any colors and prints they want, depending on your requirements. However, if you have too much knee pain, then avoid buying designer or bumpy yoga mats. Try to keep your purchase simple, so as to achieve results instantly!

10. Budget

Last but not least, the budget for the best yoga mat for bad knees is also an important aspect for the buyer. Every shopper must have a price in mind, before buying the yoga mat. Although yoga props are quite reasonable, you must ensure that you get your mat within a good price range. Investing in an ideal yoga mat can address your knee pain and make you feel healthy physically and mentally!

Every buyer must carefully note down all the factors when purchasing the best mat from the stores. Therefore, let us now have a look at the top yoga mats that you should think of purchasing today!

Top 8 Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees 2022

1. BalanceFrom

BalanceFrom Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees

With an affordable price range, one of the best yoga mats for bad knees is the Balance Foam Go Yoga all-purpose yoga mat. This high-density mat provides the necessary grip that you are looking for. In simple terms, this premium mat allows flexibility, thereby supporting the knees while practicing various postures.

The weight of the mat is perfect and keeps up with your daily exercise routine under all conditions. Being water-resistant and sweat-proof, this mat comes with a non-slippery traction feature, for better agility.

The extra 1/2-inch thickness of the mat supports your knees and gives you the necessary support. It will also protect your elbows on hard flooring. The soft texture, combined with the easy cleaning facility makes this mat one of the best for your daily usage. The mat comes with its super packaging feature.

The portability of the mat is ensured with the carrying case. The loops attached help in carrying the mat easily. The 71-inch long mat can fit all individuals naturally. You can perform knee stretching exercises without any worries. This mat comes with a 2-year warranty, in case you want to change the outer texture of the mat!


2. Sivan Health And Fitness

Sivan Health and Fitness

In order to suit your standards of health and fitness, having the perfect yoga mat is quite essential. Thus, if your knee pain isn’t unearthing the most suitable solution these days, then take help from the best yoga mat from Sivan health.

This mat is equipped with an extra padded feature that supports your knees on the hard floors. Plus, the soft texture gradually takes control of the pain, thereby providing you with necessary relief. The ½ inch of extra thickness is suitable for all types of ailments. The product is superior in terms of its quality and can be used extensively for performing Pilates too.

The 71-inch long mat comes with its own stretching ability. Perfect for all shapes, this mat can help in improving joint pain and provides necessary grip on the floor. Therefore, it can prevent injuries of all sorts.

Providing durability and standard easy-to-clean feature, this mat is very much within the affordable range of all buyers. You can use the 2-year warranty card that comes with the packaging to repair the mat, if necessary!


3. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics

If you are into yoga and you want to get rid of knee pain, then this mat from Amazon Basics is just the right prop for you. The mat comes in all varied colors, enabling the buyer to choose the one that they like the best.

You can trust the usage of the mat, in overcoming knee pain and taking care of body aches as well. This mat is ideal for performing Pilates and other knee-stretching exercises. Comfortable and highly flexible, this mat provides extra traction to give better support.

The light weight combined with the extra layer of cushioning support is ideal for knee conditions to improve slowly. The mat is within the affordable range of all. For easy portability, you also get a carrying strap with this mat. The foam inside is durable and can support all postures without any discomfort!


4. Hemingweigh


If you are looking for some attractive colors in the best yoga mat for bad knees, then Hemingweigh comes with its own range of yoga props that can suit all yoga enthusiasts. The mat is healthy in terms of relieving body pain and provides the necessary comfort to stabilize the performance of your knees. The length of the mat is 71 inches and its width is 224 inches, which is quite a suitable measurement. The mat is extremely light-weight and can be carried to your yoga classes daily.

If you are a little tight on your budget and looking for suitable options, this mat can help you in your need. The extra thickness, followed by the non-slippery texture is ideal for all conditions. The mat is very easy to clean as well. The mat comes with a carrying strap as well as a 2-year warranty card. Use the mat to see a visible improvement in your knee pain!


5. Spoga Premium

Spoga Premium

Premium mats are always the first choice of customers, in case you are a professional yoga performer. In order to cure all body ailments and stay completely fit in and out, the all-new Spoga Premium 5/8 inch extra thick mattress might be just the ideal product for your use.

Your knee will receive additional support with comfortable cushioning. Plus, the dual non-slippery nature and extra stickiness allow the mat to stay safe on the ground, preventing accidental hurting of your knees. You can use this mat for other yoga postures too.

The mat is equipped with high portability. For washing, simply use normal soap to clean the exterior of the mat. The extra layer of support that you receive helps you in stretching and gives you the necessary balance always.

Your skin doesn’t hurt, due to the soft material of the mat. This mat is moderately priced and is moisture-resistant too. The excellent gripping feature keeps you firm on the ground, as you master the posture slowly and steadily!


6. Incline Fit

Incline Fit

Some of the yoga mats available in the market have an extra layer of thickness, only to provide adequate comfort to knee pain. On that note, the Incline fit extra thick mat is 45 inches thick and comes with a smooth outer texture.

This best yoga mat for bad knees alleviates excessive stress and allows the body to heal within no time. It can take care of pain from your hips, joints, legs, and muscles so as to deliver complete smoothness in performing yoga postures.

The features of this mat are quite suitable for practicing long term yoga. The non-slippery surface keeps the mat intact and allows you to perform any yoga you like. This mat has its own endurance capability and is perfectly durable for carrying it to your yoga classes.

Use the carrying case to get an excellent grip on your shoulders. This product is completely BPA-free and safe for the environment. Thus, you can trust the overall usage of the mat and keep up with its functions of attaining stability!


7. Crown Sporting Goods

Crown Sporting Goods

One of the most suitable ways to deal with unwanted knee pain is to practice leg yoga. In the process, you do need a perfect yoga mat to help you reach your ultimate goal. Therefore, the new yoga mat by Crown sporting goods is made of the finest material, in order to properly heal your body of all ailments.

Its superior thickness, combined with its outstanding features, makes this mat one of the best in the market. The anti-skid feature works on all surfaces. The thickness keeps your knees on point and doesn’t harm you in any way.

If you want to sustain from injuries, this mat will protect you and give you the necessary balance. The length of the mat is 72 inches, which is better for attaining body flexibility. You can use this mat for therapy exercises and meditation too. You also get free accessories with this mat and a 1-year warranty card. You can freely use this mat to help take care of your joint and knee pain!


8. Gaiam Essentials

Gaiam Essentials

Gaiam Essentials has always lived up to its reputation in the minds of customers, in terms of availability of the best yoga prop in the market. On that note, the best yoga mat for bad knees happens to be an excellent option, by providing necessary body support in all specific conditions.

This fitness mat has an extra cushioning effect, guaranteed to provide support and good stability. Your knees will definitely strengthen and you will thank the mat later on.

When purchasing this mat for a suitable price range, you also get a mesh carrying bag and a strap. This accounts for the full portability of the mat in all situations.

The mat comes in various designs and in some solid colors as well. You can opt for the one that you feel attracted to. Thus, you can use the mat anywhere you want and take note of the minute positive changes in your own body!


Advantages Of Having The Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees

Yoga mats tend to have lots of additional benefits. Along with healing the body naturally of knee pain and other ailments, it can help an individual to attain flexibility of the body. In addition to that, it can bring about muscle strength, contribute to higher levels of energy, and make you mentally fit as well.

However, if your knee pain is constantly troubling you, then the right mat adds up to its speedy process of recovery.

Therefore, some of the ideal advantages of having the best yoga mat for bad knees are as follows:

1. Low Maintenance

One of the best ever reasons for buying the best yoga mat for bad knees is its low-maintenance nature. Individuals can use the mat for as long as they want. There isn’t any wear and tear in the material and the increased durability enhances the features of the mat in a better manner. Once you use the mat, all your body issues carefully subside over a period of time!

2. Excellent For Maintaining Posture

If you are looking to create a better posture during your yoga session, then having the right yoga mat will help you. Apart from looking into the condition of improving bad knees, you gain more flexibility as well. Therefore, you definitely feel lighter and stronger in doing difficult knee exercises as well.

3. Takes Care Of The Comfort Of Your Knees

Your knees are quite sensitive when it comes to practicing yoga. Therefore, the full support starts from the knees and goes up to your back.

Therefore, the yoga mat can probably help you in assessing the condition of improving comfort for your body. It creates an extra cushioning effect to give your knees some support. With this help, your knee gradually starts to recover.

4. Non-slippery In Texture

One of the well-known advantages of having the best yoga mat for bad knees is its non-slippery texture. When the mat is able to gain a solid grip on the ground, your knees get a place to rest and form the necessary posture. This helps your body to gain flexibility, thereby getting rid of the pain slowly and steadily!

5. Not Too Heavy To Carry Around

When you happen to shop for the best yoga mat for bad knees, always remember that this prop is not heavy to carry around. Likely, the portability is genuine and you do not feel the burden at all. Plus, most mats come with an accessories package, consisting of a carrying strap, for distributing the weight equally on the shoulders.

6. The Extra Inch Of Fluffiness

In order to support your knees during your practicing yoga, the mat must be a little extra thick. Thus, the best yoga mats for bad knees happen to be a little thicker in comparison to other mats. This protects the knees from unwanted accidents and keeps sensitivity at bay. You can feel the softness near your knees once you start using the mat!

7. Serves On All Floors

The best part of buying the most ideal kind of best yoga mat for bad knees is that it can be used on all floors. Whether the floor is bumpy or smooth, your yoga mat will deliver accurate smooth results. The hard floor won’t prick your skin and make you feel uncomfortable. Plus, the mat supports the knees and stabilizes your movements too. Thus, you have nothing to worry about when the best yoga mat is by your side!

8. Prevents All Kinds Of Injury

Apart from healing the body from knee injuries, the best yoga mat also helps in curing back pain, improves spinal injuries and gives you better flexibility. Thus, you can trust the mat for its function in personally healing the body.

9. Creates Body Stability

The last most important advantage of getting the best yoga mat for bad knees is that it creates stability for your knees. Your condition improves with time, thereby helping in better stability.

Buyers often tend to get confused when purchasing the best yoga mat for bad knees. In order to help all out with the best kind of mat for full-body support, some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below:

FAQs on Yoga Mat For Bad Knees

1. Will The Knee Pain Gradually Subside With Its Use?

One of the greatest queries that buyers have during the purchase of the best yoga mat is whether or not, the pain will gradually subside with its use. It is always seen that with regular use of the mat, your body tends to get more stable and you feel strong from inside out.

Thus, even if you are suffering from extreme knee pain, your body will show definite results, once you start practicing yoga on the mat. Buy the mat and see the difference right in front of you!

2. How Durable Is The Yoga Mat For Knee Pain?

Durability is a major concern for buyers, in terms of the best yoga mat. Since your knees need some extra thickness for stability with the mat, you can trust its performance. The mat carries your body through hard times and gives you complete support to help you gain strength in the process!

3. What Are The Washing Instructions For Yoga Mats?

When you buy the best yoga mat for bad knees, washing of the prop must be considered. Buyers must know that mats must be washed either in cold or lukewarm water. Avoid using too hot water for washing, or else the material will shrink, the color will fade and the stickiness will vanish.

Also, machine washing is prohibited in order to improve the longevity of the mat. Thus, simply hand wash the mat in plain water to keep it clean for yoga!

4. Will It Help In Curing Back Pain?

Yoga mats are known for their multi-purpose features. Apart from helping in curing knee pain, mats are known to help you relax and get rid of back pain too. With the constant use of the mat, the body receives the necessary strength and flexibility. Therefore, all body ailments start to disappear and you feel energetic!

Final Thoughts On The Best Yoga Mat For Bad Knees

The best yoga mat for bad knees can help all yoga practitioners in one way or the other. Since yoga is an age-old practice in curing several body ailments, targeting your knee pain can successively receive adequate results as well.

If you use the mat in the right manner and do the right postures, then the difference is really visible. Therefore, once you are at the store, trying to figure out the mat you want to buy, just recollect the factors first. This will guide your shopping process and will make the process swift!

With the best yoga mats listed and the advantages quoted, it is time for yoga trainers and enthusiasts to get ready for a full-body transformation. With yoga, your knee pain and other body conditions start to heal on positive terms. Thus, a yoga mat is the most suitable prop to help you nourish yourself from inside out!