Best Yoga Shoes Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Sanuk’s2. Vifuur3. WateLves

One of the common misconceptions surrounding workout shoes is centered around their price. Brands advertise their exclusive features and hook a specific price tag with unlimited promises.

Consequently, people have been divided into two different classes; and workout shoes have been labeled as a conspicuous good. Following such segregation, consumers have drawn a division among them that is defined by the class.


Only if you are wealthy, you can buy workout shoes. To clear such a misconstrued notion, this article uses different segments and highlights how affordable and beneficial yoga shoes can be.

Once you possess the pair of best yoga shoes, you would find innate flexibility and precision in moving around. Not only are your feet protected from harmful bacteria, but they also give a stylish and neat look.

Along with your yoga gear, if you spend a few bucks on the best yoga shoes, it would not be mandatory for you to splurge on socks. On top of that, the material of the shoes are crafted in such a manner that they fit your feet like gloves.

Unlike usual workout shoes, these are not hefty or solid blocks. They can be folded or bent anyway you find plausible. Stuffing the pair inside a small bag will not be a problem.

However, purchasing any product online can be tricky. You receive the object only after payment, and not for trial purposes. Hence, it is vital to note down some of the crucial factors, benefits, faqs, and explore several reviews before making a decision.

Through this article, you will find sufficient and to-the-point information precisely laid down. These segments put together will allow you to save time as you go on extensive research.

I hope you successfully figure out your pair of best yoga shoes soon.

Factors To Be Determined Before Purchasing The Best Yoga Shoes

1. Does The Pair Pass Through The Bending Test?

When you are involved in yoga sessions, freedom of motion is one of the critical factors. Yoga postures demand fluidity and accuracy that is quite hard to achieve when proper support is not enabled.

Although we have been ingrained about the benefits of performing bare feet – for instance, how connected we feel to nature – being practical is always advisable.

Often people assume the softness of the material as pertaining to its flexibility. A pair of shoes with a flexible sole is determined by how much it bends.

Hence, before purchasing any pair, ensure that the bending test is done. If the soles can form a V shape when the heel and toe are bent towards each other, your shoes have exemplary flexibility.

2. What Is The Effectiveness Of Traction Control?

When you are purchasing a pair of shoes, one of the primary factors is their fittings. Remember, the shoes should conform to your feet, i. e., every curve, length, and width should be accommodating.

To receive the utmost comfort, you can go for those pairs which give extra cushioning on your toes and space for stretching. According to a study conducted by a German shoe institute, more than half of the German population buy shoes that do not fit.

Regular wear pairs can be compensated; however, if you are looking for workout shoes, such a compromise might become detrimental to your health.

Yoga shoes must have an excellent fit and grip. Thick soles with carvings or insoles provide unique gripping mechanisms on slippery surfaces.

Stances that require balances are difficult to acquire if you do not have a good grip on the practicing surface. A pair of the best yoga shoes will come with traction control that will help you best your postures.

3. Is The Material Suitable For Yoga Purposes?

One of the crucial points is the fabric of the shoes. Intense yoga sessions can cause sweaty feet. Synthetic material has closed pores which do not absorb sweat.

Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to the material. Polyesters are known to provide perfect breathable space and moisture absorbing opportunity.

A good quality pair, along with exceptional finishing, will result in healthy feet. You can enjoy a good session when your shoe acts as an obstacle hindering sweaty and stuffy feet.

4. Is The Pair Of Shoes Leveled Sufficiently?

The fourth determinant is regarding the evenness of the pair. Doctors recommend wearing shoes that are anatomically flattened. Such a shape provides tremendous orthopedic support.

A flat shoe ensures equal weight distribution throughout your foot – from heel to toe -, especially around the metatarsal bones. Maintaining a balance and grip is even more convenient.

You are less likely to hurt yourself or twist your feet while stretching because of the comfort the flats provide. If you are compelled to work for prolonged hours on foot or to wear heels, such a pair of yoga shoes will help in strengthening the feet muscles.

5. How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

The purpose of buying any product is directly proportional to the amount of notes you are willing to splurge. It occurs when you have successfully classified it to a level of need.

If yoga is part and parcel of your life, yoga shoes are a must-have commodity residing in your shoe rack. However, if it is a temporary arrangement, you will think twice about spending money on them.

Again, if it is medically prescribed one, you have to oblige in buying one pair.

However, it is justifiable if you hesitate to spend a large amount of money behind workout shoes. In such a case, it is advisable to fix a particular budget according to your requirements and then set out on a hunt.

Benefits Of Wearing A Pair Of Yoga Shoes

Other than your mat, yoga shoes are one of the must-have yoga accessories that you should be carrying in your workout kit. Every instructor recommends it, these pairs as mentioned above of commodities enable you to spread your toes, acquire equilibrium, and maintain your stance correctly during training.

They can be regular shoes, finger shoes, or wraparound flip flops – each aid in bolstering your soles and toes while you stretch. These pairs can be effortlessly slipped on; the shoes have an extraordinary non-slip outsole that grasp the ground skillfully and thwart any stumbles.

During yoga, you find yourself mostly concerned about your posture and whether your body remains aligned with every move. If your tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior, along with the extensors, and flexors are not strong, your feet will be unable to sustain an accurate balance.

The flexibility of yoga shoes helps you achieve a graceful fluidity.

Another critical role the yoga shoes play is to ensure hygiene. Training in a studio with your fellow yogis leads to the sharing of your personal space. Whether you end up using a mat or not, the sweating caused during the practice is a likely reason for germ infestation.

Yoga shoes cover the underside of your feet, functioning as a sheet between your skin and the floor. Thus, safeguarding you from being imperiled by deadly germs.

Usually, people who perform yoga without a mat and are directly in contact with the hardwood floors use either a pair of shoes or socks. Exercising in a place where you are required to share your mat with your fellow yogis, purchasing such yoga shoes are advisable.

The material of most of the shoes constitutes a quick-dry mechanism that absorbs sweat. Thus, it assists in keeping your feet dry and encourages you to focus on your feet rather than fuss about falling or add to the tension.

The ergonomic structures incorporated in the yoga shoes guarantee that your toes get sufficient room to spread. Restrictive footwear and drilling for extended times can result in discomfort on both the anterior and posterior muscles of your feet.

Yoga shoes cover your feet in comfortable padding that cushions your heels every time you wear them for any energetic activity.

Fashion is a significant factor today. We always strive to receive the current talk of the town and flaunt our style in a different manner. Yoga shoes, therefore, come in a full grandeur.

The different categories of shoes offer a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. By owning an arrangement of footwear in sharp tones, you can switch them according to your choice, each day.

They also are cut and molded to hug your feet in a convenient way. With the anti-slip outsoles and engraved insoles also being split into various patterns, the feet are protected from unwanted outside objects.

While purchasing online, remember to go through the details. A pair of shoes made of polyester is beneficial for your movement and can be used as regular wear.

When you own a pair of best yoga shoes, you will observe a visible difference.

Top 20 Best Yoga Shoes 2022

1. Sanuk’s


One of the best yoga shoes you would find. It passes through the bending test smoothly and can be worn for regular use.

The thick, durable sole ensures optimal protection from the gravel as well as harmful bacteria. For those having plantar fasciitis, the pair offers the best support.

One of the most lucrative qualities of this pair is its unique design. Standing tall among the covered shoes, Sanuk brings in flip flops with a twist.

Sometimes chubby feet find difficulty in adjusting into a conforming pair of shoes. These come as a welcome relief. The built gives a moderate look whereby you can wear it for yoga sessions as well as with a summer dress.

Take long walks or intense workouts as much as you want. With Sanuk’s Sling shoes, your feet will feel happy and fresh all day long.

The cloth straps supporting your feet are super stretchy, giving ample space for your feet to adjust while moving. Twirl, jump, bend and skip to your heart’s desire because you finally have a pair that adapts itself to your feet.

When you slip them on, you would find a soft cushioning that is just the appropriate amount of squishy. It acts as a yoga mat footbed, and the synthetic sole enables superb grip.

Thus, making the pair perfect for yoga sessions.


2. Vifuur


What cheers you up better than colors?

Vifuur takes care of such a notion. Presenting a vivid array of colorful shoes, the brand lures you to check out their products.

An ideal brand for every senior and kid user, they incorporate a protective layer near the pointed end. This padding, composed of unique materials prevents you from sustaining injuries during yoga.

Layered with a rubberized sole, it boasts of an adequate amount of both grip and flexibility. Achieving fierce poses is no longer a difficulty, especially when you receive a top-quality outsole.

Made of elastic fabric, the pair team up to give the most breathable sensation for your feet. The elasticity allows for extraordinary stretch and bending ability. It has a smooth neckline that prevents chafing due to constant wear and tear.

Moreover, under Vifuur, you will see a range of sizes available for each of its pair and color – ranging from kids to men, women, and elders. The pairs can be worn for wakeboarding, cycling, jogging, beach, and sailing, aside from yoga training.


3. WateLves


WateLves lives up to their popularity, providing their customers with relief and imbibing a manufacturer’s trust.

Their shoes are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex rendering the pairs as breathable, exceptionally lightweight, and comfortable.

Flex your feet muscles and bend it to extremity during your session. The luscious fabric feels smooth under your palm while your feet is encased within a feather-light material.

Slipping it on, you will feel like floating through the air. The neck is designed to prevent wear and tear as you think you desired freedom as you stretch.

In order to achieve stability while practicing yoga, the rubber soles act as an anti-skidding object. The outsoles are thick enough to protect your feet from sharp objects and gravel.

WateLves presents a wide range of products that are suitable for kids as well as adults. An ideal pair of shoes for beach and yoga training is so lightweight that they can be carried around, folded, from one place to another.

It can be worn for Zumba, aqua therapy, water sports, hiking, etc.


4. Sketcher’s


The fourth pair of best yoga shoes constitute a Sketcher’s product. Although a famous brand, it is quite rare for people to opt for their yoga shoes.

However, these pairs are made of 100% jersey material resembling a swimsuit fabric. More so, the straps are rendered soft and cozy when slipped between the toes.

The fabric is remarkably stretchy, conforming themselves to your feet if you were worried about flip flops making an obnoxious sound while walking or during any activity, this is the best yoga shoes for you.

It stays fixed to your body, and the soft fabric straps secure each of them to prevent slipping off. The wraparound straps, coming in glorious shades, is one of the unique elements.

The bottom part constitutes yoga foam that provides a soft cushioning for your feet. There is a slight heel around the underside, employed for a better momentum. Both yoga foam and the lug sole give a bounce to your steps.


5. Simari


A unisex pair of shoes from Simari is designed to resemble an everyday pump shoe that can be worn either regularly or for workout sessions.

Displaying two different size charts for men and women, the brand aims to promote healthy athleticism and a happy lifestyle.

A strong build is required to sustain intense yoga sessions; especially when you have to work on slippery surfaces. The thick rubber soles are made of TPR materials that lend excellent grip on smooth floors while protecting the feet from gravel.

You will find the TPR mainly among sports shoes as they are known to equip the pairs with anti-skid technology. You can perform any form of postures in yoga while wearing these, unperturbed.

They are covered with 92% polyester, which is both stretchy and breathable. Imagine shoes permitting you with mobility freedom, similar to socks. The toe area has an additional cushioning to enable shock absorption.

Such a fabric locks in a quick-drying technology and can be compressed in any tight places. Moreover, when you have an object that weighs only 85 grams, you can easily carry it around wherever you go.

Guaranteeing to deliver their best services to your doorstep, Simari offers you a 30 days refund policy as well as a warranty period of 12 months in case of any damage or defect.

Now, wear your pair for any occasion, starting from beach outings and swimming to pilates and yoga.


6. Barerun


A black beauty sculpted to your luxury is embossed with Aztec patterns all over its body, thus, giving it a breathtakingly sophisticated look.

Barerun’s products are lightweight and portable, weighing around 80 to 180 ounces. The brand specializes in shoes exclusively for water sports or activities, demanding an immense amount of movement.

When you own a pair from this brand, you can wear them for both rigorous outdoor activities to regular indoor walking.

The textile fabric allows your feet to breathe while you perform your session, and perfect your stances due to the anti-skid quality.

Along the rim of the neckline, you receive a hoop near the ankle. It helps you in slipping on and off easily. The pair is so light and soft that you will feel as if performing bare feet.

More than 40 patterns and colors adorn this brand of shoes. Their best quality thick rubber soles provide an adequate level of flexibility along with protection from dirt.

You can wear them for yoga, swimming, running, gym, and camping.


7. Yalox


One of the unique features Yalox introduces in their shoes, it the fittings. Their shoes are skin fit resembling socks, conforms to your feet curve-to-curve.

This type of building is beneficial for workouts related to water. If you are living in a humid area and attend yoga sessions regularly, the quick-drying technology helps in keeping your feet dry and odor-free.

92% polyester and 8% spandex gives an excellent flexibility of movement. Yoga ensures smooth and nimble postures, and to achieve such; you have to own an attire that allows you to breathe.

The pair of shoes are unbelievably light weighing less than 100 grams. You are free to fold and compress to fit into a narrow space.

Along with durable rubber soles, these shoes come with additional grooves that assist in attaining maximum traction on slippery surfaces.


8. Ning Meng

Ning Meng

If you are looking for a pair that delivers a powerful performance, this hard-bottomed Ning Meng product is the best yoga shoes for you.

While working out, sweaty feet can cause bacteria infestation and make you feel icky. Sometimes even emitting an odor. The pair of shoes from Ning Meng is stitched with a breathable fabric that is furnished with a quick-dry mechanism.

Carry on with your intense yoga sessions without getting wet and smelly feet. Although the built is hard, the shoes are equipped with excellent flexibility and comfort.

The manner of construction adheres to an ultra-lightweight quality. There is a remarkable absence of heftiness. Hence, it can be compressed to fit even the tightest places.

On the bottom, the underside is covered with high-quality rubber soles. It prevents sharp objects from piercing into your skin. Smooth take-off and slip on is assisted with the super stretching ability of the fabric.

Ning Meng offers a wide range of sizes starting from XS to XXXL, which you can refer to in the displayed size chart. Made for both men and women, you receive a plethora of patterned and colored shoes.

These barefoot skin shoes can be worn for water sports, gardening, swimming, and walking, besides yoga sessions.


9. FitKicks


FitKicks presents you with a pair of shoes that possesses the potential to give the best moving experience.

Available in four different sizes and six limited-edition patterns, FitKicks has a rubberized sole that conforms to your feet effectively, providing unparalleled flexibility.

They are made exclusively for womenfolk to enjoy a worry-free workout session although minimalist in looks, it has ample space to spread your toes, and inner cushion.

Comfortable to wear and take off, it gives you an aqua shoe feel with thick pull tabs at its rear end as well as a protective toe guard. Now, your toes are protected from injuries when stubbed.

Possess superior movement expertise as the spandex fabric helps you in covering intense stretches while the grip strap ensures the shoes stay in their place. The rubber sole is made of a FlexForm technology that takes care of its durability.

Having a potential element for comfort and freedom to move around, you can use the pair for an active lifestyle – be it yoga, swimming, travelling, or for regular use.




Among the best yoga shoes comes an MIYA’s product that contributes to providing their customers with comfortable and healthy walking conditions.

These pairs of shoes measure a standard US size of men and women. From XS to XXXL, you can avail the size chart displayed by the brand on their Amazon page.

Made up of a lightweight and good quality material, wearing them, you would feel as if floating in the air. The superior craftsmanship of the shoes hug your feet, contouring each curve similar to socks.

Glide through your yoga sessions with these breathable and flexible products without worrying about slipping. High-quality materials thicken the soles.

The insoles provide durability and shock absorbing facilities while you are involved in an intense workout. It prevents your feet from getting injured by sharp objects like nails or rocks.

Moreover, the fabric is known to be an efficient quick-drying material and super stretchy. Thus, they are easy to slip on and off your feet. It saves space by fitting into the tightest of places in your luggage – fold the pair up and cram it down the side.

Apart from yoga, you can also use it on the beach volleyball, swimming, gardening, windsurfing, water sports, and kayaking.


11. WateLves


If you are on a hunt for shoes that reflect your mood and lifts your spirits from the daily humdrum, WateLves has brought you a collection of summer footwear.

The design and printing are so radiant that you can wear a pair even as regular footwear or take it for vacations.

Not only do the bright tropical prints pop out, but the shoes with superb comfort also boost your performance when worn for yoga sessions.

One of the common characteristics in these yoga shoes is their quick-dry technology. Because of such a mechanism, you can function without stressing about squishy shoes or smelly feet.

The skin-tight fittings enable uber security. Your shoes will not have a tendency to slip out after repeated wear and tear, nor would the smooth neckline be scuffed.

Aside from its fantastic flexibility and breathable quality, you will also be protected from falling over with practicing challenging balancing postures.

The outer soles of WateLves are layered with thick rubber and are also engraved to stimulate traction. The thickness of the soles protects the feet from unwanted injuries.

Therefore, pack these compressible and lightweight footwear and carry it anywhere you wish to travel. They are a great beach companion and provides an excellent support system in watersports.


12. Joinfree


Joinfree strives to make your day better with each step. They understand the importance of physical fitness alongside hygiene. Hence, the brand has presented you with a broad spectrum of yoga shoes.

One of the best yoga shoes for travel purposes, it has a unique feature explicitly crafted for the convenience of the user.

A solid shape encased with premium quality materials assures you of superior support and health for your feet. The rubber soles are polished with anti-slip grips that can hold your pose even on a slippery surface.

The body of the shoes are so constructed that it will not hinder your flexibility or let your feet feel humid. If you are worried about working with damp shoes, then Joinfree’s assurance of superior built kicks in drying the footwear within the blink of your eye.

Before we get onto the next brand of yoga shoes, let us come to the feature that is distinctly Joinfree’s. Each of their shoes is equipped with a side pocket.

Often we find ourselves hands full with essential little objects. These cases happen, especially when we are off for a vacation and have to carry our hotel keycard with us.

Slinging a bag for a tiny keycard en route to the beach sounds like a burden. Stuffing into the dress pocket can lead to damage, and leaving it unguarded is also foolish.

Realizing the frequent dilemma of the people, Joinfree has come up with a solution – a pocket in your waterproof yoga shoes.

This tiny little segment has a waterproof bag zipped inside, where you can store cards, keys or change, and enjoy your time handsfree.


13. L Run

L Run

L Run, who specializes in workout products, introduces an assemblage of yoga shoes that have been constructed using the latest innovative techniques.

To suit the taste of different types of people, these products are incorporated with trendy fashion, reliable support, excellent mobility, freedom to breathe, and unparalleled user satisfaction.

A combination of finer quality polyester and spandex results in a stretchable outer shell. The pore-like design accompanied by a light fabric makes the pair extra breathable.

Sweat absorption is boosted with the breathable upper cover, as it encourages cross ventilation through the pores and quick-draining facility.

You will find a hoop attached acting as a pull tab. It assists the wearer to slip on and off the pair of shoes conveniently. The pull tab also functions to protect the neckline from getting scuffed due to constant tugging.

Employing PU leather for the second generation of yoga shoes is a wise move. It lends optimal protection from skid and sharp objects, with top-class efficiency.

The thickness of the outsole provides a cushioning effect to the feet whereby, even if you feel barefoot wearing these skin tight footwear, you experience ultra comfort.

The softness of the material accompanies the flexibility. It can be compressed and folded to fit into a packed space.

Look through the size chart before ordering one for yourself; remember to order one size up in case of a middle range. For example, if your feet size is 6.5 inches, book one among the medium size of 7 inches.


14. Heeta


If you are not too keen on buying footwear that is plain black and finds brightly printed ones as too gaudy, Heeta is your ideal brand. With an array of solid colors starting from scarlet to neons, you will be showered with endless options.

Moreover, in case you reside in a place where experiencing the glaring sun becomes harsher with sharp colors, Heeta allows you to choose among the soothing pastels.

When you buy online, you get to experience how much time and effort a brand invests in ensuring you are receiving the best end of it. A detailed size chart is displayed right below the gist on Amazon.

Ideal for those who underwent surgeries recently, they protect the feet simultaneously, preventing additional injuries caused by stumbling.

Whether you require to involve yourself in a water sports or yoga, the anti-skid rubber outsole and easy draining potential heighten your performing confidence.

Although, it is advisable to use the brand chiefly for yoga purposes. The tight fit becomes insufficient while in water, thus, leading in expansion. It does not contain a snug fit; hence, you have to be extremely economical while booking. Too much wear and tear can loosen up the neckline.

A second problem arises with the insole. It is not attached inside the pair and can come off position amidst the activity.


15. Vibram


You must be wondering about the finger shoes that was mentioned in the benefits segment. The disbelief is understandable. Finger socks and gloves are the commonly heard commodities – but what are finger shoes?

Like Join free incorporated a pocket in their yoga shoes for better convenience and bagged a unique patent for themselves, Vibram invests itself to market finger shoes.

Enjoy wearing the best yoga shoes in the style that will give you a feeling of practicing barefoot. One of the most significant advantages of these finger shoes is the capacity to spread your toes.

Rubber outsoles can provide excellent traction, however, what is better than using your toes to keep yourself steady. In this manner, your feet muscles are stretched, and toes are strengthened.

The breathable polyester mesh covering the upper part of your feet secures the pair to your feet, successfully diverting your attention to your practice.

This VI-B ballet-like flats is machine washable, however, only with cold water. Later they can be hung for air drying. A slim-fitting, featherlight pair of shoes comes in three different colors – maroon, yellow, and black – adorning your feet with sophistication and coziness.


16. AoSiFu


One of the best yoga shoes in regards to variations in color. You will not find any other brand gracing you with such a diverse number of prints, colors, and compositions than AoSiFu.

You receive a detailed size chart divided between the two genders, with ranges starting from XS to XXL. They represent both the European as well as the US size distributions.

Similar to the rest of the yoga shoes, this product also possesses some of the characteristic qualities – like a quick drying function, breathable fabric covering the feet, anti-slip thick outsoles, superb flexibility, unfathomable lightweight, portability and perfect fit – attributing to high performance.

Besides yoga, you can use these for beach sports, water-related activities, jogging, gym classes, and cycling.


17. Flyen


Yes, I know you were taken aback after reading the name. What is a pair of yoga socks doing amid shoes?

Well, as per the previous subsets of this article, it is made clear that some people prefer wearing shoes and others, socks. There is not much of a distinction between the two except for the build and materials.

If you prefer wearing footwear to your yoga classes, you can check this cozy one out. Flyen introduces yoga socks, which can also be used for barre and pilates practices. These happen to be a little different from the regular fuzzy ones we wear.

Yoga socks have an exclusiveness attached to them, particularly around the design. If you tap on the link given above, you will receive a picture of the socks.

This pair from Flyen resembles black ballet shoes that are form-fitting and have two straps running parallel from one side to the other. These elastic straps are stitched in the middle to prevent the socks from slipping off while you are busy performing.

When the socks are secure on your feet you are able to concentrate on your class and give your best stances. The texture is chiefly high-quality cotton assuring maximum comfort.

On the underside, the soles are patterned with silicone grips, from toe to heel, certifying superior traction and maintenance of balance. These socks have simple upkeep – they can be machine washed and dried.


18. Anluke


Presenting you a batch of colorful shoes created and processed by Anluke. Myriads of designs and layouts will grace your screen the moment you tap on their page. From vibrant reds to soothing greens, you will find the colours being exemplified in different manners.

These yoga shoes are so skin tight and soft that you will have a hard time distinguishing them from a regular pair of socks. A back tab on the upper part of your heel can be tugged at for slipping the shoes on and off your feet.

They will not slip off during jerky movements, nor would they poke you while attaining complicated postures.

The breathable fabric permits quick drying of the dampness, whereby your skin does not feel stuffy or any discomfort.

On one hand, the anti-slip rubber soles are thick enough to protect your feet from alien objects; on the other hand, those illustrate an excellent example of elasticity as the outsoles can be bent.

Weighing around 0.39lb, you hardly feel any difference when these pairs are carried along in your travel bag. The feather-light nature is one of the qualities why people prefer buying yoga shoes. You might not even notice that your feet are adorned in Anluke.

Comfort is its second name, and you can wear the shoes for walking, boating, parasailing, beach activities, etc., apart from yoga classes.


19. Seekway


This second last brand of yoga shoes provides optimal performance when worn for swimming, beach yoga, yoga, jogging, windsurfing, and wakeboarding.

Among regular activities, people usually attend yoga training courses or go for light jogging. Yoga is a high fitness regime to unwind following strenuous daily routines.

Wherefore, to attain peace of mind through yoga, you need to be engrossed in it. With a good quality pair of footwear and its unbeatable features, you will feel happy and fulfilled.

Seekway attempts to drive all your worries away, imbibing their best traits in the products. Sophistication is another term associated with their pairs when you wear them. A solid black colored texture in beautiful matte is lined with shiny designs.

Their rubber soles feature excellent air permeability, which allows your feet to breathe and you to relax. Formed with diving materials, the upper covering offers flexibility throughout its body and fast-drying protection.

The entire body is ergonomically molded to fit your feet like gloves. The thickness of the outsoles acts as a shock absorber, while extra padding at the toe prevents injuries.

Seekway also advises users to rinse the shoes with clean cold water. They are not suitable for machine cleansing; neither should they be dried mechanically.

It might not be as flexible as its fellow counterparts mentioned above, as excessive bending at the heels can deform the shoes.


20. Moffo


This unisex pair of shoes from Moffo is designed to portray uber-stylish footwear and provide ultra comfort. They can be worn either regularly or for yoga sessions.

The brand displays two different size charts, each for men and women. Furthermore, Moffo manufactures the best yoga shoes to stimulate powerful athleticism and active life.

Built with a combination of spandex and polyester, the flexibility acquired is required to nurture enthusiastic yoga rounds.

The rhich rubber soles come handy, particularly when you have to work on slippery surfaces. The outsoles lend excellent traction in polished floors, simultaneously protecting the feet from gravel.

The marvelous patterns printed on the shoes seem to burst out with resplendence. You can accomplish any form of stances in yoga while donning these.

Covered with the lightweight upper layer and insoles assume brilliant stretching ability and are breathable. Imagine sports shoes permitting you with mobility freedom similar to socks, quite unbelievable, isn’t it?

The toe area possesses an extra cushioned coating to enable shock absorption, alongside a high-quality foam arch support on the inside.

Such a material boasts of a quick-drying ability and can be flattened or folded to fit in any tight corners.

So, wear your pair for any event, whether it is for beach outings and surfing to watersports and yoga.



Using a pair of yoga shoes is mandatory or not is debatable. From the early days, our parents and grandparents would perform yoga barefoot. It is said to provide an excellent gripping mechanism and freedom to change positions without slipping.

With the invention of yoga mats and the concept of studio or community yoga classes, came in a boom in the yoga accessory industry. To maintain hygiene and working out in clean areas induce good health.

Community classes address the idea of sharing. You either share the common floor or a mat – both of which are not ranking among hygienic lifestyle. Thus, you would find instructors advising or suggesting you buy a yoga kit.

Although socks seem like a better option, they are often unfaithful, absence of proper gripping structure can lead you to slip and fall – sustaining injuries – amidst yoga.

Therefore, yoga shoes come to the rescue. Resembling a pair of socks, these are flexible, foldable, and durable. They can be carried in your kit or travel bags without taking up much space.

A pair of best yoga shoes can save you from the hassle of purchasing appropriate shoes to match with yoga socks. They can be easily slipped on and taken off, and the soles provide abundant traction and comfort.

This article guides you through the concept, need, and benefits of the best yoga shoes. Not only does it give you an insight into the bestselling yoga shoes, but it also answers some of the commonly asked questions and strives to remove any question that haunts your sleep.

FAQs on Yoga Shoes

1. Can You Wear Shoes For Yoga?

Yes, you can. Shoes provide excellent traction control, which sometimes cannot be acquired barefoot.

Moreover, wearing shoes gives you a sense of completion. You can feel like a professional yogi with a good pair of shoes and concentrate better on your performance.

Yoga shoes, although not mandatory, are recommended by the yoga instructors because it maintains hygiene and prevents toxic bacteria from creating a home in your feet.

2. Do You Wear Shoes Or Socks For Yoga?

There is rarely a competition between yoga socks and shoes. Many people prefer going barefoot while others switch between the aforementioned two.

It all depends on your comfort level and the quality of the built. One of the most important aspects that should be determined is the amount of traction and flexibility you receive from the products.

Moreover, one can endure the intensity of wear and tear, and you can benefit from it in the long run.

3. What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear For Yoga?

Yoga is a calming exercise. While packing your kit, you have to keep in mind the number of movements that you are required to perform.

Intense yoga would lead to profuse perspiration. Therefore, you must own a pair of shoes that are soft and breathable.

If the pair employs a quick-dry mechanism, you can carry on enjoying the session without being stressed.

Purchase a pair that is easy to take off and slip-on, lightweight to be carried, and sufficiently flexible to fit in tiny places.

4. Is Yoga Bad For Bunions?

A common foot problem, bunions, affects mostly women. Although acquired genetically, sometimes it can grow to become an ugly deformity causing severe distress.

To limit their development, you can take the help of different massages and yoga sessions. Acupressure is the most convenient manner, whereby you massage the underside of your feet regularly.

Others are activating your arches, strengthening the key muscles of your feet using simple toe exercises.

Standing hatha yoga is where you have to maintain balance on your feet. These poses are the best opportunities you will get to prevent the progress of bunions.

Asanas such as Trikonasana, Parsvottanasana, Parshvakonasana, Ardha Chandrasana, Bhujangasana, and Virabhadrasana are some of the most effective postures.

5. Are Toe Separators Good For Bunions?

Not all bunions lead to worst deformities or pain; some even persist along with its original shape and size. But, one of the best measures to curb their growth is wearing a smart set of shoes.

Choose lightweight pairs that do not represent pointy toes or heels for regular wear as well as for workout sessions.

For simple exercises and equal distribution of balance, you require soft padded shoes to support your feet.

Yoga shoes with extra padding near the bunion areas made of moleskin or gel can help in preventing pain.

Another suitable method is to employ toe separators; it places the big toe in a normal position. Made of silicone, the toe separators can be used while walking or exercising.