Best Yoga Tops of 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Icyzone2. Mippo3. Disbest
Icyzone Workout Tank Tops For WomenMippo Women Yoga TopDisbest Yoga Tank Top

We have been reminded of the importance of exercise time and time again. Exercising for at least half an hour a day can improve not just our physical health but also our mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Practicing Yoga is one of the best methods of maintaining mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

To stay fit and healthy, our body needs at least half an hour of exercise each day. From doing basic yoga poses to aerobics, Pilates, and strength training, there are so many forms of workouts that a person can do. Each of these forms requires the right gear and equipment to do them correctly.


When it comes to workout, a person needs to be aware of the right gear and equipment and their uses. Amongst so many fitness gears available in the market today, the most common one for any workout is a mat.

In case you have finally decided to sign up for your first ever yoga beginner classes, you might as well have done your research on just about everything about practicing yoga. But before you head out for your first yoga class, let us tell you about the very basic requirement for doing yoga- the perfect activewear.

Whether you are a self-confessed fitness phobe or you are an exercise enthusiast, you cannot overlook the growing popularity of activewear these days. If you are confused about what you should wear while practicing yoga, we suggest you ditch your trusty branded sweats and read on to find out how to choose the best yoga tops for yourself.

Factors To Look For Before Buying Yoga Tops

To have a successful and comfortable yoga workout on a yoga mat, the right yoga top has a lot of impacts. A regular top may also work, but it may be lacking many salient features. A regular loose top may work for warm-up. However, as soon as to transition to a downward dog, it could ride up fully, exposing the body parts you’d rather keep covered.

The right yoga top should cover all the following points to ensure you the best yoga practice on all fronts.

1. Quality

The poses you are getting into while practicing yoga can cause severe stress on the clothes you are wearing at that time. Lesser quality clothes will show wear and tear or even begin to come apart quite soon.

If you are in the market for yoga tops that last, you need to research before buying. You first need to know the type of yoga you’d be indulging yourself into because low-quality tops might come apart after just a few intense workouts.

2. Flexibility

You need to find the right blend of rugged and flexible when it comes to your yoga tops to have a great and comfortable yoga practice. Companies nowadays know the requirements of the customers when it comes to clothes, whether they are regular wear or special activewear.

Certain fabrics are designed to ensure breathability, such as four-way stretch fabrics. We all know that yoga requires freedom of movement as well as the freedom to breath. It means that your activewear cannot be constricting and must come in the way of a great session. A regular t-shirt might work just fine for a traditional gym workout or spin class. However, they won’t last long in case of power yoga.

Hence, while practicing yoga, you’ll need a top that gives you a snug fit. Such type of top ensures minimal ride up as well as no accidental exposures during intense yoga workouts. It allows complete freedom of movement along the full range of motion during intense yoga workouts.

Therefore, flexibility is an essential factor.

3. Style

We always search for versatile clothes. The same goes for yoga tops. Quality yoga tops are designed to perform on the yoga mats. However, this does not mean that you should not seek out yoga gear with versatility.

We know that a great pair of yoga pants can go straight from the gym to the office or even out for a night with the right accessories. However, very few people realize that a great yoga top is capable of the same thing. Many top brands design cool and super cute yoga tops that can not only perform on the mat but also make you look different and a fashion standout outside the gym.

You can easily make the right yoga top a go-to in your wardrobe for days and nights, even when you are not in the mood for a workout.

If you are facing difficulty in choosing the best yoga tops for yourself, scroll through our list of the best yoga tops and best yoga shirts to find the looks that fit you well and suit your personality. We have got the highest quality yoga tops listed below.

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops of 2022

1. Icyzone Workout Tank Tops For Women

Icyzone Best Yoga Tops

These racerback athletic yoga tank tops by Icyzone come in fifteen different exciting colors. Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, these tops are designed to be lightweight and stretchy. The moisture-wicking power fabric keeps it cool and dry.

Its banded crew neckline makes sure that it is stretchy, and the tag-free neck label offers you maximum comfort. This quality of the tops makes them perfect for yoga, exercise, and routine workouts. These tops by Icyzone offers a tight fit that sits right against your body for easy layering. Its ideal length offers your freedom of movement and also moves with you.

These tops’ flatlock stitch is specially done to avoid layering and minimizes seam rubs against your skin, hence ideal for activewear. These tops are also quite versatile, and you can wear them even when you are not working out.

The material is soft and not constricting. These tops are available in a pack of three in various colors and are not that expensive.


2. Mippo Women Yoga Top

Mippo Women Yoga Top

This cute mesh workout yoga top by Mippo is available in eighteen different vibrant colors and four different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large.

Made with 95% Modal and 5% spandex, these tops are designed to be breathable and comfortable. Why has Mippo chosen Modal as the top’s chief material? It is because Modal offers softness and is smooth to handle. Its drapability is better than cotton, and it also gives a silky feel. However, this material’s soft texture doesn’t compromise with its strength and toughness.

5% spandex is also mixed in the material to give these tops the perfect stretch and allows you freedom of movement.

You can wear these tops not only during your yoga practice but just about anywhere. Its V-shaped mesh back is quite cute and makes the top quite versatile. There is a nice knit tail at the back of the top that can be tightened and adjusted as per your requirement.

These tops have a high neckline and enough length that provides proper coverage and doesn’t ride up during intense yoga asanas. They also offer a fantastic snug fit. The material used to make these tops is lightweight and easy to maintain, making them perfect for not only yoga but any routine workout.

Laden with so many features, these yoga tops by Mippo are bestsellers for not one, but many reasons. According to more than two hundred reviews and ratings, these yoga tops by Mippo are the best yoga tanks on our list. Not to forget, they are worth your money.


3. Disbest Yoga Tank Top

Disbest Yoga Tank Top

Available in thirteen different colors and four different sizes, these tank tops by DISBEST have an ergonomic design.

These tank tops are made with a blended material of 63.1% polyamide, 31.4% polyester, and 5.25% spandex. This scientific combination of three different fabrics is super elastic and doesn’t easily become baggy or go out of shape. The material is quite soft and breathable, as well as easy to wash.

The embedded padded support bra in this tank top gives your breasts protection and support during your yoga practice. Its built-in under-bust strap effectively prevents the chest from expanding outwards. It also provides the chest region with exceptional support. The comfortable anti-slipping wide straps of this yoga tank top are wide enough to cover your shoulders.

However, if you want to wear your bra underneath this yoga top, you can easily take out the chest pads.

The tops’ seamless stitching is to maximize comfort and minimize layering of cloth. This reduces chafing against the skin and doesn’t cause irritation. This yoga top’s top hem and rim are sewn efficiently, and the stitching is quite sturdy and durable.

The price range in which these tops by DISBEST are available is a little high for yoga or workout beginners. However, if you want to invest in quality activewear from the very start, these tops are an excellent option for you.


4. Epic MMA Gear Fitness Tank Top

Epic MMA Gear Fitness Tank Top

Apart from ten different colors, these tank tops by Epic are available in many exciting prints, as well.

Made of a blended material consisting of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, these yoga tank tops are very breathable and easy to wash. The prints on these tops are safe, and you can directly wash them in washing machines.

These tops are available in a pack of three. These yoga racerback tops are very comfortable. However, being made of 60% cotton material, they don’t cool off quickly and stick to your body. They absorb sweat too efficiently.

These burnout tank tops are great for yoga on the mat and simple workout routines, as the material is not durable when it comes to intense yoga practice or vigorous workouts. However, because of the exciting prints and vibrant color options, you can wear these tops anywhere. Whether you are at home or going out to the grocery store, these yoga tank tops will work just fine.

As compared to the tops’ material and durability, these tops are a little expensive.


5. Treelance Organic Cotton Yoga Tank Top

Treelance Organic Cotton Yoga Tank Top

Made of organic cotton and spandex, this yoga tank top by TREELANCE is available in only two colors- black and white.

This casual wear and minimalist tank top are great for yoga practices, routine workouts, pilates, bare, tai chi, hot Bikram yoga as well as dance. The material of this yoga tank top is quite soft and move and stretch with you through your yoga poses. This tank top offers a snug fit to avoid having your top fall over your head, literally.

Made with 95% organic cotton, the material of this tank top is skin-friendly, perfect for downward dog, bending, twisting, and squatting all over. With the top’s versatile design, you can wear this tank top in during your yoga practice as well as go straight from your yoga class to running an errand and catching up with friends over a cup of coffee.


6. Mippo Activewear Yoga Tank

Mippo Activewear Yoga Tank

Available in twelve different vibrant colors, this tank top by Mippo is made of blended material consisting of 95% Modal and 5% cotton.

This yoga tank top is open-back and sleeveless, thus allowing freedom of movement. This tank top is perfect for yoga, workouts, running, and much more. The backless design creates a breezy feel with more cooling as your body heats up. You can easily pair up this tank top with your yoga pants as well as your jeans. The fashionable twist back design makes you stand out in the crowd.

This tank top fits great and also has a cute tie at the back and can be left open for just a peek of the back as well. This top is easy to handle and super soft. However, the material of this top is quite durable and can be washed directly in the washing machine.


7. Oyanus Women’s Summer Workout Tops

Oyanus Women's Summer Workout Tops

These quick-dry yoga tank tops are available in thirteen different colors and four different sizes.

This top is made of blended material comprising 70% Modal and 30% spandex. This scientific combination of two different fabrics gives the top a soft and smooth texture as well as a little stretch. The backless design of this top is quite fancy and makes the top versatile. You can easily pair it up with your pair of yoga pants for workout and with your pair of jeans when going out with friends for a cup of coffee or going to the grocery store.

The impressive backless design of this yoga top provides a cooling effect when your body heats up during your workout and can easily become a go-to top for sunny summer days. This top features a scoop neck and sleeveless design and is quite lightweight.

The price range in which this top comes is affordable, and this product is indeed worth your money. This top by OYANUS is one of the best yoga tops on our list.


8. SweatyRocks Women’s Sleeveless Yoga Tank Top

SweatyRocks Women's Sleeveless Yoga Tank Top

Available in twenty-three exciting colors and prints, this yoga top by SweatyRocks is made of lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabric. Featuring a scoop neck and sleeveless design, this yoga tank top is perfect for yoga, routine workouts, gymming, running, and much more.

However, the sleeve cut is very deep, and most people don’t feel comfortable when their skin shows. It also has a loose fit and may ride up while you’re practicing certain intense yoga asanas, which may prove to be a little awkward if you are in a class full of people.

A special instruction that comes with this top is that this top is not to be bleached as it may damage the print on it. However, it can be machine-washed in cold water. It also offers a pretty casual as well as a sporty look. Hence, you can wear it even when you are not working out.


9. Move With You Women’s Crop Tank Top

Move With You Women's Crop Tank Top

Crop top paired with a pair of ripped jeans or leggings never goes out of fashion. This crop Yoga tank top is very simple in its looks, yet eye-catching because of the different color options it is available in.

Made of 86% Nylon and 14% spandex, this crop tank top is designed with a four-way stretch sports fabric with a built-in bra, including removable padded cups. The added cups maintain the support and breast position in all low, medium, and high impact activities.

This top features a racerback style with wide shoulder straps to prevent the shoulder straps from slipping. The flat-lock stitching technique prevents layering and hence prevents chafing against the skin.

You can not only wear this top while practicing yoga but also to go for a run, gymming, etc. The quick-dry fabric technology enables the fabric to wick moisture away from your skin so that it makes you feel cold.

According to the quality of this cropped tank top by Move With You is one of the best yoga tanks.


10. RBX Active Women’s Yoga Tank Top

RBX Active Women's Yoga Tank Top

Available in a wide range of colors, this tank top by RBX is made of a material comprising 65% polyester and 35% rayon.

Featuring a scoop neck and sleeveless design, the top is quite lightweight and flowy with high/low hem making it an easy layering piece. The relaxed fit of this yoga top is to allow room for breathability and air circulation. This way, this top quickly cools off.

This top gives you a snug fit and doesn’t ride up during workouts. The heathered jersey fabric feels soft and smooth and drapes your body for a flattering fit. Therefore, this yoga top is an excellent option for someone who does aerobic and not only yoga.

According to the reviews and ratings of the users and evaluation of its price range, this yoga tank top by RBX is one of the best yoga shirts. With the ladder-like design at its back, it offers a great look.


11. Gaiam Women Strappy Racerback Yoga Tank Top

Gaiam Women Strappy Racerback Yoga Tank Top

This open back yoga tank top by Gaiam is available in nine different colors and prints and four different sizes.

Made of a blended fabric of polyester and spandex, this top is designed to give a loose and relaxed fit that allows you full freedom of movement to finally nail that crow pose. This top features DRI-MOTION moisture management fabric that is designed especially to wick moisture from your skin. This way, you can stay dry and comfortable even during intense yoga practices and other vigorous workouts.

The blended fabric makes the top durable and ultra-soft. You can directly wash this top in the washing machine without worrying about the wear and tear of this top. The embedded pads in this top support your bosom efficiently during a workout, and the pads don’t even show through the fabric. The fit and compression are excellent and not too restrictive. This style doesn’t accentuate lumps, bumps, and muffin tops the way thinner tops do.

This top is of the right length. However, due to its loose fit, it may ride up during intense workouts. It also looks great, and you can pair it up with a nice pair of yoga pants and transition easily from workout mode to casual mode without even changing your clothes — all in all, this top by Gaiam one of the best yoga shirts on our list.


12. Mippo Women Workout Tank Tops

Mippo Women Workout Tank Tops

Available in eight different solid colors, this yoga tank top by Mippo is fit for not only yoga practices but also other routine workouts. This top is suitable for beginners as it is not that expensive as compared to other tops on this list.

Made of a blend-material of 95% Modal and 5% spandex as most other Mippo tops, this top is lightweight and breathable. It wicks moisture from your skin and gives you a dry and cool feel.

The interesting backless cross back gives it a fresh look, and you can wear it casually, even when you are not working out. This top features a scoop neck and sleeveless design, also giving you a snug fit. It does not ride up during intense workouts and thus avoids awkward situations, especially if you are in a yoga class full of people.

This flowy racerback tank top is also easy to maintain, super soft, and elegant, great for all seasons. With so many features and color options, for beginners, this top by Mippo is one of the best yoga tanks on our list of the best yoga tops.


13. Miusey Women Workout Tank Top

Miusey Women Workout Tank Top

This top is made with a scientific combination of three different fabrics- 60% cotton, 35% polyester, and 5% spandex. It is available online on Amazon in fourteen vibrant solid colors and four different sizes.

Due to the combination of three different fabrics, this top is lightweight, breathable, and gives you a soft and smooth texture. It also wicks moisture from your skin and keeps you dry even during intense workouts.

This top features a blouson style to give you a more relaxed fit. The banded bottom and pleated front design can hide any extra belly and allows you to carry it confidently. It doesn’t cling to your body but is also not baggy. Hence gives a perfect fit and doesn’t ride up during workouts. This racerback yoga tank top also features a round neck and sleeveless design and goes with both pairs of yoga pants and jeans.

According to many user reviews, this is a decent shirt and fits right. However, it is a bit too thin and hence, a little see-through. It is a slight drawback to the overall quality of this yoga tank top by Miusey.


14. Running Girl Yoga Tank Top

Running Girl Yoga Tank Top

This yoga tank top is specially designed for flow-through poses and pulses. It is a soft, strappy-back tank top available in five different colors and four sizes from small to extra-large.

This top’s shelf-bra liner gives those women with B/C cups light and no-fuss support. It provides full coverage and is very comfortable. Its inside under-bust strap effectively prevents the chest from expanding outwards and provides the chest region excellent support without chafing against your skin.

If you are looking for a versatile yoga top, this yoga tank top by Running Girl is an excellent choice for you as it features a strappy-back design that looks unique. It is a little expensive, but worth the money. It also features a super soft texture and enough stretch that allows you freedom of movement without being restrictive.

It is one of the best-rated yoga tank tops on our list and is no doubt a tough competitor on our list of the best yoga tops.


15. Icyzone Workout Tank Top

Icyzone Workout Tank Top

Made of a blended material of 70% polyester and 30% rayon, this tank top is available in eleven different solid colors.

Featuring a unique back cut with a twisted knot, this yoga tank top is great for yoga practices as well as other workout routines. It also features a flatlock stitch to avoid chafing against your skin and causing irritation.

With its flattering back design, this yoga tank top easily goes with a pair of yoga pants and jeans. The top’s material is moisture-wicking, and the back cut provides proper ventilation, thus giving you a cooling effect and keeping you dry during vigorous workouts.


Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Tops

Q1. How Is Yoga Tops Different From Regular Tank Tops?

Yoga tops are usually made of a scientific combination of two or more fabrics such as polyester, cotton, rayon, modal, and spandex. Unlike other regular tops made purely of cotton or lycra, yoga tops are easier to cool off. They have a snug fit and thus absorb sweat more quickly as well as effectively.

Regular tops are usually loose and are a no-no when doing yoga as they tend to get in the way of the movements. However, yoga tops are uniquely designed to be skin fit and are made of stretchable material. Comfort is the priority when you decide to buy clothes, whether for workout or day to day routine. Yoga tops are made of breathable material and hence are more comfortable than regular tops.

Q2. Why Do Yoga Tops Need To Be Stretchy?

Doing yoga means contorting and stretching into all sorts of positions. The last thing you want during your yoga practice is to hear your activewear rip off as you move. Therefore, the material of all yoga tops consists of a fabric known as spandex. This fabric provides stretchiness to your top so that you are free to stretch and move as and when you want, without ripping off your activewear.

Q3. Will You Like How These Yoga Tops Will Look On You?

Yoga tops nowadays, are not only available in different colors and sizes, but also different patterns. With so many brands on the market offering numerous options for yoga tops, there is a perfect yoga top for you somewhere.

You have to be clear about what kind of fit you want from the top and what kind of material you need.

Q4. Will The Yoga Tops Go See-through When You Bend Over For Different Asanas Or Workouts?

If you are bending or stretching in a yoga class full of people, the last thing you want is your yoga top to ride up over your face, showing off your skin. To avoid such mishaps, yoga tops are designed to be of snug fit in such a way that they are neither too clingy nor too baggy.

Q5. How Do You Wash Yoga Tops?

The best way to wash yoga tops is to wash them inside out, especially if you are using a washing machine. It not only ensures that the grip stays in place, but will also not wear off too quickly. It is also ideal to use cold water for washing them, and air dry them instead of using a dryer.

Best Yoga Tops – Wrapping It Up!

If you don’t want to indulge yourself in vigorous workout routines, practicing yoga and meditating can be suitable for you. However, you cannot practice any workout without the right gear. The first and foremost important gear for yoga practitioners, whether he/she is a beginner or an experienced one, is yoga activewear.

Finding the best yoga shirt for yourself or others involves a lot of trial and error. It is because what usually works for one person may not necessarily work for you. The primary and most important thing that you need to remember is to know what kind of exercises or what type of yoga you asanas your practice.

It is where the adventure starts. Firstly, you need to keep in mind the factors to look for before buying yoga tops. A list of factors has been discussed in detail in this article. Then, you need to set a budget for it. You set a budget before you buy anything. The same goes for yoga tops. Make sure that you choose a yoga top that has a soft texture is comfortable as well as durable, and has the right amount of grip.

So if you are facing difficulty in purchasing the right yoga top for yourself, you need not worry! Research online, ask your friends who have been practicing yoga or take the help of the above wholesome buyer’s guide. Just be sure to invest in a good quality yoga top so that you get the best bang for your bucks.