Different kinds of Yoga Towels

The Different Types of Yoga Towels – Find the Best One

If you’re a dedicated yogi, the chances are that you already have a yoga mat and your favorite outfits to wear to class. But one thing that many people forget is their towel!

Yoga towels come in handy for those intense and sweaty sessions because they provide the perfect balance of absorbency and softness so you can stay comfortable during your practice.

What’s more, there are so many different kinds of yoga towels on the market today; choosing the right yoga towel can be tricky. So we’ve decided to put together this guide with all the information about what makes each type of yoga mat towel unique and some tips on how best to care for them!

What you should consider when you’re Buying a Yoga Towel

Yoga towels are one of the essential pieces of any yoga routine. A lot of detail and thought goes into buying just a yoga towel that you’ll use on your yoga mat! Like how people carefully examine other garments like dresses, when they buy clothes for themselves, the same kind of care should be taken in selecting materials, colors, sizes, and style when buying a new non-slip yoga towel.

Careful consideration needs to go into what material best works with your skin type or sensitive areas such as feet (you don’t want it slipping off!). Whether there’s enough coverage for an extra-large area needed (to keep from getting dirty). It has to have fast drying times so no moisture can accumulate while practicing poses – all these things need attention before making a purchase decision.


The best yoga towels can help you stay cool and comfortable during your sessions. Towels with thin materials work for low to moderate sweat, but thicker ones are better if you tend to sweat heavily or do intense workouts like hot yoga! Make sure that the hot yoga towel matches your yoga mat!


It’s essential to consider the type of material your yoga towel is made of. Microfiber can be a great choice for the best yoga towels because it feels super soft and durable at the same time! So make sure you buy one that contains microfiber blends for maximum comfort. Check out the different variants of yoga towels further down in this article!

Size of Towel

Get a yoga towel that fits your size and the size of your yoga mat. Most are made in different sizes and styles to accommodate yogis’ needs with yoga mats of all shapes. Before you buy, measure the dimensions of your yoga mat, so there’s no stress when it is time for buying a new hot yoga towel!

Durability and Strength

Yoga mats and yoga towels are often overlooked when you’re in need of workout gear. But don’t let the idea of them being just some type of ‘extra’ get to your head because there’s so much more than meets the eye! If you’re going for that good look, then it might be worth investing in a really great quality yoga mat towel or two (or three).

Yoga mats and yoga towels are important to stay on top of when doing Yoga. If you are spending so much on a good-quality yoga towel made from a thicker material such as cotton or hemp, they should definitely last for years! Get a yoga towel with an absorbent surface like microfiber – something that can really suck up all those spills without feeling heavy in weight.

You also want to make sure to get a non-slip yoga towel that sticks to your yoga mat. This prevents the yoga towel from slipping around which can potentially lead to injuries! This is extremely important when doing hot yoga as you sweat more and you need the yoga mat towel to stay in place.

Yoga Towels - What kinds you can get


You don’t want to waste your money, and you also don’t want a really cheap yoga towel that will feel gross later. The price may not be what most people think about first, but it is still important to take into consideration the importance of cost when you’re looking for the best yoga towel.

Types of Yoga Towels

In this following section we’ll have a closer look at the different kinds of yoga towels, specifically when it comes to material choice, you can find.

Standard Towels

Standard towels are the most common type of yoga towel, and they’re made from cotton or a blend. They have an average thickness but can be quite bulky to carry around with you if space is limited in your bag!

The best thing about this kind of towel though? They are super affordable. They won’t break up any budget either way – just make sure that when washing them in your washing machine after use (to avoid bacteria buildups), do not bleach. Bleaching will weaken their fibers over time. This can lead to premature wear and tear on these kinds of towels sooner than expected. Instead, opt for a warm water wash only followed by air drying before putting them away for the next yoga class.

Cotton Yoga Towels

There are many different types of yoga towels on the market, and they all have their benefits. The most popular type is a cotton towel that is absorbent and lightweight. 

Two other main types of yoga towels are the microfiber towel and a terry cloth-like fabric.

The microfiber towel is more expensive, but it’s also much lighter to carry around with you as well, making this type perfect for those who have limited space in their bags or backpacks!

The cotton towel has an average thickness that can be pretty bulky. Make sure to wash them after use (to avoid bacteria buildups). Do not bleach though – wash these by hand using cold water only then air drying before storing them.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels consist of synthetic materials, making the towel very thin and lightweight while still being absorbent because of its fiber’s material composition. They dry quickly, meaning they won’t get sweaty nor stinky if left inside your bag!

At first glance, it may seem as though you’ll be stuck with a slippery mat that is not absorbent. However, all of the microfiber material in yoga towels have an increased grip when wet and will still feel soft on your skin!

Some people prefer to work out at home. If you’re one of these folks, never fear! Microfiber material is perfect for making yoga towels that are soft and get a better grip when wet.

Cotton-Polyester Blend Towel

This is like a mix between a microfiber towel and a traditional cotton towel, which means it has some of the best qualities from both worlds! It will be lighter than just cotton but more durable than just microfiber. 

The cotton-polyester blend towel is perfect for those who want to get the best of both worlds. It’s a little bit heavier than just microfiber, but it will still be soft and absorbent like regular towels!

The only downside? They’re not as durable because they don’t have any polyamide in them. You’ll need this one if your yoga sessions last an hour or less at most – anything more intense may result in some fraying around edges from repeated use over time without washing first.

This type of yoga towel is super-absorbent and provides twice as much sweat and moisture absorption as the average cotton towel making it the best towel for hot yoga. It also dries in half the time, making it essential for any hot yoga lover’s mat!

Hemp/Cotton Blend Towel

These towels are made with natural materials, which makes them environmentally friendly and sustainable as well as soft to touch!

Have you been looking for the perfect towel that is naturally anti-microbial, absorbent, fast-drying, compact, and extremely durable while also being made from sustainable textiles? Well, your search has finally come to an end with our flatweave hemp towels. These work great for all types of Yoga, but they are particularly handy when using them in travel or at home!

The hemp towels are great for all Yoga types, but they work exceptionally well in hot and sweaty classes. The natural anti-microbial properties will help keep the towel free from bacteria, mold, or mildew, which can be found on standard cotton products that have been washed over time as a result of harsh detergents being used during laundry cycles!

This is because the flat weave fabric naturally has an anti-microbial property due to its construction. It doesn’t need any additional chemicals added like most other fabrics would require after production (such things might include bleach). It’s this unique feature combined with the absorbency qualities that make them the perfect choice when practicing Bikram Yoga, where you sweat profusely while doing poses such as the downward dog.

Types of yoga towels for every age

Final Thoughts

Practicing Yoga is excellent for toning up your body, easing your mind, and fulfilling your soul. That’s why finding a great towel that caters to your style of Yoga while acting as a hygienic barrier between you and the mat is essential to stay focused throughout practice.

A Yoga Towel is an essential accessory for practicing Yoga daily. You want a towel that offers the perfect balance of comfort and durability, as well as quick drying time. With plenty of appealing colors to choose from, your focus will not be on the surface but rather what matters – your practice!