What not to wear when doing Yoga

Yoga Clothing & Inhibitions: What (not) to Wear to Your First Yoga Class

It’s hard to know what to wear when you go to a yoga class for the first time. Some students have been practicing for years and have no inhibitions about wearing whatever they want, but others may be more self-conscious. If you don’t want your clothes to show off your body in an unflattering way, it’s best not to wear tight clothing or anything with a lot of fabric that could get caught on things during downward dog.

What to wear and what not to wear!

Everything you need to know about what not to wear in yoga class. We’ll start with your clothes and end on the small things that always make a difference when it comes time for savasana, like socks!

Never wear a Hat

One thing you should never ever wear – Never wear a hat to yoga, not only because it violates the philosophy of “mindfulness” but also for safety reasons. If you don’t know what I mean by mindfulness, let me explain: One’s head is considered very sacred in Eastern philosophies and should always remain uncovered so that one can be mindful all day long (remember this when crossing roads!). Any spiritual person or yogi would say your hair is like an antenna – connecting with transcendental energies from above. So we see why wearing hats indoors–especially on top of our heads! 

This is no Bueno! But, there’s more to come!

Baggy or Loose Shorts or Pants

Yoga pants are the must-have trend for any yogi. They can provide a flattering figure as well and help you focus on your movements without worrying about slipping out of them or squeezing everything in too much.

Different types of yoga require different clothing, which is why it’s best to stick with what works!

Yes, baggy or loose pants and shorts may be great if doing some strength training at home, but they’re not right for studio or outdoor Yoga classes because they don’t allow us to feel comfortable while lifting our legs up high during certain poses (do you want someone else getting an eye full?). Loose clothes also make stretching difficult; there have been many occasions where I’ve had my shirt ride up over my head when trying to.


Most people would agree that jeans are great for just about any occasion, but they don’t work well in yoga. They’re stiff and won’t stretch, which means you will be weighed down by heavy material while your sweat is absorbed into the fabric, causing rashes to develop on your skin.

Wear the right clothes for Yoga

Do not Leave your Underwear at Home

There are many women who enjoy the freedom of no underwear but in a yoga class? It’s definitely not recommended if you’re planning to squat and balance on your haunches, knees pointing out in the Garland pose, or while attempting the Crow pose. Perched on your elbows and back of your knees will require butt cheeks to point outwardly, which is only achievable with full coverage undergarments.

Leave your Lace Underwear at home, though!

No one wants to see your lace undies during yoga class when you’re working up a sweat! Lightweight fabrics are the best for yoga. Cotton is just too heavy and soaks up your sweat while not drying very fast. Keep it cool with clothing that wicks away moisture so we can all exercise comfortably together without distractions from our underwear!

Regular Bras

Sports bras are essential for your workout routine, and they’re not just a girl’s best friend. They offer much more support than everyday bras, so you can go about your day without worrying about sweat or stinky smells. It may be uncomfortable to wear an underwire bra during yoga poses, but it will ensure the right amount of coverage in some positions that require greater exposure for balance, like Camel Pose, where crosses one arm over their chest with both hands pressing down on either side of their head.

They also keep our breasts from bouncing around too much, which is important when we’re working out because this can cause increased irritation and discomfort as well as interfered breathing techniques such as Ujjayi Pranayama breath exercise by preventing compression forces against.

A regular bra might be comfortable around the house, but any with underwire or snaps will poke you during poses that are done in yoga while they can also reveal too much when bending over for certain exercises such as downward dog pose, which requires users to bend their spine forward from its natural curve.

Loose and Floppy Tops or Tanks or T-Shirt

You don’t want to be in a downward dog pose with your tee shirt all up around your neck or have it fall over you when inverted. Short sleeves also make stretching painful! Avoid yoga clothing that is not appropriate for the studio by taking heed of these warnings before committing to an outfit at home – especially if guests are coming and you’re feeling pressured into getting dressed quickly.

The best yoga tank for a workout is fitted. You don’t want the shirt to ride up every time you bend down or do some poses! It’s embarrassing, and it will distract you from focusing on your routine- which can make all of the difference in mastering that pose. We always vote for long tanks with no loose fabric, so they stay put during any yoga session.

Wash, don’t Mask with Perfume!

If you’re taking a yoga class, don’t wear any scents. It’s not just your armpits that can smell – the fragrance of Perfume or shampoo on clothing and skin is enough to make someone want to gag.

Many people worry about their body odor, especially if they tend to sweat a lot. Masking it with heavy perfumes isn’t the best solution – a scent-free deodorant will better do the trick!

Skip the Jewelry

You can see many bracelets, anklets, and watches in the yoga studio. They are so cute!

You’ll want to avoid most jewelry, especially metal, though, because it can easily slip off when your body perspires from all of that sweating during a workout, and rings will feel too tight on fingers or toes if they become warm.

Necklaces may get twisted up as well while doing some poses, which is why it’s recommended to wearing one with an elastic band instead for safety reasons. When you’re upside down, necklaces might be pulled towards your face but don’t worry–if you wear them without knots, then there’s nothing to tighten around your chest area like what could happen with other types of jewelry such as chains or threads-less ones.

Yoga Clothing to Wear

What Should you Wear to Your First Yoga Class?

The perfect outfit for yoga is often much easier to find than you think.

If you already run, work out in the gym or take fitness classes, then it’s likely that a lot of your clothing will be appropriate and comfortable enough to wear when practicing yoga as well.

Of course, if there are any super trendy gyms where all the yogi-crazed celebrities go too – feel free to spend big on an expensive new wardrobe! Just make sure they’re not so hot off-trend, though, because, at most places, these outfits won’t stand out either way.

Yoga Pants or Leggings

You don’t have to spend a fortune on yoga leggings for the studio. If you already own some that fit, then they are just as good or even better than buying specific leggings for yoga! The only thing is, make sure they’re opaque enough before class starts because see-through leggings are not what we want to be wearing in there.

Leggings are a personal choice. Ten years ago, leggings took over the yoga bottom scene, and now there is nowhere to find traditional pants in class anymore!

A friend could help you check if your current legging were okay by trying out some poses while wearing it yourself or asking another person’s opinion on how they look from behind. See-through material certainly isn’t good news during practice!

Sports Bra

The first item for a female yogi is an excellent sports bra. A supportive and discreet bra that can give you coverage during your yoga workout without distractions!

A great feature for all women’s bras these days is easy fastenings at the front or side – this way, you can focus more easily on what matters: your practice!

Avoid fastenings at the back, though. A lot of yoga is done on your back, and you don’t want the fastener poking into your back!

Yoga Top

The tight-fitting yoga top is your best friend in classes where you’re invested. You don’t want to have it slipping down over your head and revealing anything when you’re upside-down, right? Let’s make sure we get the perfect fit because a loose one won’t do! Make sure that as soon as you start stretching out on the mat for the downward dog or child pose, this shirt stays put at all costs.

What should you wear for yoga

Consider the Type of Yoga

Some styles focus on holding poses, and some like to turn up the heat. The style of class will affect what you wear.

Typically beginner yoga classes are Hatha or Vinyasa, but there is a wide variety in practice types from a slow pace to more movement focused that might require different clothing options depending on your preference for warmth levels during exercise. Bikram and Hot Yoga typically take place in heated rooms which requires fast-drying fabrics with close-fitting workout clothes such as shorts or cropped leggings – not loosely fitted sweatpants!

Avoid these mistakes in your yoga class! If you opt for shorts, make sure they’re long enough. Really short shorts are a big no-no when it comes to this practice, and stretching out the hamstrings could be difficult without them being a little longer than Capri length leggings or fitted shorter ones. Avoid loose-fitting pants as well during each session of practicing at least once a day; running tights should not have any place either – only wear something like that before or after your workout if necessary!